Dub Nation Oklahoma… Draymond on Chet

Now that the drama of the last Bedlam is behind me with the series locked at 91-20-7…I’m ready to start adding much more basketball content to my sleepy little obscure blog. I’m even thinking of making Dub Nation Oklahoma into a podcast of sorts now that my life is somewhat on the cusp of normalcy.

I’ve seen five of the Warriors’ seven games and all but one of the Thunder’s seven games so far this young NBA season.

If I add Denver to this mix…I’ll in essence be blogging about the three Western Conference teams which interest me most this NBA season.

As these years from Game 6 in 2016…I would say I’ve come to love Draymond as one of my favorite players in the league. Not only watching him win four rings with Steph and Klay, but watching him grow into this very articulate young man. Draymond, with his very direct honesty about the way things are in America beyond the sphere of just playing basketball with a scowl on his face captivate my attention.

Draymond in a sense kind of reminds me of his generation’s version of Bill Russell as one of the toughest, yet cerebral players in the league.

When you listen to him talk you realize this guy should be an NBA general manager or owner at some point down the road. Perhaps, even a partner with Kevin Durant when he and his group obtain an NBA franchise for the city of Seattle.

I’ve always wondered to myself…. if I were a rich, black, highly curious black man…which North American city would I most want to live in.

I have four in my mind… Toronto, Ashville, North Caolina, some little town just north of my birthplace near San Diego, and Denver. And it’s not at all that I’m even remotely close to being lit or woke…It’s just that I’m curious about the world and actually believe all of us are just basically the same and on the same journey.

We all view the world from different spheres of perspective, but we’re all going to be ending up in the same place eventually.

So here’s Draymond talking about Chet mostly and how just he ‘kind of’ goaltended in the winning basket and almost killed Chet with with a space creating elbow in the same game.

I love it…it’s so TSNS to the core. Toughness. Smarts. Nasty. Snarl.

Next up… Golden State vs. Denver on Wednesday night.


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