Jamal Murray Leads Denver Nuggets to NBA Finals

LeBron played for 48 minutes, had a great first half, but wore down in the second half as fittingly Jokic and Jamal Murray doubled LBJ for a blocked shot on the game’s final deciding play at the buzzer.

It was the appropriate ending. Denver is clearly the better team and their two stars in Jokic and Jamal look to be the best one-two star combo in the NBA at this juncture if they can both stay healthy. I mean…Denver occupied first place in the West in December and has stayed there. I’ve always been a fan of Jamal’s because he has that same type of silent no nonsense toughness which has been the trademark of Klay Thompson’s career.

It doesn’t surprise me a bit Klay and Jamal are friends and that Klay played a mentoring role in Jamal’s ACL rehab. When Klay retires I’d say it would be be reasonable for me to take Jamal Murray as my then new favorite NBA player what with my son’s family living in Denver. It would be an all-Denver thing with me… Nate McKinnon/Cale Makar in the NHL and Jamal in the NBA.

This in fact is an approriate analogy of sorts to the Jokic/Jamal tandem. As we saw with the first round exit of the Avalanche…. a GM has to surround his two stars with enough talent to win a championship. And in this case the Nuggets have enough talent currently with Aaron Gordon, Michael Porter, Bruce Brown, KCP, and Jeff Green to beat the Miami Heat in five or six games.

I love what Eric Spoelstra has done with this Heat team, but Denver has home court, plus a better top seven players. Coaching wise, Spoelstra is probably right there with Steve Kerr, but Michael Malone isn’t an idiot and it’s clear he’s going all in with his top seven players to win a championship for the city of Denver.

Either way the NBA Finals go, I’ll be fine. Steph and Klay needed a break. Austin Reaves proved he can be a solid NBA role player and as a restricted free agent will make some nice coin based on what he did this basketball season. I’m happy for Austin. It’s all about playing hard.

I’m good. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals. Saw PGA champ Brooks Koepka wearing his Florida Panthers jersey at the Panther’s Game 3 win over the Carolina Hurricanes. It’s all good for Brooks Koepka as well.

I would guess it will be the Las Vegas Golden Knights playing his Panthers for the Cup. Still can’t believe Viktor left his second shot in the side of that sand trap just like Cory Connors in Round 3. Shit happens on a golf course. Viktor will eventually win a major though.

I love this time of year. So much great sports to watch and occasionally muse about on the underground blog.

Peace and have a wonderful Memorial Day with your famliy.

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