Javian’s Buzzer Beater in Last Conference Bedlam

I got back from Denver yesterday and it took all of 24 hours to get my legs back. We had a blast with the grandchildren and it was pretty much nonstop grandparenting Bedlam for eight days. Robert (4) and and Aubrey (3) were awesome.

Denver has pretty much become my favorite city…Deer Creek, Oklahoma ….not as much. I mean…culturally it’s like going from Hee Haw to the Boston Pops. There’s just so much to do. Never a dull moment. I hate to sound selfish…but I hope the kids stay in Denver so we can start visiting every month or so since I’m now cancer free and retired at the same time.

Other than the Bedlam win by OU at Stillwater… I did not watch or follow ANY sporting event for eight days. This is like a record for me since I was probably five years of age.

I didn’t watch any political news as well. Which was healing for me. A refresh if you will. It’s so nice nice being in Denver where people actually read books and don’t think Donald Trump is the second coming of Teddy Roosevelt or even Bush 41. So nice to be in a city where people actually frown upon the hanging of the vice-president… or the wanton killing of law enforcement officers. So nice to not have a former cage fighter serving as one of your U.S. senators.

I think you get the picture. At least Jon Stewart is back on Monday nights.

So basketball-wise it’s time for me to get with it a little bit today. The Warriors are at Washington today and the red-hot Thunder are at Houston tonight in a nationally televised game on TNT versus the Houston Rockets. These Thunder games on national televison are like a drug for me. It’s so nice to get an escape from the homery drivel expounded by Michael Cage, Little Nick Gallo and Boring Royce Young. These ecceptional young Thunder players desreve so much better than this bullshit.

From this point on with the Thunder…if I do in fact watch another Thunder game on that network…I will have to drink two Bloody Marys before tip just to get through the ordeal of the audio portion of the telecast.

Anyway…I’m glad Javian was clutch in overtime because OU seriously needed that road win to help its overall NCAA Net Ranking for the selection committee. On the video it appears that a very obese Cowboy dressed in bright orange was a tad upset when the Sooners celebrated in front of him. I guess the Orange Kip’s Big Boy expected another Drake Stoops tackle non interference call or something of the like. Que sera, Whopper Boy.

Hang in there O State fans….there’s always wrasslin’ and Viktor Hovland golf tournaments.

Enjoy the rest of this gorgeous Tuesday before the northerner hits sometime later this evening.

Cherish every day.


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