Thunder Survive Bulls For 9th Straight Road Win, 124-122

This was a tough night for me…so much to take in as a guy running the next CNN/ESPN/CSPAN out of his study.

What a day and night. The U.S. markets completed a two day run in which $1.7 trillion dollars in equity value went poof as the Trump administration was finally advised by bloggers the economies in China, South Korea, Japan, Germany, and Italy are in shutdown mode due to the coronavirus and its impact on world trade. I hope this illustrates to the Trumpsters that, you know… the world markets are kind of interconnected and have been since the Marshall Plan. In as they all need each other and this isn’t freakin’ 1904. It will be interesting to see what the markets do today.

Then there was the debate where it’s become apparent to me Elizabeth Warren has cut a deal with Denmark’s Emperial Czar Bernie Sanders for her to be his defacto POTUS in the event the millennials vote him into the White House. Amy Klobuchar had the line of the night when she correctly said that both Sanders and Warren rank in the bottom third of the U.S. Senate metrics wise. It was absolutely spot on, but nobody really noticed. That tells me pretty much we’re going heading towards Milwaukee.

As far as the Thunder game in Chicago—it was awesome. Winning is awesome. Winning is fun. Winning perpetuates a glow around your team even on a night when the team struggled on the defensive end of the floor.

OKC survived on a night when the Bulls’ Zach Lavine went off for 41 points and Colby White almost matched him with 35 points of his own.

The game went down to the last shot when the Thunder finally got a stop on Lavine to survive Chicago with a 124-122 nail biter. It marks the Thunder’s 9th straight road win which is a of course a club record. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook never did this during their runs in Oklahoma City.

Chris Paul. What else can I write on here? Just so clutch. He led the Thunder with 34 minutes in his new vegan honed body and made every little play down the stretch the Thunder needed from him to get this win. On the night he scored 16 points coupled with 9 assists. He was my No. 1 Star….again.

Then there was Stevo. The refreshed, rested, and healthy Kiwi who’s been on a tear since the All-Star break was again fabulous. Steven had 16 points on 6-8 shooting, 9 rebounds and perhaps the game’s biggest defensive play with a late block shot which was huge.

Shai, Dennis, and Gallo went for 21, 21, and 24 on a night when all three were relatively effective.

Rockstar Lu Dort had a rough night and struggled getting thru screens chasing Zack Lavine throughout the night. Lavine is a tough matchup for Dort who played 24 minutes and was -3.

But there’s thing about this team of late…Terrance Ferguson who has been brutal pretty much all season…stepped up and went 3-5 from behind the arc and scored 11 points. Which is good because Daily Thunder’s own Royce Young told the world this would be Ferguson’s breakout season averaging 15 points a game pretty much like he did last season with Alex Abrines. This is what happens when you choose a path of kissing Sam Presti’s ass versus a course of you know…being an objective honest writer.

But I do hope for Terrance, who seems like a terrific kid, this is a reset for his season because the Thunder need something from him every night if they want to take their game to the next level.

Next up…the Sacramento Kings at home.

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