Jeff Lebby’s Monday Apology-Statement

Somebody in God forsaken Oklahoma please give me a break on all this.

Such drama.

Here’s point one….Joe C and OU knew exactly what Art Briles-Baylor baggage they were getting the day they hired Jeff Lebby for the simple reason Lebby was a part of that historically stained Baylor staff.

Again…I will reiterate, other than the Joe Paterno-Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State…what transpired under Art Briles’s watch at Baylor is in my view the second most beinous scandal in college football in my lifetime.

If somebody out there has a more compelling No. 2 on their list, please comment on my modest content rich blog.

And, based on what I’ve seen from Jeff Lebby as a play-caller…I’m not sure why OU would even hire Jeff Lebby. Risk versus reward doesn’t seem to be in play on this hire. OU needs another problem like Joe Biden needs Hunter Biden.

Lebby’s judgement on this past Saturday was certainly flawed, but it’s not like Art Briles was given a sideline pass by anybody at OU. He simply walked onto the field with his grandchildren to have a moment with his son-in-law and family…AFTER THE GAME. No big deal in my view…especially in a rogue red Trump state where 80% of the people think it perfectly fine for the grifter to hang Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi in public view on cable television.

Where all the sudden did this thing called a moral compass come from in God forsaken Oklahoma I ask aloud to myself?

I can’t even tell you how many times after an OU football or basketball game I’ve sauntered onto the floor or court wearing OU attire. And let me be clear…I was in my younger days one of the more animated OU fans at either venue. To the point…basketball official Ed Hightower almost had me ejected from Lloyd Noble Arena after I sat front row center court in the student section at the OU-Kansas game the year after the robbery at Kemper Arena in the national championship game.

So what I’m saying is…..Jeff Lebby didn’t really do anything all that bad on Saturday other than call 49 running plays to 27 passing plays and fail to get the ball in his more explosive playmakers hands in the first three quarters of play.

I’m guessing more than half of the ‘faux’ outrage from Sooner Nation is more connected to the listless playcalling versus the Art Briles family photo.

So…I checked in on Traber, Tramel, and Little Miss Perfect yesterday to get their takes.

Traber… of course, espoused moral outrage. Jenni wants Art Briles banned from the city limits of Norman, and Tramel…the consumate OU insider who never ever writes anything which might jeopardize his ‘off the record’ status with Joe C…basically stalled, held the football for ten seconds…and then punted because he knows better than anyone in Oklahoma he needs that ‘off the record’ status with Joe C to make his new blog with Toby Keith something different.

BTW…I applaud those guys for giving this concept of sports journalism a try in Oklahoma…but, sometimes man, you have to do more than punt the ball and wait for the 24/7 news cycle to expire.

Sometimes…you have to write from your soul and heart and tell it exactly as you see it.

And that’s precisely one of the reasons I started my own small blog.

That being, Sam Presti, Clay Bennett, Mike Gundy and Joe C will never ever tell me what content I can or cannot write on my blog.

Have a wonderful Tuesday on this crisp autumn day in Oklahoma.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll blog on Aaron Rodgers’ four play career with the New York Jets. Tom Brady to the NY Jets anyone?


I’d love to have TB on my pick up team over at the OKC Healthy-Wellness Center. I can tell…he’s already bored. Hate what happened to Aaron, but the NY Jets should give Tom a call. What could it hurt?

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