OU Game Day…Let’s Go!

Beating Arkansas St. like a red-headed stepchild means very little to me. SMU actually has some decent skill people on offense…so what I’m looking for today is this OU defense to actually tackle in space, sack the QB, create turnovers, and put opposing players on the ground with a meancing state of mind attached.

Simply put…I want to see players on the defensive side of the football pull their link on the chain.

That’s it for me today…OU-wise.

I’m jacked.

I’m going Nebraska-Colorado in my first game, then the OU game, then of course…Coach Saban group versus the hated Texas Longhorns.

Who am I pulling for in this game?

Alabama, of course. I hope they kick Texas’s ass all over the field because Coach Saban’s teams actually walk the walk while Texas football has pretty much been a joke for the past fifteen years.

Plus, I want every Texas player walking onto that Cotton Bowl field in the RRR to somewhat be doubting their legitimacy as a football team.

I think I’ll go take a little walk, clear my thoughts, and then watch the Colorado Buffs game of the Week.

I think I’m pretty much healthy.


A little SEC music would be nice to get me in the appropriate mindset before I join the posters on the SEC SuperConference blog/messageboard this morning.

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