St. Louis Cardinal Streak Ends at 17

Well, shit…it’s over. They came up flat the night after clinching their playoff spot. Milwaukee 4- St. Louis 0. It happens. If they can just get past the Dodgers in the wild card game they could have a chance of getting to the World Series.

One game with Wainwright on the mound they have a chance. But in a seven game series with that Dodger pitching staff might be tough. Let it all ride with Adam Wainwright would be my take.

I looked it up…sixth longest win streak in modern era of baseball since 1906. The 1916 Giants hold the record with 26 straight wins.

I was just thinking with all this baseball on my blog this week so far…what’s my favorite baseball movie ever?

This is a tough one for me. But in the end I have to go 1 Bull Durham, 2 Major League 3 Field of Dreams, then maybe 4 The Natural.

But Bull Durham No. 1.

Kostner with Bull Durham, Tin Cup and Draft Day is in my mind an iconic figure in sports movies. Dances With Wolves….highly overrated. I thought the The Bodyguard was better. But none of these four are what the Academy looks for in a motion picture…which says something about The Academy.

Anyway…OU at K State on Saturday is a game I’ve had this game circled since the schedule came out. This is a big one. This game actually scares me more than Texas. We can only hope sixth year Skylar Thompson doesn’t play at QB on Saturday in Manhattan. If it rains Saturday…. I may run up to Manhattan and see if I can get in the stadium on the Farewell Big 12 Tour. This is one of the few venues in the Big 8/Big 12 where I’ve never seen an OU game.

Glass half full take is that you have to figure the Kansas State student section will be nicer to Spencer Rattler than the OU student section was on Saturday night versus West Virginia.

Note to Academy…this is what great motion picuture making is all about. A great movie does not have to have a a great social message everytime out of the gate. Not saying I didn’t love Schindler’s List and Twelve Years A Slave… but sometimes we need to collectively smile in a movie theatre.

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