Dave Lanning Moves Up on My Top Three OU Football Coach List

Joe C’s ‘stealthy’ search to replace Lincoln Riley continues with no presser scheduled for Friday or Saturday. This would signal to me Joe C very much wants to have a chat with Georgia defensive coordinator Dan Lanning sometime between Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

I still believe from my take Brent Venables should be the choice. But in the event Coach Venables and his wife don’t want to pursue the OU job—then I’m moving Dave Lanning up to No. 2 on my list to be followed by Shane Beamer at No. 3.

I think the recruiting ties to the SEC part of the country, plus the overall culture change OU will need to be relevant in the SEC are huge dual components of why Joe C should be pointed in this direction.

I think all three of these guys are what OU is looking for to take the program into the SEC and be championship relevant. With Riley as the Sooner coach there would have been the question …’Will OU be able to attain the physicality toughness on both sides of the ball to be a consistent winner in the SEC?’

In fact… I will reiterate Lincoln Riley leaving for the Pac 12 will turn out to be a silver lining for the Sooners who in my view will begin SEC play in 2024.

If Joe C feels squeamish at all about the ages of Dave Lanning and Shane Beamer he could appoint Bob Stoops to be the Associate AD for OU Football. In a sense, help either of these young guys as a college general manager of sorts. Same with fifty year-old Brent Venables if he feels like the help from Coach Stoops would lessen his burden.

I think making Coach Stoops something beyond just interim coach would be a no-brainer for Joe C.

I’m not at all squeamish about the receivers from OU on the transfer portal currently. Theo Weese didn’t play a down all season….although I really like him as a possession receiver. Austin Stogner is someone I’ve always liked and I think/hope he’ll wait till the new coach is named before he makes a choice.

And in Jadon Hazlewood…to be honest with you… I think he needs a change of scenery. He’s a Georgia kid. He needs someone to toughen him up. He has a Cee Dee Lamb body, but for some reason he hasn’t reached his potential at OU. Maybe OU’s new coach would resonate with him. The transfer portal taketh…and the transfer portal giveth. Fact of the matter is I thought Mike Woods from Arkansas was our most consistent receiver this season.

I have no idea what Marvin Mims is thinking right now, but the fact of the matter is even after the QB change to Caleb Williams he and Jadon didn’t do much in the Sooners’ last three games when the defenses became much more physical.

Anyway…here’s Coach Lanning talking Georgia Bulldog footbal back in August before the college football world would witness the best defense in college football in the last ten seasons.

It looks like Sunday or Monday before the OU announcement will be made.

Klay Thompson’s Return Tonight in San Francisco

I have no idea when the Thunder’s next game is being played. The Thunder sit at 6-16 and are truly one of the more pathetic teams in the league for a second straight season. Even when a guy like me tunes in to watch one of their games…then the other team’s star like Ja Morant last night in Memphis doesn’t play.

Think of that…the Grizzlies best player didn’t play and the Thunder still lost by 73 points. Even Lincoln Riley and Roy Manning would be impressed with that level of tanking.

I have to tell you…those people who are showing up at Pay.Com Arena to watch this bullshit are either the best fans in the history of the sport or in no way have a life. Or maybe just too dumb to know any better.

For those of us who love the NBA and live in the Oklahoma area there are many other basketball options.

OU’s Porter Moser team has an all in group who play high energy ball and are fun to watch. They actually try to win games and actually chart things like a Quad I win. For the Thunder a Quad I win would be like consuming poison.

Mike Boynton’s O State group is struggling a little bit so far, but they should start playing better.

Kevin Durant’s team in Brooklyn currently has the best record in the East…. while Billy Donovan’s Chicago Bulls are in second place in the East. So many Thunder former connections doing extremely well.

The Phoenix Suns with three former Thunder players including Chris Paul, Cam Payne, Abdel Nader are atop the West a half game in front of the Golden State Warriors.

Tonight the Suns without Devin Booker visit Golden State for what will be Klay Thompson’s return. I can’t wait. I wish Devin Booker was playing, but for this game as a fan you just take what’s there on this given night.

Two best teams in the West. Both red hot so far this season. A national broadcast with the best broadcast people in the business giving objective, insightful, professional takes. All the things we probably won’t see in Oklahoma City for quite some time if ever as the Hinkie-Presti death march tankathon rolls along.

I picked the Thunder to win 25 games this season. They currently stand at 6-16 with still 60 games yet to be played. That would mean for the dreadful Thunder to get to 25 wins the team has to go 19-41 to somehow climb that mountain.

All of us in Oklahoma not only have to absorb the 57 losses, but also have to bear witness to the worst basketball broadcast team ever assembled perhaps in NBA television history.

Perhaps in the next Thunder loss…Little Nick Gallo will diagram certain sure loss manuevers the team can implement for gut cinch losing plays at clutch time.

Perhaps…. in the next loss alpha Thunder sycophant Michael Cage will maintain Big Blue never committed a foul in forty-eight minutes of play.

Isn’t it grand? Isn’t it rich? Call in the clowns.

But everywhere all around us in the basketball cosmos….there are some pretty good things to watch.

Good luck on your return, Klay Thompson. You’ve been missed by the basketball world, buddy. You’re somewhat to blame for all of this in OKC though. Because those eleven threes you splashed in Game 6 is what got us to losing to the Grizz by 73 points without Ja Morant last night in Memphis. That was you.

Thunder Sink Below Rock Bottom in Memphis, 152-79


Sam Hinkie-Presti and Lincoln Riley in the same week…what a privilege as a human to observe both of these pieces of human shit in the same week.

I mean seriously …wow.

Seattle….would you like your purported NBA basketball team back? And in that agreement would you agree taking Sam Hinkie-Presti, that pathetic little puppet G League coach he has in place, and every singular member of the laughable Bally Sports Network crew which claims to be broadcasting NBA games on their network.

If you’ll agree to take this assemblage of human debris back to Seattle…I’m sure you can have the team for less than the most recent Forbes valuation of this smoldering piece of crap which has the audacity to tell its fans in Oklahoma City they have an NBA team.

Here’s the truth…I’m watching more NBA basketball than ever before in my life. I love the TNT Tuesday Showcase and tomorrow night I’ll be glued to the screen watching Phoenix vs. Golden State with Klay Thompson making his return.

Adam Silver’s league for me has never been more interesting and compelling to watch. I’m in love with the NBA like never before, but at the same time praying Adam Silver and the NBA Board of Governors will step in and take some form of league ownership of the team which calls itself the Oklahoma City Thunder.

What Oklahoma City has in place NBA-wise currently ranks somewhere between human trafficking and domestic terrorism.

It’s beyond sad to witness for the young men on this roster who’ve spent their dreams making the NBA, but only to find they have to play in Oklahoma City for a group who basically don’t have any problem demeaning their hard work and dreams of playing for a real NBA team.

I actually was going to watch this game from wire to wire tonight but almost puked just getting to halftime. I have no idea whatsoever why people like Nancy Lieberman, John Radigan, Michael Cage, Chris Fisher, Matt Pinto, Little Nick Gallo, and Low Energy Royce Young ever went to journalism or broadcasting school. Let me share a thought with you seven pathetic humans…. you are an embarrassment to your professions.

And to the piece of dogshit which calls itself the Daily Thunder which was whored to be monetized by a collective group of dimwits….fuck you, too.


You people deserve one another in some form of a garbage abyss of nothingness which karmawise at some point includes Lincoln Riley in your midst.

Are you kidding me?

As Mike Gundy famously said in his iconic rant….”Who are the adults here? Is this what we’ve sunk to in society? You people make me want to puke.”

A new low in Oklahoma City Thunder basketball.

Memphis 152 – Oklahoma City 79….. and it wasn’t really that close.

My Championship Saturday Picks

I’m going to do this on Thursday because I plan on being at an O State-Baylor watch party by 10:30 am. So I want to get this done right now and not rush thru my picks.

I’m 16-17 versus the spread so far this season thanks to hitting a couple of double value bonus games. That’s not terrible….it would usually beat Scott van Pelt and his picker. But I’m a little disappointed in my performance this season. Chris J is 20-13, which is excellent versus the spread and I’m just hoping to have a big Championship Saturday so that I’m not eliminated by the time we hit the College Football Playoff.

Before I get started…I noticed this morning two different sports writers for the Tulsa World went with the story related to the Roy Manning double agent incident pertaining to the OU commit Robert Spears-Jennings.. So—it appears there is legitimacy to the story.

I’m glad Jim Traber went with this on the air because quite frankly Berry Tramel at times seems more concerned with protecting his off the record relationships than actually writing a painfully tough piece on Lincoln Riley’s departure which might not make everyone at OU happy. I think he’s an excellent columnist, but you can’t have some other party dangling you through an off the record quid pro quo. Just my take.

My Championship Saturday Picks:

Moutain West… San Diego State 27 – Utah State 24 I don’t have too much to say about Mountain West games generally, but this should be a good game.

Big 12… Oklahoma State 24 – Baylor 16

Big 10… Michigan 27 – Iowa 17

SEC… Georgia 28 – Alabama 24

AAC… Cincy 27 – Houston 24

Oregon… 35 – Utah 31

ACC… Pitt 34 – Wake Forest 28

I wonder in the Committee’s eyes how much Alabama has to be beaten by to not make the field as a two loss team. To me…I have that line at four points. I in no way would advance Alabama if the game doesn’t come down to the very end with the game on the line.

This should be a fascinating week-end of college football.

Good luck to Oklahoma State and congrats on an outstanding season to date.

OU Handles No. 14 Florida, 74-67

What a perfect basketball evening at Lloyd Noble Arena as Porter Moser’s rapidly improving Sooners led wire to wire defeating the previously unbeaten Floridia Gators to improve to 7-1 on the season.

Coupled with OU’s road win at UCF on Saturday this Sooner team has made some significant strides since losing 73-70 against Utah State in the finals of the Myrtle Beach Classic.

OU’s starting five of Jordan Goldwire, Moj Gibson, EJ Harkless, Jalen Hill, and Tanner Groves are melding into a very solid unit.

My top five coming off the bench right now would be CJ Nolan, Ethan Chargois, Bijaun Cortez, Jacob Groves , and Alston Mason.

With the high energy style of defense the Sooners play it will be critical for the Sooners to be able to play ten to eleven players once we get to Big 12 conference play.

Next up for OU is Butler next Wednesday in the Big12-Big East Challenge. This should be another nice challenge for the rapidly melding Sooners. When you watch these guys play it’s hard to believe they didn’t know each other several months ago.

It was Lon Kruger Night and the crowd was maginificent inside Lloyd Noble. The student section was standing room only and raccous as a student section should be. A great basketball atmosphere.

Both Caleb Williams and Joe C were there—so there was no way in hell there was going to be a football presser to introduce the new OU head football coach on this special day for Lon Kruger and Porter Moser.

You should watch this video just to hear Coach Moser explain how Joe C recruited him this past spring. It might prove insightful as to what’s going on right now with the OU search for its next football coach.

I was thinking about what I wrote this morning in relation to what Lincoln Riley’s legacy position at OU would be if the Roy Manning story has legs. But you know what…it doesn’t seem like anybody minus Jim Traber really cares that this coach just basically quit on his team this season. And even more off the charts is the fact Brian Kelly quit on a team which could very well have made the Final Four if he’d stayed with his team. Nobody really seems to care….which is very sad. nothing beyond the money seems to matter.

Day by day we’re losing sight of why we even play sports. It can’t just be about the money. At some point the money in and of itself holds no intrinsic value.

So I guess I need to rephrase where Lincoln Riley’s OU legacy will fall. I’ll put it this way… he’ll go back to being right there with Chuck Fairbanks on my OU Football Pantheon of Football Coaches…as far as on the field accomplishments, but probably become the most hated sports figure in contemporary Oklahoma sports history to go along with Kevin Durant.

I don’t hate anyone. Hating is a waste of time. But there are parallels between these two that’s for certain.

Both in a real sense both made the correct decisions on their own futures, it’s just neither took the time to thank those who helped them get to the next stages in their careers.

I mean I have to think…never in the history of USC football did they go out and hire some assistant from East Carolina who came from some hell hole called Muleshoe, Texas. Colin Cowherd might otherwise want reconsider how it is Lincoln Riley ever came upon USC’s radar screen.

I”m fine he’s gone for the selfish reason as a Sooner fan his style of coaching isn’t a match as to what it takes to win in the SEC minus perhaps what LSU did in 2019. But even that LSU team could actually tackle and block some the last few weeks of the season.

How sad Lincoln Riley didn’t take the right steps with Joe C and Bob Stoops to make his exit a classy one. To thank those who mentored him and made him a better coach.

This will all work out for OU football, but people really need to start appreciating why it is we compete in the first place and the journey it entails.

My Top 12 Power Poll

I didn’t watch the show on ESPN per se. I was watching the fabulous TNT Tuesday Showcase. I needed a break from college football. What an incredible night of top tier NBA hoops. I very much needed it.

I’m relatively sure I’m fairly close to what the Committee did though.

I need to start my O State-Baylor preview maybe tomorrow. It should be a good game.

Here’s my poll heading into Championship Saturday:

1 Georgia

2 Michigan

3 Alabama

4 Oklahoma State

5 Cincy

6 Notre Dame

7 Ohio State

8 Baylor

9 Ole Miss

10 Utah

11 Oregon

12 Iowa


13 Oklahoma

14 Houston

15 Arkansas

Does Joe C Have His Man Yet?

If not…I think he’s very close. An announcement and presser need to happen because of the highly unusual circumstances of Lincoln Riley’s stunning departure to USC which we now know per LA Times was a process which began back in September following the firing of Clay Helton after USC’s defeat to Stanford. I wouldn’t even be surprised if we’re in for an introducctory presser later this week.

OU’s hosting No. 14 Florida in hoops tonight and I’m fairly certain Joe C doesn’t want to diminish this game for Coach Moser would be my guess with a football presser this afternoon. But I would have this on watch anytime tomorrow and Friday or Saturday. Right before Gameday on Championship Saturday would be perfect.

I may be revisting my post from on Monday at some point this week on ‘Is Lincoln Riley A Traitor: Part II?’ This is turning into the movie Body Heat is what its turning into…. possibly. An incredibly sad story if some things are verified by major outlets.

A completely bizarre story broke last night on the recruiting trail involving secondary coach Roy Manning and from what I’m to understand his termination by Bob Stoops.

Roy Manning was a holdover who intially didn’t leave with the first group of coaches with Lincoln Riley to USC. Manning was hired in 2019 as a secondary coach who had coached with Alex Grinch at Washington State.

I’ll wait until I see an on the record statement by OU and their compliance department as to if and why Roy Manning was terminated last night. The story I read is so incredibly sad if true…I want to make sure it’s accurate before I put it on my blog.

I’m changing my list again this morning. This time I’m down to three coaches given what we’re learning every day as this story continues to evolve with the truth being revealed like layers of an onion being peeled one by one till we get to the complete truth on Lincoln Riley’s premeditated and calculated exodus to USC which began in September.

I don’t think I need verification to write bullshit to the notion he and his family were only made aware of the USC job offer following the Bedlam game. Just tell the truth. It’s no crime to admit you didn’t want any part of the SEC and that grind diminshing your earning potential over the next twenty years or so. From a monetary standpoint…that’s the money play. Just admit it.

Can anyone just simply tell the truth anymore?

I love the onion analogy. My father, the criminal defense lawyer, read it in a Vince Bugliosi book and shared it with me. It’s great to use in a courtroom before you explain to the jurors they’ve been lied to by the prosecution or by a witness.

This OU job is going to require a special coach beyond X’s and O’s at this point.

I’m thinking and hoping at some point Brent Venables later today or tomorrow will be announced as the next head coach in Norman. He’s the guy if Joe C can convince him to take this job at this point in his career.

Brent Venables has had three head coaches he’s worked for during the entirety of his DI coaching career. The three have been Bill Snyder, Bob Stoops, and Dabo Sweeny. You won’t find a more qualified person with ties to OU who fully understands why the OU head coaching job is a special job.

My top three now goes….. 1 Brent Venables, 2 Matt Ruhle, and 3 Shane Beamer. I’m putting Shane Beamer back on my list because as this story evolves it’s very clear to me Joe C has to have a coach he can trust and one who understands what the job entails.

Even though Matt Rhule is a current NFL head coach with the Carolina Panthers and has to finish his NFL season, he could still be hired, announced immediately, and Bob Stoops could continue as interim coach until that point.

I don’t think Joe C should wait too much longer before announcing his coach though…given what we’re learning everyday about Lincoln Riley’s departure.

I may have been wrong telling Jim Traber to tap on the brakes. This could be a very interesting day in Oklahoma sports history for multiple reasons.

The video above is Bob Stoops in June of 2017 announcing his retirement in advance of Lincoln Riley being hired as the new head coach in Norman. Today is actually the anniversary of Bob Stoops’s being hired back in 1998.

I may also have to re-evaluate Lincoln Riley’s place on my OU football legacy list behind Chuck Fairbanks and consider moving him a notch below Howard Schnellenberger as possibly the worst coach in OU football history depending on how this Roy Manning story is broken by the major outlets…. if it’s actually broken by reputable news outlets.

If the Roy Manning story turns out to be true….this is Body Heat with Kathleen Turner is what it is. Incredible. Just incredibly sad. William Hurt, damn, guy was a star in his prime. Of course in this one he’s Joe C and Lincoln Riley is Kathleen Turner. The hubris of this little guy from Bumblef–k, Texas is beyond the realm.

This could conceivably make Mullet King: The Boone Pickens-Mike Gundy Saga seem tame.

Brian Kelly To LSU…Whoa

When pristine Notre Dame the last sacred barrier of DI football left standing loses its coach to LSU that should tell all of us we need to collectively take a step back from the abyss.

This Brian Kelly move occurring less than 24 hours after the Lincoln Riley press conference in LA should make all of us, especially the SEC bound Sooners, consider where the sport is headed.

The sport for the moment looks like it headed towards a massive sewer system is my take.

While I still think looking down the road three years the Sooners made the right move heading to the SEC the manner in which they executed the exit wasn’t first class.

And that’s exactly why I’m cutting Lincoln Riley some slack on his exit to USC.

Lincoln Riley merely mirrored his exit to LA in the same manner OU executed its exit to the SEC… as in not showing any concern for the eight programs they would be leaving behind to fend for themselves.

This is America. We have the freedoms to make choices. No one should be forced to work for an employer they don’t want to work for. That’s what Lincoln Riley did. But in retrospect he should have come clean with OU back in September when this courtship began right after the firing of Clay Helton.

I would hope as we collectively rethink college football we all take the time to rethink what has transpired with the OU move to the SEC, the Lincoln Riley move to USC, and Brian Kelly’s move from Notre Dame to LSU.

What these three moves show without a doubt is this is all about money, has always been about money, and will probably get even worse moving forward in the world of college football. If Lincoln had done the right thing and come clean then…at the least OU wouldn’t be sweating this recruiting class. As far as players leaving on the transfer portal I would think with the right hire OU will do just fine replacing any roster holes on the portal itself.

We live in a completely different age of college football. None of us wearing crimson should be all that judgemental. We just reaped what we sowed and, yeah, karma can be a bitch.

Maybe this was a learning moment for all of us.

Notre Dame a team which could in reality still make the playoff now has no head coach. OU a team which could still be in the playoff hunt if they’d scored on their last possession in Bedlam has no head coach minus interim Bob Stoops.

Is there any place in this equation that the players and their familes who have fought through the challenges of managing Covid away from home were even considered by Lincoln Riley or Brian Kelly?

Did any of the players’ seasons even come into play in all of this? Doesn’t appear to be the case.

Should Georgia’s Kirby Smart’s agent now demand his contract match that of Lincoln Riley’s? Should Nick Saban’s agent do the same?


Collectively…Lincoln Riley and Brian Kelly have never won a college playoff game and yet both now stand at the top of their profession’s payroll mountain.

And consider this…. LSU still has $19 million in buyout dollars to repay Ed Ogeron. USC has $10 million they owe Clay Helton and another $4.5 million they owe OU for Riley’s buyout.

In a word this is INSANE. This is the new new in college football.

But I’m relatively calm. I learned quite a bit from the Kevin Durant departure to Oakland.

The good news for OU is they have an iconic program with Joe C and Bob Stoops manning the selection process for the next coach.

Okay …so let’s scatch out Brian Kelly from my top five list and I’m going to do this… I’m going to assume Joe C has his list down to three at this point.

I’m going 1 Brent Venables, 2 Dave Aranda, 3 Luke Fickell, 4 Lane Kiffin. So all four on my final four minus Fickell have previous ties to an SEC program assuming as I do that Clemson in football is basically an SEC program. Mark Stoops, Matt Campbell, and Shane Beamer didn’t make my final four.

One wild card I haven’t mentioned is Matt Ruhle with the Carolina Panthers who was the coach who rebuilt Baylor after the Art Briles mess. He would be a great choice, but I don’t know if he could be put in place before the signing day deadline. OU needs to have this done I would think maybe right before the Committee names the Final Four on Sunday. As in winning the week-end news/sports cycle in a positive way.

Does Brent Venables Want To Be The Next Head Coach At Oklahoma?

I haven’t mentioned Brent Venables yet as the next head coach at Oklahoma for one simple reason. That reason being…to date in his coaching career Brent Venables hasn’t shown all that much interest in becoming a head coach.

Otherwise he would be an imminently qualified candidate to fill the position.

Does he want to be a head coach? Does he have any residual angst about the manner in which he was forced out at Oklahoma for Mike Stoops? Is he ready to embrace a professional challenge beyond being Dabo Sweeny’s defensive coordinator?

All good questions.

If he answers those questions….yes, no, and hell, yeah he would soar to the top of my list in my top three.

Brent Venables more than any other coach in America through his experiences at Oklahoma and Clemson knows the physicality talent gap which exists between Alabama, Georgia, and LSU from that of the current talent level at Oklahoma.

He knows exactly what that gap is and would have the best understanding of what Oklahoma has to do to become a ‘realistic’ national championship contender.

He could bring his No. 1 defensive assistant with him to Norman and then go persuade Joe Brady to be the offensive coordinator and that would be a nice core to go along with the OU coaches not going to USC with Lincoln Riley.

Coach Venables in reality has coached in the SEC at the highest level because in essence Clemson is an ACC member playing as an SEC at large team from the Committee’s view in most seasons.

Brent Venables has been a big part of those two national championships at Clemson. It’s a cultural fit with Joe C and the kind of hire he likes to make. It would be another coordinator being elevated to the head position at OU.

What a day in Oklahoma from a football standpoint! Just basically insane that we’re having to write about this instead of the impending O State-Baylor game at Jerry’s World.

Brent Venables just makes so much sense if he and wife want to do this at this point in their lives. In Porter Moser and Brent Venables…Joe C will have gone yard in the last seven months with two of the most important hires during his tenure at OU.

I listened to the Sports Animal today and quite frankly there’s way too much emotion right now. Jim Traber, please settle down a little. I like your show, but we need to settle down a little. This is going to work itself out.

In fact it could be a silver lining in that OU will come out of this with a head coach and set of coordinators much more aligned as to what it takes to be be relevant in the SEC.

Lincoln Riley is right where he should be with his finess Air Raid offense…that being… in the weakest Power 5 conference in the country.

Lincoln Riley has never built a team in his career. Lincoln will be the eighth head coach at USC since Pete Caroll if that says anything. If every single member of this year’s OU team had played in the PAC 12 there’s a reasonable chance OU would have finished 3rd behind Utah and Oregon pretty much like they finished third in the Big 12 for the same reason.

You know what that reason is? I’ll share it with you. The answer is you can’t win a league championship in any Power 5 conference playing like a bunch of entitled, delusional dumbasses and beat anybody that’s relatively any good.

That would be the answer.

So…I’m redoing my top five…1 Brent Venables, 2 Coach Luke from Cincy, 3 Brian Kelly, Notre Dame (don’t laugh), 4 Matt Campbell, Iowa State, 5 Mark Stoops, Kentucky. I’m getting serious now….just like Joe C.

I loved it in the presser when he was ask about the list he keeps in desk. Oh…he has one–trust me.

And remember…Lincoln Riley isn’t a traitor, he’s just a simple guy from some bumblefuck town in Texas who wanted no part of the SEC grind, but instead wanted to find a college coaching job which pays $110 million and provdes a private jet.

Can you really blame him?

Did Lincoln Riley Just Replace Kevin Durant As Cupcake?

I have to give this some serious thought today as OU is holding a presser later today at Gaylord Memorial Stadium to discuss Lincoln Riley’s sketchty exit from one of the iconic programs in the country to basically avoid coaching in the big boy SEC conference.

I never booed Kevin. I never will. His exit to leave the Thunder I can defend to a certain extent because Kevin stayed with the Thunder for a decade, endured Russell Westbrook’s worst inner basketball instincts for that same period of time, and had to come to the final realization Sam Hinkie-Presti was never going to add a shooting guard to the team who could actually shoot a basketball.

So Kevin left to join the Warriors and the rest is basketball history as Kevin with the Splash Brothers won two rings and two MVP Finals trophies.

I defend Kevin’s decision on my blog now although at the beginning I’ll admit I was stung by his decision.

I’m not at all stunned Lincoln is headed to USC. In fact…I actually recommended he take the job several weeks ago after the pathetic performance in Waco after having two weeks to prepare for that game.

Like Dennis Dodd wrote this morning…even in today’s world… hedge fund managers usually at the least give two weeks notice, but not the case with Lincoln Riley. It is what it is. But he’s still not a traitor in the world of college football. Just a survivor.

Here’s another thing….Kevin was a free agent and fulfilled his contract to the extent of what he signed on for in Oklahoma City. His decision was based on the fact he didn’t think Sam Hinkie-Presti had the overall breadth as a general manager to reign in Russell Westbrook and put a championship roster together in Oklahoma City.

Not the case with Lincoln. He just doesn’t want to play Georgia, Alabama, LSU and the rest of the SEC underworld. He and his agent would like to moetize the next twenty years to the max. Lincoln was 1-3 verus the SEC and his only win came against a Florida team coached by Dan Mullen which was missing the heart of its lineup in the Cotton Bowl.

As far as Kevin in basketball historical hindsight …. Kevin was absolutely correct in that Sam Hinkie-Presti appears to still not get it as far as the fact you actually need some players on your team who can shoot a basketball.

Now to Lincoln Riley’s sketchy exit to USC. I think SoCal is a fascinating iconic program with a lit fight song and beautiful cheerleaders. I’m fine with him leaving because in all candor I don’t think Lincoln has the overall mental toughness to coach in the SEC week to week. He’s a young head coach never took a job like Matt Campbell at Iowa State did and then made it respectable.

He never had to do what Shane Beamer just did at South Carolina by turning a 2-8 type program into a bowl eligible 6-6 team in one year.

He never had to do what Mark Stoops has done at Kentucky with a program and culture overall to be a competitive 9-3 team in the SEC.

He never had to do what Bob Stoops did in 1999 when he inherited the OU program from John Blake.

Now here’s what I’m going to do. I have to take my lab Pauli to the vet this morning. I’m going to halt this post right now for the time being.

I’m back.

So what did Lincoln Riley inherit at OU from Bob Stoops and Joe C?

He inherited a program which in 2016 made the College Football Playoff and had Baker Mayfield at QB with Kyler Murray redshirting after his transfer from Texas A&M.

He had the triumvirate of David Boren, Joe C, and Bob Stoops to lead him and at the same time make sure the program was intact.

This is where my word usage is critical. Do I think Lincoln Riley is a traitor?

No.. I do not. I think Lincoln is a calculating coach who inherited a plum job at OU whose teams at OU have played soft for the most part when they’ve played against teams with equal or better talent.

You could say Lincoln is a bit soft and has had a protected coaching environment in Norman, But I’m not calling him a traitor. In this world of college football Bin Laden wouldn’t be a traitor.

This is the critical part in evaluating Lincoln’s exit and eventual legacy. During his time in Norman he’s only been an underdog in two road games. The 2017 game in Columbus and this past Saturday when his team was a 4.5 road underdog in Stillwater.

Keep this in mind as well… Lincoln and Coach Luke at Cincy have the same agent. Surely this agent isn’t going to double down and now bring Coach Luke to Norman? Think about and how dirty college football has become.

Another reason I’m not calling anybody a traitor is OU can’t in any way question someone else’s loyalty after what just happened with the SEC move.

The current world of college football is a dog eat dog business. Survival of the fittest. Coach Luke at Cincy, although not on my list is someone we need to be watching this week as the college football four team bracket is announced. This is better than Al Pacino taking Willie Beamon with him to his new job and basically telling Cameron Diaz to stick it between her legs.

So in reality it’s better Joe C found this out now rather than later. OU needs to have a coach in place by Saturday morning is my take. Maybe schedule the presser right before Gameday before the conference championship games. Control the national narrative to recruits across the country. So right there you have to figure maybe Luke Ficknell at Cincy may not be in play at this juncure and that’s why I haven’t listed him as of yet. I believe every other coach I mentioned save Dave Arvanda at Baylor isn’t playing on Championship Saturday. Plus, Alex Grinch will be announced as the new defensive coordinator at USC later today.

So in the end will I classify Lincoln Riley as a cupcake or a traitor? No. Neither. Of course not. He’s a calculated opportunist…pretty much like everyone else in college football.

But by the same token Lincoln Riley will never be considered an iconic coach at OU. Oklahoma is the one program in the country which has had four different coaches pass the 100-win plateau. Those names being Owens, Wilkinson, Switzer, and Stoops.

Lincoln’s place in OU football history will fall behind Chuck Fairbanks who coached OU to the ’71 Game of the Century vs. Nebraska then followed that with a Big 8 championship in ’72 before taking the New England job in the NFL.

Will this last long with me as far as Lincoln leaving OU?

It won’t affect me at all and like I’ve written on here I think it would be wise to hire someone who at the very least who has been a coordinator in the SEC.

If Joe C and Bob Stoops had just moved to USC with Lincoln…then I’d be in a very concerned state of mind this morning.

Coach Stoops, would you please do something for me? Please call Joe Brady and explain to him how special it is to coach football at OU….even if only as one of the highest paid coordinators in the country.

I’m disappointed Lincoln didn’t give the SEC a chance, but maybe this tells us something about his competitive soul or therein lack of. And if you don’t posess an alpha competitive soul you shouldn’t be coaching in the SEC.

So in closing…no traitors, no cupcakes, just the world we live in.

Life moves on. Que sera.