Jeff Lebby Might Have a Problem

I saw this last night before I went to bed….and I have to tell you it kind of stunned me. Since Jeff Lebby took the offensive coordinator’s job at OU after the Lincoln Riley exodus…the Jeff Lebby-Art Briles deal had pretty much left my mind.

I thought all of that was behind Jeff Lebby and his days at Baylor as an assistant under his father-in-law Art Briles.

Guerin Emig previously of the Tulsa World, and now a writer on the Toby Keith-Barry Tramel Sellout Crowd sports blog… asked the question at the end of Saturday night’s post presser after the Sooners’ 28-11 win over SMU.

The question he asked basically was what in the world was Art Briles doing on the OU field after the game on Saturday night?

Jeff Lebby pretty much answered that Art Briles is the father of his grandchildren. The fact that only Joe Paterno exited college football head coaching with a more toxic exit than any other coach I can remember in my lifetime….. in no way seems to faze Jeff Lebby about having his father-in-law on the OU field.

This will be interesting to observe this week given Joe C made it very clear with Lebby’s hiring none of Jeff Lebby’s association with Art Briles would be condoned at OU.

I’m not the moral guardian type on my blog. To this day I still see the Joe Mixon incident from two different prisms. One of forgiveness, versus one of intolerance. In the end…I’m glad that incident didn’t ruin Joe Mixon’s life.

Last year…I would not have fired Cale Gundy for what he did during a player’s position meeting with his wide receivers.

My guess is both Jenni Carlson and Jim Traber will have this story front and center because they both seem to view themselves as the moral guardians of the Oklahoma sports scene.

I have enough on my plate right now without writing too much on this for the time being. But I will be acutely interested as to how Berry Tramel, Jenni Cralson, and Jim Traber opine on this matter tomorrow.

This will be interesting to observe for certain.


Editor’s note: Damn, I mispelled guardian on my ‘moral guardian’ phrase. I have to be better than that. Somewhere up in grammar heaven….Mrs. Juanita Elijah is giving me that Mike Jackson scowl.

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    1. I do need to take more time on my proof-reading. It’s not that I can’t spell…it’s more of an issue in taking the time to clean things up. I don’t really see a spelling error on this one though. Now that I’m cancer free and and happily retired my attention is firmly in place to clean up the spelling and syntax on my blog at a much greater rate. Have a nice day, hobo joe.


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