Marjorie Taylor-Greene Wanted to Declare Marshall Law…Sigh

This is so pathetic I won’t burn the energy with a rant. I guess…Marjorie Taylor-Greene in her mind thought General George Marshall from WWII fame was the person who invented the concept of martial law.

It’s the only thing I can figure as far America’s new version of Margaret Thatcher could have been thinking when she composed these texts concerning the January 6th insurrection and afterwards.

I wonder if this woman and Mo Brooks from Alabama ever tried to have sex if the two of them could figure out where his dick was supposed to go.

The notion that neither Mo Brooks, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, or Lauren Bobert hold political office in Oklahoma is the silver lining ending for me as far this story goes.

It’s pointless to go any further. I’ve learned all of my lessons these past six years.

I’ll never be like Jonathon Livingston Seagull if I spend too much time trying to understand these people.

I have to glide above and soar through the skies.

But I will say this if Marjorie Taylor-Greene ran against Teddy Roosevelt or Abe Lincoln or Dwight Eisenhower or Ronald Reagan for POTUS in 2024 in Oklahoma she’d garner at a minimum 72% of the registered Republican voters.

Not a doubt in my mind. Not one.

I need the vision of a pretty face and a beautiful song or else I’m going to have a nightmare about Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Mo Brooks.


One more. Just to get the vision of her out of my mind.

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