Survive and Advance

Eventually… I want to do my 2022 Black History winner which is Hakem Jeffries. But I’m moving at a ponderously slow pace still with the health issue.

OU didn’t make either the NCAA or NIT fields which is a blessing. O State really isn’t all that much better and Oral Roberts has the dubious task of playing the hottest team in the NCAA field in the first round in the surging Duke Blue Devils

I always start my March Masness by watchin the ESPN 30/30 classic…Survive and Advance.

I love Jimmy Valvano… he once said These Three Things a Person Should Do Every Day of Their Life’…1 Laugh, 2 Learn Something New, and 3 Cry.

Never take a day for granted and fight to the end.

So who am I pulling for given OU’s abysmal second season under Porter Moser?

I would say…Duke. So much parity. Fifteen or so teams could win this thing this season.

Let the Madness begin.

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