Flynn Lawyer Dangles Notion of Immunity for Testimony in Trump Russian Probe

This is moving at warp speed now with the lawyer for Michael Flynn seeking immunity for his testimony in the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy. There’s no need to give this person immunity unless he has a story which implicates Donald Trump for colluding with the Russians and perhaps even committing treason. Let him sweat, fuck him. They already have the goods on him for being an illegally unregistered foreign agent, plus, that crazy story of a purported kidnapping. They already have Flynn if they want him. The only reason you would give him immunity is if he can deliver the goods on Donald Trump. Otherwise, why give him immunity.

This is moving now from a Watergate feel more to an Oliver North-Iran Contra feel. Stunning in that this poser of a president is only seventy days into his presidency and this is unraveling in the manner in which it is. It’s one thing to be blatantly corrupt, it’s another to be this overtly stupid.

Karma can be a bitch, eh?

This is pretty good. It pretty much cuts to the chase of what we have so far, that being, overt stupidity.

Westbrook Extension Presser: August 2016

Nothing remains stagnant in the NBA. It’s a business driven by money, agents, and uber rich owners. In the aftermath of Durant’s departure to Golden State, Oklahoma City was in a word devastated. The city had lost its face of sorts in Kevin Durant. There was talk on the internet and radio sports shows about trading Westbrook for draft picks and rebuilding with another group of young players as they did nine years ago.

But Westbrook opted to stay at least through the 2017-18 season. I have no idea what Russell Westbrook will ultimately decide after next season, but I’m fairly certain about several things, 1 his decision will be based on his family, 2 he’ll take into account the strong relationships he has established with people within the Thunder organization, and 3 he’ll be up front and direct on what he’s going to do. I don’t think there will be any games in the Hamptons.

The thing about Westbrook though is that this is the first time in his basketball life he’s been the spotlight story. The kid from LA who’s high school coach who had to do some talking to get Westbrook into an Atlanta camp, the kid who was only given a scholarship to UCLA when a spot opened for him. This is really the first time in Westbrook’s basketball life where he’s the story…and the thing is I think he kind of likes it here.

Whether Westbrook ultimately stays, we’ll see. But for the time being this is Russell Westbrook’s city and will remain so as long as he wants it that way. He gave this city a chance to breath and get its legs back under it after the tragic death of Aubrey McClendon, the cratering of oil prices, and the cold departure of Kevin Durant.

OKC is a small market. The community basically worships the players in a setting somewhat similar to the Green Bay Packers. Green Bay has in Aaron Rodgers the best quarterback in the NFL, while Oklahoma City has the best quarterback in the NBA in Russell Westbrook. Since the Packers are my favorite NFL team all is pretty good in my sports world. I’m good.

Westbrook Beats Magic in OT Thriller, 114-106

With each passing game, Russell Westbrook’s journey continues along the sacred lines of NBA history. I know we live in an age of millennial influence, Donald Trump, and the such, but with each passing Thunder game, Russell Westbrook has saved me from becoming completely jaded in regards to our current state of affairs. That’s one of the wonderful things about sport, it can make us hope and believe things can and will be better beyond the games.

Since July 4th, when Kevin Durant announced on the Players’ Tribune he was taking the easiest possible route to an NBA championship, Russell Westbrook has literally been a savior to not only the Thunder franchise, but this city itself. At a time when it could have been easy to become cynical, Russell Westbrook has done and said all the right things. He has put this city on his back and basically said, “Let’s go. Life goes on.”

For me, as an obscure Thunder blogger, it’s been a journey as well. My father and I attended Game 6 together. As those horrific last few minutes unwound, we looked at each other and knew in our hearts the Thunder season was over. We feared OKC would lose in Game 7 on the road, and they did.

My father’s battle with pancreatic cancer ended on August 23rd and to my eternal dismay, he’s not here with me watching not only Russell Westbrook’s journey as a player, but Westbrook’s evolution as a man. Westbrook is a smart dude. He was an excellent student and qualified for Stanford if I recall correctly. It’s part of what he is, but even more importantly for those of us who have watched him from his rookie season–his growth as a young man has given me hope beyond the lines of a basketball court.

Russell and his wife are expecting their first child in May. It’s going to be a son. Russell Westbrook is going to have a son and I say without reservation this son will turn into a solid man just as Russell has become because of the parenting he received from his loving, supportive parents. So, now I guess I need to talk about this game in Orlando last night.


OKC won a game in Orlando last night they had no business winning. None. I’m almost certain I wrote that exact sentence on Monday night in Dallas. For the most part, Westbrook’s teammates went invisible into the night again against a bad Orlando team which is currently the No. 14 seed in the East. Good thing for the Magic the Russian oligarch owns the putrid Brooklyn Nets or else the Magic might be the worst team in the East.

The Thunder as a team were awful for most of this game. They trailed by as many as 21 points in the second half. They trailed 97-79 with six minutes left in the game. They trailed by 13 points with three and a half minutes left in regulation. But here’s what happened again, Russell Westbrook just said fuck it and took over the basketball game to the extent that the Orlando fans, like the Brooklyn fans, started MVP chants and basically cheered for Westbrook instead of their own team.

Westbrook scored 19 points in those six minutes of regulation. He hit a tough, contested three pointer with 7.1 seconds left to send the game to overtime. He then went on to score 7 points, grab 4 rebounds, and assist twice in the five minute overtime. In the last ten or so minutes of this basketball game, Russell Westbrook scored 26 points, but more importantly, he won another game for this Thunder team which somehow stands 43-31 with eight games remaining in the regular season. BTW, OKC clinched a playoff berth last night as well.

Westbrook’s line was something we never saw from either Michael or Kobe. His line was 57 points, 13 rebounds, and 11 assists. The 57 points is the highest point total ever associated with a triple double in the history of the league. It was Westbrook’s 38th triple double of the season, he needs only three more to tie Oscar with eight games remaining. It would be nice if this could happen at home, but looking at the schedule it might very well happen in either Memphis, Phoenix, Denver, or Minnesota. We’ll just have to see.

OKC now stands at 43-13 only a half game behind the Clippers for the No. 5 seed. The Thunder have somehow won four of their last five on the road and are now 31-7 in games in which Westbrook has triple doubled. For those who think this is a stat deal, It’s not. It’s more to the point these young Thunder players are still the Bad News Bears and need Westbrook to do this every night just for the team to be competitive.

Kevin Durant may or may not win his first NBA championship with the Splash Brothers and Draymond Green. I could care less at this point. I’ve moved on and not just as a basketball fan. The reason is simple…Russell Westbrook. I owe Russell Westbrook, big time.

I’d wish Russell Westbrook good luck as father, but I know he doesn’t need it. Here’s there and he’ll be a wonderful father.

OKC hosts the San Antonio Spurs on Friday night.

Russell with courtside post game comments.

What Donald Trump Should Do

This is what he should do and he should do it because he had no mandate whatsoever to be governing from a far right hardline position. What makes all this even more comical is that he’s a guy who probably should either be on his golf courses or in a furniture store doing his furniture store sports fucking thing. He has no governmental experience. None. For crying out loud, I’ve been president of the OKC Youth Ice Hockey Association and VP of my HOA. I have more governmental experience than Trumpula and it’s not like in any way do I feel qualified to be POTUS. None. It’s a tough ass job.

Trump should fire these people: Bannon, Miller, Sessions, Conway, Spicer, Price, Pruitt, and Priebus. Start over. Pretend the inaugural speech never happened and reach out to all Americans and a handful of moderate Dems. Govern all the people in this country, not just the dudes in the White Billionaires Men’s Club. This is isn’t complex because he’s going absolutely nowhere as his presidency is currently constructed. Sure, the 36 % who would have voted for Hitler are still there, but nothing will get done otherwise.

So does Donald Trump really want to govern the entire country or just be the adoptive parent of Jerry Springer fans? BTW, Jerry Springer like Howard Stern didn’t vote for Trumpula. You can analyze this all you want, but I dare say a good deal of these people would have voted for David Duke over Hillary Clinton. Truth hurts.

Trump Presidential Highlights So Far

Unless you’re a vapid, clueless simpleton there’s no way one could be surprised with Trumpula’s Kingdom nine weeks down the road. When you have a website owner running the country, or have pawns of the Koch Brothers assuming the vice-presidency and chief of staff positions, ‘had’ a paid agent from Turkey as the chief national security counsel, ‘had’ your former campaign manager conducting Russian commerce with select Russian & Ukranian interests, have a redneck peckerhead as your attorney general, have a wannabe Nazi draw up a Muslim ban, have a completely incompetent puppet running the House Intel Committee, have someone from Oklahoma heading the EPA, have Tom Price heading a healthcare revamp, and of course, have Sean Spicer and Kellanne Conway this is what you get………

Every Village Has Its Idiot: Part 4

There certainly will never be a shortage for this segment with the likes of Trumpula, Squeaky Conway, Sean Spicer, and now Devin Nunes. Maybe, it’s just me, but I find it especially offensive that any of these idiots are subsidized by anyone’s tax dollars.

Sean Spicer should go home. He’s embarrassing himself, his family, and his country. Somebody should tell him to get on a plane and go home. Maybe Chris Christie should tell him.

This might be my favorite moment of the whole Trump presidential experience thing so far.

“Chris, tuck your fat ass in your pants and go home. This endorsement is really important to me.” When I’m down this is always in my top three play list.

Westbrook Simply Amazing in Thunder’s Improbable Comeback Win Over Dallas Mavs

If Russell Westbrook needed a closing argument as to why he’s this season’s MVP then he made it on Monday night in Dallas at the American Airlines Arena. The OKC Thunder won a basketball game they had no business whatsoever winning by coming back from thirteen points down with four minutes left. It was vintage Westbrook as he carried his team scoring in every imaginable fashion as the Thunder roared back with Westbrook hitting the game winner from the top of the key with seven seconds left to give the Thunder a stunning 92-91 win. And, oh, btw, the reason OKC even had that possession was the same Russell Westbrook caused a J.J. Barea turnover with thirteen seconds left which gave the Thunder a chance to win without playing the foul game.

Russell Westbrook notched his 37th triple double of the season. His line was 37 points, 13 rebounds, and 10 assists. He would have had many other assists, but it like kind of like takes a teammate who can make a shot for an assist to be registered. I’ll get to the rest of the team in a bit as I have a rant festering. But on this night, it’s more of a case of appreciating Russell Westbrook.

OKC is now 30-7 in games in which Westbrook has triple doubled and 12-24 in which he hasn’t. On this night, I’m not sure his teammates by themselves could have beaten St. Mary’s high school team, let alone the Dallas Mavs, and that in a nutshell is why the MVP voting should ultimately go Westbrook’s way.

OKC trailed by 15 points at the half and his teammates in a word were abysmal bordering on horrific. If Billy Donovan didn’t throw a chair against a wall and say ‘are you fucking kidding me’ at least a dozen times during the intermission it would qualify as coaching malpractice. Former OCU coaching icon Abe Lemmons would have kept these Bad News Bears on the floor practicing during the break…especially Alex Abrines and Semaj Christon who both played at D League levels on Monday night and were unwatchable. Enes Kanter was bad as well, which was a surprise and it left Westbrook without any scoring crutch as none of his teammates could do anything offensively. I have no idea how he worked ten assists.

So, in essence, Westbrook had little help in this game and yet somehow willed his team to a win which now has these Bad News Bears only one game behind the Clippers for a No. 5 seed in the West.

OKC as a team hasn’t turned any corners, it’s just that every time you think Russell Westbrook can’t reach any deeper to save these Bad News Bears from themselves he somehow does and this group somehow stands at 42-31 with nine games remaining.

Nothing against James Harden, but it would be a major crime if Russell Westbrook doesn’t win the MVP.

OKC in Orlando on Wednesday night with Westbrook going for No. 38. Hopefully, several of his teammates show up.

Here’s Brett Dawson of newsok with the wrap up. Dawson and Erik Horne do a nice job covering the Thunder.

Judge Jeanine Puts On the Aluminum Foil for The Trump Trekkies

As each day passes, it’s becoming progressively harder for me to take any one who voted for Caligula Lite seriously on serious matters. Pro wrestling, maybe. It’s to the point I almost feel sorry for the Trump Trekkies… almost.

Here’s a brief Monday morning thought for the Judge and some of the lost souls who voted for Trumpula. Maybe next election vote for a candidate who has some fucking clue as to what he’s talking about. Maybe vote for a candidate who didn’t create the Birther Movement just to pander to people left behind by globalization. Maybe vote for a dude whose principal hobbies aren’t going through bankruptcy and sport fucking with celebs in furniture stores. Maybe vote for a dude who isn’t out there on the Ted Cruz alien runway with some of you and other wingnut factions beaming home Ted Cruz’s father. Maybe vote for someone who knows something more about governance than Sarah Palin.

Keith Olberman rant done. So, for all you Trumpsters here’s your ideological soulmate, Judge Jeanine.

So…you really think these people are going to figure out health care, infrastructure, tax reform, trade treaty nuance, foreign policy, immigration, etc.? Know your wheelhouse. Stick to Rowdy Roddy Piper and Andre the Giant. Know your wheelhouse.