Trump Insurrection Deposition

I haven’t posted for almost a month. I injured my back in a freak accident and have been instructed to stay still.

What a coincident on the first day I’ve like blogging we witnessed various segments of the Trump group start to begin the process of covering their asses and flipping the GOP flunkies and the Golden Child of Grift.

During my down time, I retired, binge watched The Netflix version of the Lincoln Lawyer, read Jaime Raskin’s book Unthinkable, then read Tony Dungy’s inspirational auto-biography Inner Strength, then watched every game the Tampa Lightning and Colorado Avalanche have played on their way to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The path to the Stanley Cup has been much more watchable than the NBA Playoffs.

But on Friday night Steph Curry with his iconic 43-point performance did ignite the competitive embers in my NBA soul.

So…tonight, I plan on getting back on track with the Warriors and blogging on Game 5 tomorrow morning.

I missed blogging.


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