Mike Muscala Highlight Mix vs. Memphis

Mike Muscala 21 PTS: All Possessions (2021-02-18) – YouTube

Big game for the Thunder tonight in Milwaukee against the disappointing Bucks. Big Al Horford should be back in the lineup, but we hope he doesn’t do too much because this is a game the Thunder need to lose so as they fall to 11-18 on the season.

I ‘think’ the Thunder are currently right there in the vicinity of having the 6th worse record in the league—so this is when the Thunder need to start knuckling down and losing games with consistent regularity.

Mike Muscala has been superb this season in playing the stretch five role off the bench to perfection. He’s been a bright spot for the Thunder and has given these younger guys an example of what it means to be a professional in the NBA.

I’ve wanted to do something like this on my blog for Mike Muscala and since he was the Thunder Player of the Game versus Memphis this seems like a logical spot to do so.

Mike was a second round pick from Bucknell and was the 44th pick in the 2013 draft. Anotherwords…I keep hearing this nonsens from the Thunder media that its hard to know what you’re drafting in the 17th spot such as was the case with Poku. Let’s keep this in mind on this Thunder team…almost all of these guys are second round picks minus SGA and Big Al Horford.

Presti has done much better in the second round than he has the first round since he drafted James Harden in the 2011 draft.

Since taking Harden in the first round…this is who the Thunder have used their first round picks on… Steven Adams (role player), Andre Roberson (role player), Cam Payne, Josh Huestis (role player), Terrance Ferguson (probably out of the league after this season), and this year the 17th pick in the draft–Poku.

Out of those six players not one to date has proven they can shoot a basketball with any efficency or NBA level touch whatsoever. As in none.

So in closing my post on Mike Muscala–here’s my unsolicited suggestion to Sam Presti ….maybe draft some players with all these draft picks who can shoot a basketball.

Keep up the good work, Mike Muscala.

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