Should the Thunder Tank Harder?

No. I don’t think so because that train left the station when they decided not to tank all out earlier in the season.

But I will write this —you can’t tank again in Oklahoma City for the competitive sports disposable dollar which will be in place next season.

OU spring football will be a bigger story than the Thunder are this spring. Heck, OU basketball is a bigger story right now. The Thunder have to become entertainment disposable dollar worthy.

Minnesota, Detroit, and Cleveland all look like the potential top three worst teams in the league at this point and OKC’s schedule actually gets much easier the second half of the season.

As I pointed out on one of my hockey posts there’s real value in the NBA draft in the spots between 10 thru 18 or so if you pick a two way basketball player who can shoot the basketball. The Thunder in my estimation needs another wing player who can shoot the basketball, isn’t a defensive liability, and can play either the 1, the 2, or the 3.

The Thunder need a player who can make Shai Gilgeous Alexander a better player who doesn’t get wasted in Oklahoma City.

I actually hate the concept of tanking, but just for this one season I’m okay with it because of the uniqueness of the Covid situation with no ticket buying fans in the building.

I also think it’s important to still have a work ethic culture in your program where the concept of losing doesn’t become embraced beyond this season.

Plus, these young players need to develop every day to get better so there’s a viable supporting cast next season for Shai and whoever evolves as this season’s second best young player.

Who know’s bewteen now and then maybe Moses Brown down in the G League becomes that viable second center who can pound the boards and give the Thunder another big?

Who knows… maybe Poku stops shooting those low trajectory shots and tries to be the Serbian version of Ben Simmons instead of Tony Kucoc and can give the Thunder minutes doing other things to help the team?

But I do know this…Sam Presti needs to use the Thunder’s first round pick for a real basketball player who can help the Thunder become more competitive next season and sell tickets in this market.

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