Sean Spicer Hits Rock Bottom

It’s just very sad and tragic. So bad I almost feel sorry for him. From that first briefing when he tried to change the perception of crowd size, nothing has changed. It’s painful to watch. For his sake, I hope this was his last public briefing. Maybe when this is over he can go into rehab and get another job. SNL shouldn’t do anymore Spicer skits. It’s piling on to what clearly is a mentally ill human being.

Grading Caligula’s World Tour

Given that Caligula is our most unread, least polished, and the most obnoxious president in our country’s history–I’m going to be pragmatic about this and give a C- in that he didn’t start a war during the tour itself.

He loves the Saudis and they love him. They should be a match made in heaven in that they are both intolerable tyrants who don’t believe in our constitution and human rights. If Trump wants to get serious about Isis he may want to start with the Saudis. I didn’t see any of that.

Israel loves Trump simply because they hated Obama. No agreement of any kind will come of this. This isn’t the art of the deal. Not happening.

The Pope had already come to the conclusion discussing walls with Caligula will get him nowhere. So he tried a different tact and gave our ‘leader’ a letter on why America should remain the world leader in climate change.

Trump once again insulted the very leaders of nations who have the most in common with us. He pushed aside the prime minister of Montenegro in what is probably the most defining brand moment of our ugly American president.

So now Caligula comes home to Russiagate and it’s expected there will be a war room assembled to deal with what to date his entire presidency has been about to date…namely Caligula spinning his relationship with Russia and not handing over his tax returns. Maybe the ball caps he was peddling to his rally tour supporters during the campaign should have read Make Russia Great Again.

Me a plodding obscure blogger. What a great movie scene. If only Caligula had the style of Lee Marvin.

Lock Him Up!

Tough break for the Turkish agent, but we have laws. Ask David Petraeous…we have laws. This is why we have prisons. Karma can be a bitch, eh. Dude, I hate to tell you this, but what you did is clearly beyond the one-tenth marker. You need to go to prison.

The Trump Web of Deceit With the Russians

There’s a helluva story here waiting to be told. Something akin to a John Grisham novel with money laundering by Russians and Americans in a Cypriot bank run by a man named Wilbur Ross. It’s stunning. The audacity of the Trump mafia even took the Russians aback.

I hope they all go to prison… Trump, his sons, his frilly son-in-law, Flynn, Manafort, Ross…and even Priebus and Pence for covering up all of this bullshit.

How ironic for Kushner who’s father was put in prison by Chris Christie of all people. Even Chris Christie seems almost pristine compared to this assortment of human garbage.

Between the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Trump mafia, and the Russians, I doubt I’ll watch another NBA game this season.

Nixon was Mr. Rogers compared to this guy. And to think, you have all these white people in New Confederacy states like Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi who followed this clown because of the Birther Movement and here he is running a quid pro quo Russian-American mafia.

Fuck Kevin Durant and Draymond Green at this point. I could care less if they win a championship. They’re pedestrian and meaningless at this point.

Turkish agent Michael Flynn addressing the Republican National Convention on behalf of Russian agent Donald Trump.

“We do not need a reckless president.” Sigh.

Penguins Advance to Stanley Cup Finals

In the year of Caligula winning the White House and Cupcake becoming a Warrior, the Stanley Cup Playoffs have been my savior. True, my Boston Bruins were eliminated in the first round by the Ottawa Senators, but my second favorite team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, have made my spring bearable given their run to the Stanley Cup Finals to defend their championship.

It was another iconic Game 7 for the Pens as it took a second overtime and a fluttering waffle wrist shot by Chris Kunitz from the top of the slot to get Pittsburgh past the Ottawa Senators in a double overtime 3-2 thriller.

Meanwhile, Cupcake and Dray are chilling in Oakland as their Warriors are 12-0 in the NBA Playoffs while winning their games by an average of 16 points per game. Yawn. Hope people have been watching. Hope Jerry West finds this compelling.

Pittsburgh, by contrast, had a tough first round against Columbus, was pushed to the brink in another Game 7 against the Washington Capitals, and the series versus the Sens was a bloodbath. Pittsburgh has the most formidable one-two punch in the league in Crosby and Malkin. I guess as hockey fans we should just be grateful Mario Lemieux didn’t sign Ovechkin away from the Capitals this past July.

So we have Nashville vs. Pittsburgh in what should be a great Stanley Cup Finals. The Preds have the hottest goalie in Pecca Rennie and the hottest scorer in Forsburgh. Should be a compelling Finals as I contemplate my move to becoming Canadian and getting away from this piece of junk Caligula.

MSNBC Climbs to No. 1

What can you say? For the first time in their history–MSNBC has climbed to No. 1 while Fox has plummeted to No. 3. What a godsend for the Morning Joe group. A veritable plethora of Caligula lies and stupid statements to lead off with every single morning. The key here being ‘Every Single Morning’ isn’t hyperbole.

You could say he’s Caligula. You could say he’s Captain Queeg. You could say he’s George Costanza. You could say he’s a furniture store sport fucker. There’s so many things it’s hard to discipline yourself and go with just one on any given morning.

But most of all—he’s just an acutely immature, narcisstic, pathological lying piece of shit who by winning the White House has shown all of us how far we’ve fallen in this country.

Nashville Predators Headed to the Stanley Cup Finals

For the first time in their eighteen year-old history, the Nashville Predators are headed to the Stanley Cup Finals. Impressive run for the Preds as they’ve beaten the Chicago Blackhawks, St. Louis Blues, and Anaheim Ducks on their way to claiming the Western Conference Championship.

Of the three teams left standing, Nashville has the strongest goaltender in Pecca Rinne and a red hot centerman in in Filip Forsburg. So, they should have a chance whether it be Pittsburgh or Ottawa as their opponent in the Finals.