Top Thirty Hockey Calls of All-Time

Thank God for other sports in my sphere taking up the slack from this aybsmal Thunder season of nothingness. They can’t even tank right. I have no fatith in Sam Presti after seeing what he came back with from last summer’s draft with the 17th pick.

Jack in the Bean Stalk > Sam Presti….just saying.

Keep this in mind…. Jrue Holiday a 17th pick, Nikola Vucevic a 16th pick, Giannis a 15th pick, Kawhi Leonard a 15th pick, Devin Booker a 13th, Zach Lavine a 13th, Donovan Mitchell a 13th, Sabonis an 11th, Klay Thompson (my favorite player in the league) an 11th, Paul George a 10th, and my buddy CJ McCullum who’s father almost had Easter dinner with us during the playoffs…a 10th as well.

So I’m tired of hearing all this bullshit from the sports media in this college fanboy market about there are no stars available beyond the 5th pick.

Sam Presti…you’re on my clock, buddy. Little Nick Gallo and Royce Young don’t write company line horseshit content on this blog.

So—where was I?

Hockey. Usually I don’t start really yearning for the stretch run and the glorius Stanley Cup Playofs until the third week of March….but this has been a a different winter for me. I feel restless. Like Joe Exotic wanting to get in the cage with his tigers.

This is just a tremendous video of the top thirty calls in hockey history from the contemporary era or else this video would be full of Bobby Orr highlights.

My three favorite hockey players of all-time are still 1 Bobby Orr (even though he voted for Trump), 2 Raymond Bourque, and 3 Super Mario.

I don’t want to spoil the video, but they didn’t put the Miracle on ice as No. 1…which shocked me.

Thunder hosting the Heat tonight…what do I care? Two years ago I would have easily paid a hundred to see the Thunder host the Heat. Not so much this season. Sam Presti…you’re in the entertainment business…never forget that, my bespeckled friend.

Cade Cunningham is hosting Chris Beard and the Texas Tech Red Raiders tonight so there’s that…and the Thirty Best Calls in Hockey History.

You’ll never guess who beat out the 1980 Miracle for the No. 1 spot.

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