Kevon Looney—Steve Kerr’s Moral Compass Leads the Warriors Past the Sac Kings in Game 7 Rout

Yes…it appeared to be a little sketchy for the Warriors after a bad Game 6 home loss to the puppy dog Kings. The doubters and the haters probably thought the iconic Warriors would just roll over and call it a decade long dynasty with four rings.

But here’s the thing… Lombardi said it best during the Packers’ iconic long decade of NFL rule….’the more you win and the harder you work—you find it extremely difficult to surrender’. I grew up as a Lombardi-Jerry Kramer kid and I NEVER forgot when Coach Lomardi made that quote. As in never.

Lombardi > Churchill….just saying.

The Warriors could very well get beat in the next round by Austin Reaves’ surging LA Lakers, but there won’t be any surrender attached.

This was was just four wins for the Warriors. It takes 16 wins in the real NBA season of the playoffs to claim a ‘ship. These Warriors still need 12 more wins against the likes of the Lakers, the Nuggets, and the Celtics. That’s a gauntlet is what that is…pure and simple.

But I I know this…as do Steph, Klay, and Draymond…if you’re going down you go down with your guns blazing to the very last breath.

What we saw on Sunday was Kevon Looney the moral compass of the iconic Warriors remind his teammates what it means to be the defending champion of the NBA. Loon put the Warriors on his back along with Steph Curry and said this to his struggling mates…”We’re not losing to the Sacramento Kings, or the Minnesota TWolves or the Oklahoma City Thunder or the New Orleans Pelicans or some other sketchy outfit in the Western Conference”.

Loon and Steph basically said with their play …”We might not get past Austin Reaves and LeBron in the conference semifinals, but we’re going out with our competitive dignity intact to the end.”

Klay, Wig, Draymond, Dante, Moses, Jordan ‘f—king Poole, Johnny K, and godfordsaken Gary Payton Jr….step up. Kevon and Steph could use some help.

To win twelve games against this potential gauntlet to win twelve more games…it can’t be two on five basketball any longer.

If you doubt the veracity of my statements…that’s on you because the fact of the matter is the coverage of the NBA is so weak in the OKC market it is almost laughable.

Here’s where two on five will get you. It will get you to the same place the defending Stanley Cup champion Colorado Avalanche find themselves this morning… that being, they were eliminated last night by the lowly expansion Seattle Kracken ot whatever they’re called because Nate McKinnon and Cale Makar couldn’t do it by themselves.

No Boston, no Colorado, and no Tampa Bay Lightning….the Stanley Cup Playoffs needs a storyline.

So I’ll be lasor focused on the Warriors and Lakers in Round 2.

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