Close Down College Football, the NFL, and the NBA For a Season

The looting drives me crazy. It’s stupid. It’s people within their own communities in essence hurting themselves. This is what you’d expect from poor whites who voted for Donald Trump. People not smart enough to vote in their own self-interest.

Instead of this mindless looting send a message by uniformly having all black players sit out a year from the three entities listed above.

You would do permanent harm to colleges and universities from a financial standpoint. Sit out a year from the NBA and see how many tickets owners like Clay Bennett can sell with all white slow players who can’t jump on the floor. Same thing in the NFL. Sit a year. See if that puts a lump in the throats of Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones.

Sit a year.

They can bring in scabs. But sit a year and play it out.

See if this in any way brings some pressure on these entities to get rid of Donald Trump and people like Jeff Sessions and William Barr.

What would all these white people in the SEC do without black players? They probably wouldn’t watch it too long because because they’d come to realize what a bunch of white sissies their own children have become. .

Nobody with half a brain is going to pay NBA ticket prices to watch slow white guys. Quickly…name your current all white NBA first team beyond Luka.

You think OU and O State football would be able to sell tickets. Gundy wouldn’t have a backfield. Neither would Lincoln Riley. Sit out a year and watch the financial dominoes fall.

Boone would love the audacity of your plan.

See what ESPN, TNT, Fox, ABC, NBC, and CBS think about the valuation of all white sports products on the air.

Ask the powers to be to put a special federal prosecutor in place to handle all the murdering of innocent black people. Push the white puppet William Barr to the side if you can.

Try some of this, but stop the looting. It’s stupid.

Ron Artest-Stephen Jackson in Detroit-2004

Would you allow a police officer to take your dog and kill it in front of you?

Would you allow a white fan to hit you point blank with a bottle?

Would you allow a punk like Derek Chauvin to kill your friend?

It will be interesting to observe Stephen Jackson in the coming days.

We don’t treat animals like this. Just a complete lack of leadership in this country. Not even the pretense of a legitimate Justice Department in place. Trump and Barr…two white fat boy posers. Two complete frauds.

I hate to write this, but someone should Samuel L. Jackson the coward police officer. Every white person I talked to in Oklahoma today said if they were sitting on a jury and this played out like A Time To Kill they’d acquit the person who killed Derek Chauvin.

And the people I surveyed were all pretty much college graduates.

At some point you can’t turn the other cheek.

Smerconish Saturday

I thought the national question today was intriguing from a legal sense involving the murder of George Floyd.

‘If you were a juror would you be able to give Derek Chauvin the presumption of innocence entering the trial?’

The results of the poll question:

18% voted yes

82% voted no

Even though my father was a criminal defense trial lawyer…I voted no immediately. I would not be able to give Derek Chauvin the presumption of innocence.

I hope my father answers the question and explains his answer to me later today.

Great question if respondents answer it honestly.

In which venue is Derek Chauvin going to get a a fair trial?

The problem here is the country currently doesn’t have a legitimate president and his two attorney generals have not been perceived as anything beyond typical white judges with little if any empathy for non-whites.

Jurisdiction will mean everything in this trial given the perception the current federal Justice Department is a joke.

I believe the the Rodney King trial had an all white jury.

Donald Trump isn’t solely responsible for racism. That would be an absurd comment. But he is responsible for making America’s view of race more like in the early 60’s than the year 2020.

First Degree Murder Caught On Camera

When a police officer has nine minutes with an unarmed person on the what point does premeditation of the crime occur?

At what point in the nine minute torture of George Floyd did this coward decide he would go ahead and kill this man?

It doesn’t look like at any point any of the police officers were worrying for their own physical safety. They just had no idea they were being filmed. They actually perjured themselves in their original statement because they didn’t know the murder was on film.

In Latin legalese it’s called mens rea. I’ve talked about mens rea on my blog before. I was brought up by father listening to every plausible application of mens rea.

At what minute of the nine minutes does this police officer decide he’s going to go ahead and execute George Floyd?

To me…this is first degree murder even if William Barr and the Justice Department cover for this punk.

The state in voir dire needs to get as many blacks on the jury as possible. This trial will be decided in the jury pool selection.

If a black cop had done this to an unarmed white man in this country he’d be hung in fifteen states.

Minneapolis Riots After Murder of George Floyd

When you have a sitting president who was endorsed by David Duke and then named Jeff Sessions as his first attorney general is this a surprise. I’m not expecting some Bobby Kennedy reaction to the murder of George Floyd from the White House.

Instead … the five white cowards will probably get a Medal of Courage from Donald Trump.

Five on one, really?

What a courageous group these five white police officers in Minneapolis.

Last time I looked Minneapolis wasn’t in the Deep South. So you think racism is exclusive to the South?

This was especially pathetic because an onlooker asked eighteen times for the police officer to stop.

Does even the most ardent Trump supporter have a defense for this action? That you on your own accord just murder someone on the streets before due process is carried out in court? That just because you’re white and because you became a cop who couldn’t graduate from college or successfully start your own business you can execute the death penalty whenever you choose.

I’m sure the courageous William Barr will take care of this for the five brave white foot soldiers.

Maybe if George Floyd had been the star running back for the Vikings or the leading scorer for the Timberwolves he might have gotten some love from the five white cowards. Instead.. he was murdered.

I do think though it’s somewhat sad to burn down your own city and hurt innocent people who had nothing to do with this.

Go burn down a Donald Trump club house at one of his golf course instead.

Having said some unflattering things before about Elizabeth Warren becoming POTUS…I will say I hope she’s the next Attorney General of the United States. She would be perfect for this role. This bullshit has to stop.

You think if a black police officer had murdered a white person like this on the streets the Trump administration might have something to say? You think Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity might have something to say?

The Mullet King: Archives

Gundy was a great high school quarterback at Midwest City. He was much sought after but decided to go with Pat Jones at O-State. As it turns out one of my friends who was best man at my wedding was a Midwest City guy who played sports in Gundy’s circle. Another one of my friends covered Gundy at O State when he became head coach.

Small world. Go figure.

Let me be clear. This story isn’t a diss of Gundy. Not at all.

Look into the eyes of that kid in the photo above. That little baby-faced motherfucker toppled the King of Oil who leveraged companies with Carl Icahn.

Aubrey McClendon didn’t survive Carl Icahn. Mike Gundy not only survived T Boone…he beat him.

That is what this story is about.

This is the story of that cute kid above who in his pre-mullet days never gave a clue he’d turn into The Mullet King.

NHL’s Gary Bettman Announces Plan To Complete Season

Thank goodness.

I was seriously concerned if the NHL was going to complete their season. This would have been tragic for me because the Stanley Cup Tournament is the best post season tournament of the four major league sports.

There is an inherit beauty to the game of hockey which the masses in this country unfortunately don’t connect with on a greater level.

It’s a sport of speed, skill, smarts, and at times brutal toughness. The intensity in each shift is what makes it special. There’s no loafing or cruising. A standard shift on the ice is forty-five seconds. It’s a beautiful game.

Anyway…NHL commish Gary Bettman above gives a detailed explanation of the league’s return plan this summer.

I’m a Boston Bruins fan so this is great as the Bruins were the No. 1 seed in the East when play was halted. The defending champion St. Louis Blues were the No. 1 seed in the West.

Last season’s Finals were classic as the Blues won their first ever Stanley Cup with a Game 7 road win in Boston.

So slowly but surely the world of sports are getting back in place. The little golf thing this past week-end with Tiger, Phil, Tom, and Peyton was fun. I believe on June 11th or so the PGA Championship will take place in an inverted order of the four majors being played.

As we watch all of this slowly get back in place only one person in the country fails to display the appropriate smarts and caution. For crying out loud even Sean Hannity got on the idiots of the Ozarks for their stupidity this past past week-end. What were they thinking?

Is anyone holding their breath to see if Donald Trump will even mention the tragic murder of the unarmed black man in Minneapolis by the four white police officers? He can’t do that. His base wouldn’t tolerate it.

White people who voted for Trump should be ashamed because Birtherism and racism whether you want to admit it or not is a very inherit theme in his whole act.

So it always kind of amuses me when people in Oklahoma or the SEC fully embrace blacks when they’re helping their football and basketball teams win games for their schools.

Didn’t see many blacks in that swimming pool in the Ozarks. Just sayin’.

After Dark

I don’t know who this young man is, but this is the dude I want singing on our Netflix film as the credits are running. I can feel his passion in the vocals.

I wrote my first country song today to this music titled ‘I Saw A Mullet’.

I’m not putting the whole thing on here yet. But this is how it starts:

‘I Saw A Mullet’ by el prez (my recording name) From the film ‘The Mullet King’.

Up in Payne Country…there’s a strange little man

People who know….. call him Mullet Man.

His hair is all long now and slick in back

But he looks like a lion… Boone could never hold back.

Well….I saw a mullet and he saw a man

I saw Gundy…. now I understand.

Now he’s well past forty…..

But even Jenni knows… he’s still a man.

Boone is up in heaven… with his Big 12 title towel

But back in Payne County… it’s all Gundy’s now.

Well.. I saw a mullet and he saw a man.

I saw Gundy… now I understand.

Top Ten College Football Salaries-2020

1 Dabo Sweeney, Clemson $9.3 million

2 Nick Saban, Alabama $9.1 million

3 Ed Ogeron, $8.7 million

4 Jim Harbaugh, Michigan $8 million

5 Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M $7.5 million

6 Gus Malzahn, Auburn $6.9 million

7 Kirby Smart, Georgia $6.8 million

8 Tom Herman, Texas $6.7 million

9 Jeff Brohm, Purdue $6.6 million

10 Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma $6.4 million

13 Mike Gundy, O State $5.125 million

Very interesting. Five coaches from the SEC on the list. Two each from the Big 10 and Big 12. One from the ACC in Clemson. Four alone from the brutal SEC West where real football is still played. Not one PAC 12 coach in the top ten. The SEC West will be even more intriguing this season with my crazy boy Mike Leach at Miss State now in the division. Leach vs. Saban…OMG.

Since Baylor is a private school I’m not totally sure what the package is for new head coach Dave Aranda who was the defensive coordinator for defending national champion LSU.

Within the Big 12 it goes salary-wise top four 1 Herman, 2 Riley, 3 Mike Gundy, and 4 Gary Patterson.

Is Mike Gundy being overpaid? I would say yes for three reasons:

1 Mike Gundy fought with both Mike Holder and Boone Pickens over the O State non-conference portion of the schedule. They both wanted at least one premier national marquee game like OU and Texas do every year. Gundy prevailed after he threatened to take other jobs if he didn’t have control over the schedule.

That’s bullshit. If you want to be paid top ten elite money you should be playing good national competition in your non-conference schedule. One big boy, one solid team, and one cupcake. Not three cupcakes every season.

2 Mike Gundy’s bowl record of 8-5 is misleading because other than the 38-35 win over Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl they haven’t won a bowl game against a good football team in the Gundy era.

3 Texas after Mack Brown became an easy game for a period of time. It didn’t take all that much to beat Texas.

So for these reasons I think Mike Gundy’s salary is somewhat top heavy. Why should Mike Gundy be making more than Gary Patterson at TCU? I’m not sure why that is so.

I think this is a very big season for Mike Gundy as to where he stands as a coach not only nationally, but in the Big 12.