Bill Laimbeer: Piston King

I have a confession to make. As much as I’m liking the Michael Jordan film—Bill Laimbeer has been the star for me so far. If only Sam Presti had been smart enough to find a tough stretch five enforcer like Bill Laimbeer who could hit threes the Thunder probably would have won two or three championships.

But instead Presti brought in Kendrick Perkins.

Laimbeer would have reeled in Westbrook and would have put an immediate end to all that pussy whining of Kevin Durant. With all due respect to Maurice Cheeks…Bill Laimbeer either as a player or as the Thunder head coach would have toughed those two up instead of baby-sitting them for a decade.

Bill Laimbeer in my view was/is the Piston King…not Isiah. It was Laimbeer with his rough and tumble attitude and penchant for hitting big shots who made the Bad Boys the cult darlings they truly have become over the years.

I play this damn video every morning now to get myself revved up for the day. Bill Laimbeer has taken the place of coffee for me.

If Netflix can make the Mike Gundy-like character in the Tiger King a docu-film star…I have to think to myself surely someone at Netflix has been watching The Last Dance and can clearly visualize a Piston King film in the offing.

Of course…in Oklahoma City in the faux evangelical Christian market with all the phony Christians who tithe the pussy grabber Donald Trump–I realize Presti and Clay Bennett would never make a hire like Bill Laimbeer.

But maybe they should.

What would they have to lose?

Bill Laimbeer…I love you, buddy. You are the TSN (Toughness, Snarl, Nasty) King….and Piston King of all-time.

Did Michael Jordan Keep Isiah Thomas Off The Dream Team?

The Last Dance is a hit and has started multiple conversations across the country on the greatest era of NBA basketball.

Isiah begrudgingly listed Michael Jordan as only the fourth best player he ever played against. His list read: 1 Kareem, 2 Bird, 3 Magic, 4 Jordan and 5 Dr. J. I’ll get to that later in the week when I list my ten greatest players of all-time.

But the film is great. It was such a different time in pro sports. There wasn’t nonsense like Draymond Green and Kevin Durant scripting their next season together as they were opponents in the 2016 Western Conference Finals.

Could you possibly conceive of Michael Jordan texting Isiah Thomas during an Eastern Conference Finals with the thought Michael should join the Pistons because it would make it easier for him to win championship rings?

Anyway, this is a great video. Hope you enjoy it.

U.S. Hits 59,000 Mark in Coronavirus Deaths

In 1975… I was a high school senior seventeen years of age. Before becoming a lawyer–my father was a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. That’s why I was born in San Diego.

My Uncle George was a Purple Heart recipient in WWII as he was wounded serving as an expert marksman who was part of a force in Europe which cleaned out enemy snipers.

My Uncle George didn’t have blisters or some other bullshit excuse to avoid serving. In fact, he lied about his age at seventeen to be admitted into the Army.

Obviously–I’m grateful the Vietnam War ended my senior year of high school. But I would have gone if the draft hadn’t ended and my name was selected.

Today… the U.S. passed the 58,000 mark of Americans who were killed in the Vietnam War.

It’s a shame John McCain isn’t still living. Perhaps, he could have at some juncture at the least explained to Donald Trump what it means to serve your country with honor.

Will Elizabeth Warren Be A Watch Dog For Tara Reade?

We’ll see what serves the political purposes of Elizabeth Warren. She could actually in private be the frontrunner to be the VP pick for Joe Biden as I blog.

I mean, how do you make a big deal of Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg and Al Franken making inappropriate comments and possibly ignore this Tara Reade story?

I have no idea what Joe Biden did or didn’t do. Joe Biden would not have been my choice regardless. None of my choices ever became serious contenders in the Dem presidential primary race.

To date, I’ve never heard Elizabeth Warren say anything related to Hunter Biden so I’m to assume unlike with Michael Bloomberg she’ll be okay with all of this.

I’m curious to see how the moral guardian of the world as we know it handles all of this.

After Dark Karaoke

We’ll pass 58,000 fatalities tomorrow with somewhere near 28 million Americans displaced from their employment in the last six weeks. I could play today’s briefing from Donald Trump, but instead I think I’ll do this.

Ignore pretty much everything this dimwit suggests. Continue your social spacing, use sagacious judgment, and get thru this with your loved ones.

Be safe.

Dennis Rodman On The Last Dance

Dennis Rodman in and of himself would be a heckuva of a docu-film, but as a supporting role to Jordan, Pippen, Jackson, and Krause he fills this role perfectly in The Last Dance.

His story is remarkable as he makes it from Southeastern State in Durant, Oklahoma to become a five-time NBA champions with both the Pistons and the Bulls.

I had forgotten Rodman was traded to the Spurs and then of all things was traded to the Chicago Bulls for Will Perdue. Will Perdue for Dennis Rodman…..that’s an amusing NBA footnote.

The film is great and I hope many of the newer NBA fans in the Oklahoma City area fanbase are taking the time to watch the film.

Since it would appear doubtful there’s going to be anymore NBA basketball this season… I wish they would go to one episode a week to stretch this out as long as possible.

Maybe, just maybe, by Memorial Day–Major League Baseball without fans in the ball parks will have gotten some traction going with their season.

Bill Laimbeer: Captain Chaos

The Michael Jordan film gets going again tonight with episodes 3 & 4. I would guess there will be a heavy emphasis on Michael’s epic struggles with the Bad Boy Pistons.

What a great era of basketball it was. The toughness in the game which is sorely lacking in today’s game make today’s game quite frankly seem like Little League girls are playing in an Edmond rec league. Detroit literally mugged Michael every time he touched the ball. It was more like hockey than the bullshit we see today.

Can you imagine either frilly Kevin Durant or Steph Curry playing against the Pistons of the early 90’s?

OMG…not a chance. Kevie’s momma would have to walk out there on the floor and kick Bill Laimbeer’s ass for bullying her little Cupcake.

But Michael fought through it. It took him a couple of years to figure it out as Pippin elevated his game, but the Bulls finally got past the Bad Boys in the playoffs and basically never lost to them again in the Michael Jordan Era.

I have to admit…a part of me came to love Bill Laimbeer, Rick Mahorn, John Sally, and Dennis Rodman. I loved the physicality. The sheer passion of their checking game. They’re the only basketball team in history who played dump and chase with forecheck.

I loved it. It was like watching full checking ice hockey all over the ice.

If Michael touched the ball, it was simple….he was going to be hit.

It’s a shame David Stern had to close the Pistons’ mode down at some point. What a show it was.