Dennis Rodman On The Last Dance

Dennis Rodman in and of himself would be a heckuva of a docu-film, but as a supporting role to Jordan, Pippen, Jackson, and Krause he fills this role perfectly in The Last Dance.

His story is remarkable as he makes it from Southeastern State in Durant, Oklahoma to become a five-time NBA champions with both the Pistons and the Bulls.

I had forgotten Rodman was traded to the Spurs and then of all things was traded to the Chicago Bulls for Will Perdue. Will Perdue for Dennis Rodman…..that’s an amusing NBA footnote.

The film is great and I hope many of the newer NBA fans in the Oklahoma City area fanbase are taking the time to watch the film.

Since it would appear doubtful there’s going to be anymore NBA basketball this season… I wish they would go to one episode a week to stretch this out as long as possible.

Maybe, just maybe, by Memorial Day–Major League Baseball without fans in the ball parks will have gotten some traction going with their season.

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