Bush 43’s Eloquent 9/11 Speech… 2021

If you close your eyes, put your political partisan shades away, and for get the fact the U.S. fooshishly invaded Iraq after 9/11….. this is a beautiful speech which all Americans should take the time to heed in these tumultuous times in which we live.

Who would have ever thought Bush 43 would evolve into one of the few voices of reason for what used to be the Republican Party?

Like his fellow Texan, LBJ, Bush greatly tarnished his ultimate presidential legacy by leading America into a misguided war. But on the positive side….Bush 43 actually did some rather nice things at home which get lost at times.

Bush started the No Child Left Behind program. He started the discussions for prescription drug relief for seniors. And this may shock some, but it was Bush 43 who led America into giving the continent of Africa financial support in their fight against AIDS.

I mean, as I move around the Deer Creek ‘ranch’ today amidst the slow rain and autumn-like temperatures….. I never would have thought Bush 43 would evolve into one of the true lone voices of compassionate conservatism in our country.

Historically, you have to wonder how Bush 43’s legacy might have changed if he had passed on Dick Cheney and picked someone with a more reasoned prism of who actually was responsible for 9/11.

Anyway…I think this was a lovely speech and one all Americans should consider today as we reflect on 9/11.


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