Is This Mike Gundy’s Most Important Season Ever at O State?

Okay…..I want to write this before Jim Traber loses his mind this afternoon on the air discussing the horrific 33-7 loss Oklahoma State just absorbed at the hands of South Alabama from the Sun Belt Conference.

Jim Traber will lose his mind today, but I won’t because I’m a somewhat smart calibrated dude who pretty much knows sports.

Let’s look at the question this way…..the answer to the question above is clearly… yes.

Of all years…this is the year O State at the worst needed to go 9-3 coming off a bad season last year where Spencer Sanders was literally beaten to death by the time O State played Texas. This was the year O State needed to show recruits they along with K State, Utah, Brigham Young, TCU, Baylor, and Colorado would be a contending team for a Big 12 title.

Instead… what this historically bad loss does is put O State in the bottom three of the Big 12 with Iowa State and Houston as I write.

This was not only the worst O State loss in my lifetime, I would venture to say it might be the worst loss ever absorbed by a Big 12 team from a non Power 5 opponent.

That was what I would describe as a five star shit-show featured on ESPN+ no less.

If Boone were still living today…I would imagine he’d be on his cell phone today texting media members his plan for his own special Boone Presser before Gundy avoids answering questions tomorrow as if he were Lindsey Graham trying to explain January 6th.

This is a five star shit-show with an absurd quarterback situation where Mike Gundy has foolishly allowed his son to be drawn into all of this stupidity.

Never ever allow your son to become part of something like this unless you’re Dion Sanders and your son is big time baller headed for the NFL.

Gunnar Gundy is probably a great kid, and might even be the best of these three very average quarterbacks who should all be playing in a non Power 5 league.

The team clearly has other issues such as they can’t block or tackle very well, but to put your son in the middle of this to me is just total bullshit.

I mean, as of this moment looking at O State’s schedule….I don’t see wins other than possibly beating Iowa State and Houston. This all reminds me of Bob Simmons’ last season in Stillwater where Bob Simmons did this with his son Nathan and got fired.

Add to the fact…none of this is very smart considering Spencer Sanders wanted to come back.

Another self-inflicted mess created by Mike Gundy…at just the very worst time in O State football history.

Gotta go pickup my wife at the airport.


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