Hillary Cleans Dopey’s Clock—But It Won’t Matter to Birthers

Keep in mind I’m not voting for Hillary Clinton, but she just absolutely cleaned Dopey Trump’s clock tonight in the first debate. Between her subtle jabs at all of Trump’s obvious flaws as a canidate and his inability to stop sniffing like he’d sniffed a kilo of coke before the debate it was a seventh round TKO even though Melania was almost naked in the audience. This should be Kelleyanne Conway’s strategy in the second debate…namely have Melania show up totally naked so as America won’t notice what a clueless dumbass her old, rich, racist husband is.

But here’s the thing….it won’t matter to the birthers, sniffers, and the tweakers because Donald Trump is their boy hell or high water.

In my adult voting life Dopey Trump is the most abjectly unqualified presidential nominee from one of the two major parties. Even former Alabama governor George Wallace was more qualified than Dopey. But the guy still probably has a puncher’s chance and that’s squarely on America and how far the culture in this country has fallen in the past twenty years as a Democratic republic.

Note to Kelleyanne Conway: Dopey wasn’t debating Lyin’ Ted Cruz or Little Marco Rubio tonight. Have Melania show up naked for the second debate.

The Big Debate Tonight

We have the two Losers squaring off tonight in the first presidential debate and we’ve yet to get started and Trump has already told a lie in claiming moderator Lester Holt is a Democrat. Not true, Hunt is a registered Republican. But you know what–it doesn’t matter what Trump says. He’s pulled even in the polls and it just doesn’t matter what he says because the people who are going to vote for him hate Hillary Clinton more than they hated Hitler. It just doesn’t matter.

He can say Putin would be better to work with than Paul Ryan if he’s elected. He could say Lyin’ Ted Cruz will be his first Supreme Court nomination. He can say he’s firmly convinced Hillary Clinton was responsible for the escalation of the Vietnam War and it wasn’t LBJ. He could say he’ll sell the state of Oklahoma to Putin and he’d still get 65% of the vote in Oklahoma. He could even stand up at the end of the debate shoot both Lester Hunt and Hillary Clinton dead in front of 100 million television viewers and it just wouldn’t matter. It would push him in front in both Colorado and North Carolina with millennials.

This is where America is right now as a nation. A reality television presidential election where Kim Kardashian would have a better chance of defeating Donald Trump than either Hillary Clinton or those sixteen GOP canidates who all fell by the wayside.

So–I’m not really sure why America thinks tonight is going to be some kind of breakthrough moment in this election.

It just doesn’t matter. It doesn’t.

The earth is flat. Hillary Clinton was the chief birther. Lyin’ Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of JFK and Lester Holt is a Democrat.

Man Executed by Tulsa Police: 9/20/16–Two Americas

As someone who was raised by a criminal defense trial lawyer–this looks pretty simple to me. Either second degree murder or manslaughter. Having a narcotic in your car does not entitle the police to execute a person in the streets who is not resisting arrest. This is just absolutely pathetic. Again…do you really think this would have happened to a white man?

Back on the Campaign Trail With the Losers

Forty-nine days left till election day. One week till the first debate. Most polls have it too close to call in the four battleground states of Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Pennslyvania. John Kasich’s advisor told Trump to grow the f–k up and apologize to President Obama for the whole Birther Conspiracy bullshit. Who would have thought….a Republican with a conscious in this election where it’s conceivable Hitler or Mussolini could have garnered Electoral College votes based on hard support from the alt right and the thought Chris Christie could be the next attorney general of the United States? Who would have thought? Who needs open access bridges? Really, I mean who needs them?

Anyway, it is what it is. This made me smile though. Bill Maher breaks down his take of Birthers vs. Apers.

Michelle Obama Responds to Birther in Chief Donald Trump

One of the few bright spots of this otherwise bleak presidential election cycle has been Michelle Obama. Unfortunately, she isn’t a canidate of either party. She’s smart and tough and would probably whip Donald Trump’s pansy ass if it ever came to that. As a country we really haven’t come as far as we thought we might have in these past eight years. 61% of registered GOP voters either didn’t believe or had doubts of Barack Obama’s birth as an American citizen. Was it because he was liberal? Was it because he was president of the Harvard Law Review? Was it because he was young? No…it was because he’s black and as a nation we still haven’t ridded our country of an older generation which quite frankly still embraces a somewhat hidden plantation mentality. He’s black. That’s why the racist-coward Donald Trump demanded his birth certificate. That’s why the racist-coward Donald Trump demanded his college transcipts. Did Trump ever ask for any of this from Mitt Romney?

Did the racist-coward Trump ever ask this of either Little Marco Rubio or Lyin’ Ted Cruz? Of course not, neither are black. He just quizzed Rubio on his penis and Cruz on his father possibly aiding Lee Harvey Oswald.

It is what it is and if you’re a Trump supporter and you can somehow rationalize any of this I actually feel sorry for you.

Trump Pimps Media and Blames Hillary Clinton for Birther Movement

Even for Donald Trump today’s staged performance was quite something to behold. The man who stirred the Birther Movement and has fueled it for many years this very morning blamed Hillary Clinton for the movement, then took credit for proving President Obama was indeed born in Hawaii. Even for a reality television star this took his campaign to new levels of audacity. Both of these claims are perjury. Nothing more, nothing less. But you know what…it won’t matter. People in this election care little if anything about the truth even when all you have to do is google and it’s all there to be witnessed. It’s truly stunning how dumb America has become. Truly stunning.

What If?

Time to start thinking about the upcoming Oklahoma City Thunder basketball season. But what we would be thinking about today if the final five minutes of Game 6 had played out differently? What we’d probably be talking about is how after getting to the NBA Finals after beating the Warriors in Game 6 then losing to LeBron and the Cavs in six games is what the Thunder have to do to win an NBA championship.

Durant would still be in OKC, the Ibaka trade for Oladipo still would have happened, and Al Horford would be reunited with Billy Donovan. OKC in likelihood would be the Vegas favorite to win the NBA championship and the entire basketball world would be abuzz about the Thunder vs. Warriors rivalry becoming the next great rivalry in NBA history.

But instead what we have not only as Thunder fans, but fans of the NBA is Durant now playing for Golden State while the Thunder deal with the reality of not currently belonging in the same elite group of the Cavs, Warriors, and Spurs.

If those five fateful minutes play out differently in Game 6 and Durant and Westbrook didn’t collapse at the end you’d have to assume at the least Durant would be back on a one year deal giving it one more try in Oklahoma City.

But the reality is Durant now plays for the AAU Super Team in Oakland while Oklahoma City trys to retool itself with Russell Westbrook being the main guy.

Put aside the Oklahoma City slant and just consider how all this has changed the entire Western Conference and perhaps the entire NBA.

It’s clearly time to move forward but it’s hard not to wonder what if.

Mitch McGary Suspended Another Ten Games By NBA

OKC’s decision as to how to pare its roster down to fifteen players was just made fairly easy by another suspension of Mitch McGary for his failure to comply with NBA procedures for reinstatement. It was also reported McGary left the team last year by his own decision to sort things out in relation to his substance abuse issues.

Sad for McGary because he has some nice offensive skills, but the truth of the matter is he became totally expendable in Oklahoma City with this summer’s additions of Ersan Ilyasova and Joffrey Lauvergne.

From a human standpoint I hope he gets the help he obviously needs and can get his life and career back on track.

This would put the Thunder at fifteen players and still with six bigs in Steven Adams, Enes Kanter, Ersan Ilyasova, Joffrey Lauvergne, Domantus Sabonis, and Nick Collison.

Back on the Trail With the Losers

In all candor probably not a smart political decision by Hillary Clinton to share her ‘basket full of deplorables’ thoughts out loud. What she should have just said is Donald Trump is the most deplorable presidential canidate in American presidential history. Then…as the Colin Powell emails calling Trump a national disgrace were leaked this week her comments would have carried some weight. But the truth of the matter is she’s just a horrible canidate who just doesn’t really connect with the American electorate.

If she wins it won’t be because of a ground swell of belief in her, but rather that just enough voters came to their senses on election day and realized in their hearts Donald Trump is indeed a national disgrace as a presidential canidate. The Newsweek article coming out this morning in regards to Trump should be illuminating.

In all candor, she should stay home resting till the first debate and allow President Obama, Joe Biden, and Bill Clinton to run the campaign. Obama now enjoys an almost 60% approval rating which puts him in the same territory as Ronald Reagan as far as second term approval ratings. If Obama were the canidate opposite Trump this election would already be over…as in done.