Should Chris Paul Be in the MVP Conversation?

Actually…Chris Paul and his brother almost rented the house across the street from my family back when he was here the first time with the New Orleans ball club. It would have been extremely cool for me, but it didn’t happen.

Should Chris Paul be in the MVP conversation?

I wouldn’t have him winning the MVP unless OKC does something crazy like climbing into a top three seed in the West, but he’s definitely in my conversation as far as being in the top six or so.

I look at it this way…what would the Thunder be without Chris Paul if they would have traded him for draft picks or let’s even say Tyler Herro from the Miami Heat?

Let’s say they traded him for Herro and a pick with the rest of OKC’s roster intact. I’d say OKC would be about a 28-32 win type of team. I don’t think either Shai or Dennis this season were ready to be the primary point guard of a team in transition.

Vegas has OKC now projected to win 47 games and make the playoffs.

So with Chris Paul staying healthy…. I could easily see the Thunder going say 16-10 in their final twenty-six games and doing no worse than the No. 6 seed. That’s a stark difference from the other scenario.

But I also think this has to be moving forward an education for both Shai and Dennis on how to play the point guard position and how to be a professional on and off the court. It’s a nice thing to have the president of the NBA Player’s Association as your teammate and your mentor.

So how would I cast my ballot this afternoon for the NBA regular season MVP to date? I’d go…. 1 LeBron, 2 Giannis, 3 Luka, 4 Siakam, 5 Jokic, and 6 either Chris Paul or Kemba Walker.

Knock on wood and stay healthy–Chris Paul… because Oklahoma City basketball fans are having a blast this NBA season…. even the little clueless nerdy tweety-birds over at Daily Thunder.

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