Thunder Snub Allie LaForce/TNT for Little Nick Gallo Postgame Comments

Oh, boy. I mean.. seriously…oh, boy.

I was just at the point I was going to ‘somewhat’ put my tail between my legs and write gushing things about them on my internationally acclaimed underground blog ( liberal democracy loving women love my blog…go figure) when the Thunder went all Knucklehead Mode after their convincing twenty point road win over the very weak New Orleans Pelicans.

I was getting ready to put my tail between my legs and admit I’ve been too hard on the Thunder. I was going to lighten up in a big, big way. I genuinely was.

Then this.

I mean…shit I don’t even think Hitler did this in Germany prior to WWII with the Nazi prooganda shit.

Good lord.

Hot TNT superbabe Allie LaForce on TNT was going nationally no to further introduce America to these dudes from OKC…when they were pulled away from her and directed over to the swarmy Thunder sychopant Little Nick Gallo as the pathetic Bally Sports group would I guess in a manner scoop TNT for the first postgame interview after the Thunder’s first playoff road since 2016.

I was stunned. I’m still stunned. How f–king stupid can these people be?

What can you say about these Trump people which I haven’t already written here on the internationally acclaimed blog?

I’m speechless. And IT TAKES A LOT TO MAKE EL PREZ SHUT THE F–K UP, but this one actually did it. I’m literally speechless.

That’s it for my recap on the Thunder’s Game 3 win at New Orleans.

Here’s the postgame interview with my MVP pick SGA and fellow Thunder space traveler….Jalen Williams.

It is what it is. Que Sera. Shit happens. Flow wit it. Be jammin’, mon. Be jammin’. You dudes may be fooling these dumb white people in Oklahoma, mon…but you not fooling Michael Jackson from John Marshall…not a chance, mon.Not a chance. It be cool.

Peace… MJ

One thought on “Thunder Snub Allie LaForce/TNT for Little Nick Gallo Postgame Comments”

  1. You’re not thinking clearly, MJ. The guys don’t need Allie to introduce them to the world. They’ve taken care of that quite handily themselves. And you might have noticed the “snub” garnered them viral attention (even if they didn’t intend it) in a way that an ordinary TNT interview never would have.

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