Bernie Sanders Rolls Joe Biden in Nevada

I think this will perhaps be an evening we look back on with some historical reference. This night it became clear to me Bernie Sanders will most likely become the Democrat’s nominee for president.

There are two things which Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have in common: 1 Neither should have ever been the nominee of a major political party for the office of POTUS, and 2 Both have put together passionate populist movements which have rabid base support from polar opposite sides of the political spectrum.

But begrudgingly… I admit passion is a big thing in American politics. And these two people have passionate, rabid bases to a pragmatic fault which will continue to prevent anything of any real consequence getting accomplished in Washington D.C.

My first passionate choice when this all started was Michael Bennet. But he had no chance in hell whatsoever because his education, background, resume, and character clearly made him unelectable from Day 1. He was made to be the next president, but he never had a chance. None.

My fall back position is Michael Bloomberg and in reality he has no chance whatsoever as well. Elizabeth Warren made sure of that last Wednesday evening in Las Vegas.

I would suggest Mike Bloomberg maybe stay in the race as a hedge or insurance candidate in the event a Trump supporter kills Bernie Sanders at one of his rallies. But otherwise—I would protect my very positive legacy and not waste my time arguing with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Stop tweeting with Trump and just try to educate the American electorate with your ads on the most pressing issues of our times.

Instead–I would take your money and help Jeff Canada assist young black males all over the country empower themselves and walk through the door of the American Dream… but without a basketball or football in their hands. See if LeBron and Barack would help you with this noble cause. What a generational legacy that would truly be. Being elected POTUS in these times…not so much.

Even with Crazy Bernie being the Dem’s choice—there’s no way in hell I would ever vote for Donald Trump. He’s a grifter, a fraud, a con artist…but most of all he has a malicious heart. He doesn’t care about anybody but himself.

In the end… can I vote for Bernie Sanders? I don’t want to because in essence to a different level he’s doing the same thing Trump did in 2016. That being… conning his own base with a litany of promises even FDR couldn’t have gotten passed into law…. and he does have the dacha on Lake Champlain like all good party members of the Politburo have in the Russian homeland.

I’ll probably end up doing what I did in 2016 and write in some one I admired at the end of their life and career… someone like John McCain. Someone who realized he made some mistakes along the way, but in the end showed he had a worthy heart.

Or maybe I’ll pick a woman or a famous citizen of note. But I’m fairly certain I’m not voting for Crazy Bernie or Donald Trump.

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