Mayor David Holt on Pandemic Stimulus Relief in Oklahoma City

I actually sat next to David Holt a couple of years ago on a Sunday evening flight from Denver to Oklahoma City. I have no idea why David Holt was in Denver, but I was there with my son Chris to watch the Colorado Rockies beat Bryce Harper’s Washington Nationals 14-1 on the last day of the baseball season to forge a tie with the Los Angeles Dodgers for first place in their divsion.

Bryce Harper hit two towering doubles and my favorite MLB player Nolan Arenado hit two massive homers over the left field fence in Coors Field. It was a great day.

They actually sing Rocky Mountain High during the seventh inning stretch at Coors field. Nolan Arenado..btw was just recntly traded to the St. Louis Cardinals which will be one of the major storylines this baseball season.

David Holt and I had a brief conversation about the Sam Anderson book Boom Town and he seemed like a nice young man who as a Republican was the Chairman of Little Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign in Oklahoma circa 2016.

So here’s David Holt on MSNBC with Chris Hayes discussing the financial ramifications of Oklahoma’s two senators of course giving the automatic thimbs down to the Biden pandemic stimulus relief package.

2021 CPAC Highlight Reel

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Who would have ever guessed the party of Lincoln and TR would someday become the party of Christian evangelicals, white hate supremacy groups and domestic terrorists.

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