How Hot Are The Thunder?

I’d like to go to my official data board so as I can possibly help some of the Daily Thunder Bernie Sanders millennial types pick up their scores or at least learn some things for next season’s bracket sheet which they may not get from Johnny Thunder and/or Justin.

Since the day after Thanksgiving the Thunder are 30-11. Only the Milwaukee Bucks with 35 wins since the same date have a better record.

At home overall the Thunder are a decent 21-13. Before Thanksgiving at home…the Thunder are 6-5, after Thanksgiving the Thunder are 13-8.

On the road overall the Thunder are a sublime 17-9 despite going 0-6 on the road before Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving the Thunder are a remarkable 17-3.

Since New Year’s the Thunder are 18-7.

From January 18th the Thunder are 13-3. Within these games the Thunder are 9-2 in games decided by 10 points or less. In the three Thunder losses the widest margin the Thunder have lost by is ten points and in the three losses the combined negative spread for Oklahoma City was 19 points. The Thunder have basically been in every game since January 18th.

Don’t just get exclusively hung up on the repetitive nonsensical dogma of the millennial nerds who never played or coached sports. But by the same token math and numbers if applied with experienced nuance are what separate the winners from the losers against Vegas.

The Sacramento Kings are in town tomorrow night. I haven’t looked at the Vegas spread just yet with the coronavirus most likely set to rip off another trillion in market equity value these next two days given the manner in which Trump froze like a deer in the headlight reacting to the pandemic.

The Kings have won three in a row and the Thunder have the Milwaukee Bucks on the road the next night on ESPN with Mike Breen and Jeff van Gundy. The Kings game makes me a bit nervous with so much attention looming towards Friday night’s game. I wouldn’t take the Thunder and give the points. What you might do though is play the market short two trillion between now and next Thursday.

If the market falls to 25,000 next week…then of course Trump’s first term economic numbers will fall below the Obama numbers for his first term when he inherited a depression-like economy from Bush 43 and Dick Cheney.

Lots of data to compute here at for the next week or so.

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