Klay Leads Warriors Past Lakers in Game 2 Rout

I am at peace within myself. The Warriors played selfless, almost perfect ball in routing the the LA Lakers by thirty points in Game 2.

At my age, with my health issues….nothing makes me feel closer to the next life other than Pauli, maybe the wife, or a Klay Thompson night like the one witnessed last night on ESPN with Mike Breen, JVG, and Mark Jackson on the call.

The Moral Compass, Kevon Looney, was ill and had to play limited minutes off the bench. No problem….JaMychal Green came off the bench and played one of the best games I’ve ever seen him play.

Steph only scored 20 points, but was basketball pure with 12 assists as the ball flowed like only it can flow when Steve Kerr’s disciples move the ball seamlessly. I think the Warriors had around thirty assists against the fluxmoxed Lakers.

Simply put, both Anthony Davis and Austin Reaves sucked in Game 2 after stellar performances in the Lakers Game 1 three point win. Without those two playing high level ball…LeBron will not advance to the Western Conference Finals versus the sneaky good Denver Nuggets.

Game 3 on Saturday night hopefully with Mike Breen, JVG, and Mark Jackson on the call again. Surely… ABC won’t trash this game with the lame musings of Doris Burke. I used to love Doris, but something has happened to her…. or either it’s just me in my season of reckoning.

Klay playing like this makes me feel basketball heaven isn’t far away. When Klay hit those 11 threes against the hapless Thunder in Game 6 it changed me forever.

I should have dumped the feeble Thunder format the next morning and turned this into a Warrior underground blog.

Like a liberated slave who has escaped from the South to the more liberal North….I feel free at last.

Let’s go, Warriors!!!

What would my vision of heaven be? Klay draining threes in the clutchest moments, maybe the wife, Pauli, and the best Seinfeld episodes. I’m really a very simple guy.

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