LeBron is the GOAT

What a great night in LA for our Greatest of All-Time. Just a beatiful night as LeBron got the thirty-six points he needed in three quarters of play aginst the Thunder.

The Thunder put on a nice show for the ESPN audience.

Russell… bless his heart. Some of those passes were clasic which missed LeBron by twenty yards, but, nah… Bad Little Dude is Sam Presti’s till the very end.

Bless both of their hearts.

From the moment Russ was traded to the Lakers its been a Greek tragedy of sorts. It just goes to show Sam Presti could have brought LeBron and Anthony Davis on board in 2016 and the Thunder still would have been a first round exit.

I haaven’t done my NBA Pantheon Top Ten for two years…so I think now is the time for LeBron to dudge past Michael as my official GOAT.

MIke’s Pantheon Top Fifteen

1 LeBron

2 Michael

3 Kareem

4 Bill Russell

5 Hakeem

6 Wilt

7 Kobe

8 Shaq

9 Timmy

10 Magic

11 Isiah

12 Bird

13 Steph (need to show me more)

14 DWade

15 Dirk

KD….you’re No. 17 on my list.

Have a great Super Bowl!

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