Joe Biden….Give Me Your Car Keys

Two words.

Historically bad.

Even worse than Dan Quayle’s pathetic performance versus Lloyd Bentsen in the 1988 Vice-Presidential debate.

Bush 41 still won that race over Michael Dukakis, but these are different times with the Internet and social media.

Joe Biden…as a compassionate adult… I not only want you and Kamala Harris to drop out of the race by Monday morning…I want your car keys, buddy. You were that bad. You were historically horrific.

You were so bad you allowed Donald Trump of all people to sucker punch you with the Manchurian Candidate comment which propelled me out of my chair laughing my ass off.

You were horrible.

And evidently one of my favorite columnists at the NY Times, Tom Friedman, agrees with me because like me he’s calling for you to do the right thing by Monday morning at your farewell presidential press conference.

You were so bad there in fact should be some talk of invoking the 25th Amendment.

Keep in mind…I still think Donald Trump belongs in federal prison for the remainder of his life for what he did before Jan. 6th, on Jan. 6th, and after Jan. 6th. But just because the fact Donald Trump is a compulsive liar and in fact a criminal does not let you off the hook.

The fact of the matter is last night the American people and democracy would have been better served if Liz Cheney, Adam Kensinger, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, and Asa Hutchinson had been on that CNN stage opposite Donald Trump.

Here’s my list…Gretchen Whitmer, Hakeem Jeffries, Michael Bennett, Tim Ryan, Will Hurd, and maybe Larry Hogan. Hell, at this point…I’d even call Chris Christie and see if he would consider appearing in a debate one on one opposite Donald Trump on behalf of American democracy.

Dude…this isn’t about your presidential legacy ego at this point.

This is about the preservation of American democracy. The preservation of our institutions. The preservation of our judicial system. The preservation of our concept of the three branches of government.


Joe Biden…do the right thing and drop out of this presidential race.

Florida Panthers Win Cup and Other Thoughts

Almost Fourth of July….MJ’s favorite holiday. Thirty-nine hours from now I’ll be floating the Gunnison River in Crest Debutte….jah, man—very good.

I’m so happy the Florida Panthers prevailed in Game 7 in a 2-1 thriller. I love those guys. They’re grinders just like MJ. Nothing pretty….they just grind and grind on the forecheck when they show up to play. It’s all about the work, man. You bring your lunchpail and the guy next to you needs to do the same.

I’m so happy for head coach Paul Maurice. He finally won the big one. He can quit now if he chooses so. He no longer has to worry about being the Marv Levy of the NHL. Very classy guy. I cried listening to his post game presser. He has become another one of my heroes as I fight the cancer fight on my journey heading into month seventeen.

Had my monthly checkup yesterday and eveything looks very nice. Dr. Julie…Dr. Showalter’s aid smiled and said, “Keep it up, MJ. It’s not yet time to celebrate….but these numbers are very good.”

I suggested we could maybe do a televison commercial togther for the Integris Cancer Institute and she pretty much ignored MJ’s suggestion.

Breaks of the game…I guess.

Anyway…have a wonderfol Fourth of July.

I know I’m going to do as much.

Eternal love, MJ.

Boston Celtics Championship Parade

Well…I haven’t posted in two weeks because I’ve been extremely busy livin’ the life of a Stage 4 cancer survivor to the hilt. But I certainly did watch the Celtics prevail in five games against the Dallas Mavs.

Winning a ‘ship is fun, Sam Presti. This is what it looks and feels like.

Granted…I’m sad Jamal and ‘my’ Denver Nuggets didn’t repeat, but I feel these Boston Celtics are a great group of guys and richly deserved this championship. So…like-Jah, man….I’m good with the Celts winning it all this season. No problem from MJ on this.

Congrats to the Celts and their fanbase.

I’m not even sure OKC could conduct a championship parade given the lawlessness of the Trump domestic terrorists and the Trump fake Christians….but maybe if I for the second June in a row post what a championship parade looks like in cities like Denver and Boston…Presti and his trained puppies Little Nick Gallo and Low Energy Royce Young could start prepping the Thunder fanbase on how to behave if Shai, JDub, Chet, and Lu win a ‘ship in Oklahoma City.

That’s it for me today. Game 7 tonight in what will be a historic ending to these Stanley Cup Championship Finals. I’ll be back tomorrow to post on Game 7.

Jah….be good. Be kind. Be thoughtful.


Sunday Thoughts

All is good. I’m reset after the grueling week of OU baseball and softball post season games. As a fan…I left nothing in the tank for either team. I watched the first game of the Stanley Cup Final last nights and it was actually relaxing for me as Boston and Colorado are my two favorite teams and neither made much of a splash in this year’s tournament.

I love the Florida Panthers’ grit…so I guess I’m for them moving forward.

My June will consists of multiple fishing trips in Oklahoma to spots I have never fished before. This is a short list given I was taught the art of fishing by the greatest angler in Oklahoma history…that being, Joe Carter Sr. who was buried with his fishing gear and was one of my dad’s cleints.

The Stage 4 cancer journey continues. I do not plan on wasting a single day. My wife will be in Florida for two weeks while I fish…then we hit Crested Debutte for the 4th of July, then Seattle in the second week of August, and back to Denver the last week of August. I might try to sneal in a four day fishing trip to New Mexico as well. I’ll have to see how I hold up during the dog days of summer.

I literally have no idea what my life expectancy over/under is at this point. I don’t want to ask Dr. Showalter for that specific juncture. I just want to embrace every day like it could my last. If Trump wins…in all candor, it might be God’s sign on how much he loves me and is going to reward for my genuinely good heart if I suddenly depart like Jonathon Livingston Seagull.

It is what is, baby.

This life has been more than good to me and I have no grievances or regrets. It’s all been good. I’ve been blessed.

I have some tree limbs to burn out here on the Deer Creek mini-ranch today as the winds have finally relented. I’m such an Oklahoma country boy.

Have a beautiful Sunday and never forget to live hard while you can.

Eternal peace, MJ.

Sooners Win 4th Straight National Championship

I am absolutely whipped. I have nothing left in the tank.

After watching the Sooners baseball team this week-end just fall short in the regional championship game at L. Dale Mitchell Park and this Sooners’ iconic softball group of seniors somehow win their fourth straight national championship without Jordy Bahl and Grace Lyon….my competitive soul is whipped.

I’ll need a rest. A reset of sorts before I even comment on a pathetic Game 1 in the NBA Finals. I think we now understand Porzingas is healthy.

I cried last night just like Kensie and Nichol May. This was special. This was a moment I’ll take with me on my journey moving forward. My soul needed this.

As a Sooner fan I’m so proud of this group. The way they never relented in the semis versus Florida. When Jada Coleman hit that walkoff homer in the 8th inning I went berserk.

What a group of seniors and what THEY accomplished at OU. Maybe even more impressive than UConn womens’ basketball or Tennessee womens’ basketball under Pat Summit because this took place during the NIL and transfer portal era in college sports.

And Kelly Maxwell…wow. Girl, just like Kevin Durant, you did the right thing. And I want to write about this previous sentence sometime this week-end after I’ve decompressed some more.

Jada Coleman, Tiara Jennings, Kenzie Hansen, Riley Boone, Alyssa Brito, and Nicole May you have this old guy’s heart forever. You guys aren’t normal compared to your age contemporaries of today’s world.

You remind me of my Packers back in the 60’s. Each one of you in your post game interviews talked about God. You talked about family. You talked about your coach and your teammates. You talked about doing things the right way every single day and not getting down during the rough spots in this season.

I am so completely impressed how this group believed in themselves and never backed down even after the departure of Jordy Bahl.

Life is good.

There’s Only One Oklahoma, Baby!!!!


Sooner Men Win, Survive, and Advance to Regional Finals Tonight in Norman

What a week of Sooner softball and baseball!

So great in fact…I passed on the National Cancer Survivors celebration at Sizzortail Park yesterday. Yeah, I mean, I’m so busy livin’…maybe next June I might attend if I hit the 28 month mark of my journey. Right now…I’m just focused on livin’ and to continue livin’ hard every single day to the fullest.

Win every day is my motto. Like at L Dale Mitchell Park where these gritty Sooners of Skip Johnson had to sweep a doubleheader against Duke and UConn in a seven hour span to advance to tonight’s regional final in Norman.

It’s tough working your way back from the loser’s bracket in a double elimination tournament. Very tough. I played on two state AAU baseball teams which won back to back titles when I was thirteen and fourteen and we had to fight back from the loser’s bracket on the first championship. Your pitching staff is basically running on empty, but finding a way to get it done on competitive adrenalin. It’s an awesome feeling to fight back all the way through the loser’s bracket. Very sweet.

Last night I found myself sitting behind home plate with the Piedmont baseball team. Holy shit!!!!. These kids were awesome! Truly awesome. They were like the Hansen Brothers in Slapshot. A couple of times I thought a UConn batter was going come into the stands. After the game they were shirtless on top of the OU dugout getting the crowd even more amped up for tonight.

They said they’ll be back tonight. We’ll see. Last I saw of them were shirtless running through the parking lot with Sooner fans honking their horns at them with love.

We did a group photo with them which I had texted to my son in Denver. I told him I wore my good luck Jamal Murray jersey last night along with my lucky OU Sooner baseball cap for extra positive karma. He was somewhat speechless. Kind of like when I suggested I might wear an Austin Reaves OU jersey to Game 2 in the Laker series in Denver. I think we’ve at this point kind of switched roles where he’s the father and I’m the youthful college kid.

Need to go work out and get myself totally prepared for tonight’s regional championship game in Norman.

In closing five words… THERE’S ONLY ONE OKLAHOMA, BABY!

Livin’ hard, MJ.