Seven Yards: The Chris Norton Story

I was going to do a Smerconish Saturday with my book review of the New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, but when Michael featured the Chris Norton Story…I had a change of heart. The book review can come on Monday to close out my Black History month here on the blog.

I had never known of Chris Norton and the Seven Yards book which is now coming out in a docu film.

What an inspirational story in these times all of us need to be inspired in a serious way.

Michael during the interview told Chris he cried seven times while watching the film. I watched some of the trailers I’ve linked above and cried throughout all of them.

It’s like the Paul Newman/Frank Galvin character said in The Verdict, ” We begin to lose faith in ourselves, in others around us, and even in our institutions. We look for guidance in some way or another.”

The Verdict Paul Newman – YouTube

I can never get enough of this scene.T

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