Aaron Rodger’s Greatness is His Will to Compete

I tell you this, as a lifelong Packer fan, it broke my heart watching Aaron go down on his fourth play with the NY Jets on Monday night versus the Buffalo Bills.

I was more than okay with Aaron leaving Green Bay to join the Jets. It was time. The longtime relationship with the Packers had worn a little stale. Aaron needed a change, and the Packers needed to allow Jordan Love his time to show what he can become as an NFL starting QB.

So on Sunday, Jordan and his Packer buddies mauled the always rebuilding Chicago Bears, who in my mind… have become the most hapless franchise in the NFC minus perhaps the Arizona Cardinals.

Jordan Love was just basically perfect. As in picture.

Jordan looked every bit the part as did Aaron when he succeeded Bret Farve as the Packer’s QB. Being the Packer’s starting QB in my lifetime has pretty much been one of pro football’s elite positions. From Bart Starr to Lynn Dickey to Bret Farve to Aaron Rodgers.

Only Lynn Dickey did not win a Super Bowl with the Packers. Starr, Farve, and Rodgers are Hall of Famers. Only the football gods know what will be Jordan Love’s place in Green Bay quarterbacking lore.

But back to Aaron. In my little NFL book I keep in my constantly churning sports addicted brain….. I have Aaron right there with Tom Brady as the greatest quarterback of all-time.

Tom has more rings, by a lot. Aaron though has more natural ability which takes your breath away from you when you sit and watch a highlight reel of his greatest plays in his football career.

Tom and Aaron both have that burning will to compete. Both were somewhat discarded at times in their college days. Both had disappointing showings in their NFL draft classes.

And here I sit typing on my little blog the admiration I have for both of their competitive souls and the fact neither have ever allowed physical road blocks to stop them from competiting within themselves. These guys inspire me in my continuing battle against Stage 4 cancer.

Just like with Klay Thompson fighting thru an ACL and then an Achilles injury as well. Life can be hard. It can seem unfair at times. But whether you’re an alite athlete or just a normal guy…at times you have to cut through the darkness and summon your ‘inner dog.’

We have to put our faith in God, close our eyes and find the inner strength….and compete within our own competitive souls.

I just don’t see Aaron allowing that fourth play on Monday night to be his final play as an NFL quarterback.

I need to go work out at the OKC Healthy Living Wellness Center and do my thing.

I have no idea what I’m going to blog about tomorrow. Maybe …I’ll just wakeup and surprise myself.


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