Sunday Thoughts

All is good. I’m reset after the grueling week of OU baseball and softball post season games. As a fan…I left nothing in the tank for either team. I watched the first game of the Stanley Cup Final last nights and it was actually relaxing for me as Boston and Colorado are my two favorite teams and neither made much of a splash in this year’s tournament.

I love the Florida Panthers’ grit…so I guess I’m for them moving forward.

My June will consists of multiple fishing trips in Oklahoma to spots I have never fished before. This is a short list given I was taught the art of fishing by the greatest angler in Oklahoma history…that being, Joe Carter Sr. who was buried with his fishing gear and was one of my dad’s cleints.

The Stage 4 cancer journey continues. I do not plan on wasting a single day. My wife will be in Florida for two weeks while I fish…then we hit Crested Debutte for the 4th of July, then Seattle in the second week of August, and back to Denver the last week of August. I might try to sneal in a four day fishing trip to New Mexico as well. I’ll have to see how I hold up during the dog days of summer.

I literally have no idea what my life expectancy over/under is at this point. I don’t want to ask Dr. Showalter for that specific juncture. I just want to embrace every day like it could my last. If Trump wins…in all candor, it might be God’s sign on how much he loves me and is going to reward for my genuinely good heart if I suddenly depart like Jonathon Livingston Seagull.

It is what is, baby.

This life has been more than good to me and I have no grievances or regrets. It’s all been good. I’ve been blessed.

I have some tree limbs to burn out here on the Deer Creek mini-ranch today as the winds have finally relented. I’m such an Oklahoma country boy.

Have a beautiful Sunday and never forget to live hard while you can.

Eternal peace, MJ.

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