Derek Chauvin Historical Epilogue

So what will be the lasting historical legacy of Derek Chauvin murdering George Floyd?

We don’t for sure know given that within our hour of the conviction a sixteen year old black girl in Ohio called the police reporting a public disturbance and was shot to death in her own front yard by the police.

Not even a single day passed without another black person in America being killed by the police.

I just hope and pray our country can at some point come to terms with systemic racism.

That we treat people of color with at least the same humanity and compassion in which we treat our dogs.

Can anyone envision Derek Chauvin choking a dog to death on a street in broad daylight and no one intervening?

As Will Smith the actor said, “Nothing has really changed. He was just caught on film this time.”

I don’t really know that the government can legislate decency and empathy. We did this in the 60’s when LBJ passed the civil rights legislation and in hindsight all that has done was turn the Solid South from blue to red to this day still minus Georgia in this past election.

Barack Obama won the Whie House twice and if anything it seems to have fueled even more hate from certain white sectors of America.

What made Donald Trump unique from the other GOP candidates in the 2016 primaries? The race card. He played the birther race card and was the first U.S Senator to step on a stage endorsing Trump was Jeff Sessions from Alabama. You think that was a chance accident?

The insurrection of the White House was fueled by people like Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Mo Brooks. This was white domestic terrorists in essence ready to hang white Mike Pence because he wouldn’t go along with their plans to overthrow the government.

So I don’t really look at yesterday as an inflection or permanent turning point, but maybe a baby step of sorts that if you catch a white policeman executing a black person on the the streets of America and you have it on film you might haave a chance of winning in court if the jurisdicction is in a blue state.

I hope I’m wrong.

Derek Chauvin…Guilty On All Counts

An interesting day of American history. Our judicial system stood tall with the world watching.

Fortunately…one of Donald Trump’s puppet Banana Republic Attorney Generals are not in office currently.

Our legal sysytem held down the fort much as they did during the interim following the election and leading up to the Trump Insurrection of Stupidity circa January 6th, 2021.

And btw..that was whites killing whites and in search of killing white Mike Pence and white Nancy Pelosi.

We can bitch and moan about partisan politics all we must, but today was a Shining Moment for the American legal system.

Minnesota finally got it right. There should have been no legal questions on the outcome of this trial. A virtual slam dunk of evidence and witnesses for the skilled prosecutorial team to present to a diverse jury which was selected in voir dire in a diverse jurisdiction.

Now…would there be a jury pool in either Oklahoma, Alabama or from any state in the George Wallace-Donald Trump SEC Solid South who would convict Chauvin….I would be hesitant on laying down that bet.

I can still hear Professor Jackson’s voice booming in my ears…’Jurisdiction and voir dire are everything. That’s when you win or lose a criminal case. There are no Perry Mason moments unless its you finding out your client has lied to you from the beginning.’

I’m relieved for the family of George Floyd. There can never be closure for how his life was terminated, but perhaps for the rest of us in this country this can be turning point on how we begin to treat one another.

Not all white people are racist. Not even close… despite what we just witnessed in the previous four years. Somewhere between 20-25 million American whites marched in Black Lives Matter protests following the murder of George Floyd.

What I hope happens is that today was an inflection of sorts in that all 330 Americans begin to realize All Lives Matter…not just those who are white and in the top five per cent bracket.

Poor white lives matter, black lives matter, Hispanic lives matter, Asian lives matter, Muslim lives matter, Jewish lives matter, Indian lives matter….HUMAN LIFE MATTERS.

America is an amalgam of diversity. This is what made us great.

It’s very sad and ironic for me to have to write this to the forty million or so humans who would still vote for the pathetic grifter Donald Trump if an election were held today.

How is it that you forty million or so are so fervently pro-life for life in the womb, but not for the life of living breathing humans of color on the streets of America?


The answer is…you can’t.

But enough of that. Today was a good day. An inflection point, perhaps.

Maybe even a new beginning reminding all of us on what it means to be an American.

Chauvin Jury In Deliberation

The law should be very simple on this one. We as a nation do not condone executing people in our streets.

The world is watching and waiting to witness this verdict.

This should be a murder conviction.

The Three Rules of Closing Statements very much were in evidence yesterday in Minnesota:

1 If the facts on are on your side …you pound the facts.

2 If the law is on your side… you pound the law.

3 If neither are on your side…you pound the table and hope to hang one juror who will become your advocate in jury deliberations.

That’s what we saw yesterday in Minneapolis. We saw the defense ramble on incoherently for almost three hours hoping he can get one juror to bite on the notion Derek Chauvin acted in a legally responsible manner on the fateful day in question.

Conversely…the prosecutor went basically Frankie Galvin-Paul Newman with the jury. He appealed to their common sense and human decency. He reminded the jury they are the law right now.

Not the books. Not the trappings of the courtroom. Not the politicians. Not the cable news networks

THEY ARE THE LAW and within their own life experiences and prisms of human decency this will be their moment to define the law.

If we as nation want to show the rest of the world the Doctrine of Equal Justice for All is in place in America…this will be a murder conviction.

The movie The Verdict was produced in 1982 by Sidney Lumet. It is my favorite movie based on a legal courtroom drama. The Paul Newman character Frankie Galvin reminds me to this day of my father.

Frankie Galvin didn’t graduate from Harvard. He was a Boston College grad. Bob Jackson didn’t graduate from Harvard either. He was an Oklahoma City University grad.

But both had the same basic underpinnings of what their role should be in practicing law.

That being….those who need legal representation against either the rich and/or powerful are entitled to their day in court with the best possible legal representation.

The law is in place to make us all equal… to protect the weak from the powerful… who for various reasons can lose their sense of what it means for all us to live the American Dream with our own sense of human dignity.

This is why we need the law.

Thunder Lose To Raptors for 10th Straight Loss, 112-106

Another tough loss for the Thunder as without enough bullets in the gun beyond Lu Dort to win an NBA game on a neutral site in Tampa….they fell short in the final minutes to the Toronto Raptors.

Like the Detroit game…it was a game in which both teams were missing key players, but the game for the most part was competitive.

Kid Poku finally played through the general arm soreness and did some nice things as he usually does. But he also went 0-8 shooting threes and missed an ill advised three on one of the game’s biggest posessions under the four minute mark. His overall game is going to be okay if he can come to terms with what is a good shot versus a bad shot given time and score.

Cade vs. Jalen is the question for me at this point. But I don’t want to give up Lu Dort if that’s what is required to obtain Cade Cunningham. Cade is a few inches taller and probably more vesatile defensively as far as guarding multiple positions, while Jalen is 6’4″ and more flashy from an athletic point of view.

I look at it this way…either player would give the Thunder one of the most dynnamic three guard sets in the NBA moving forward and in essence Cade could be a point small forward at times if the Thunder lucked into him. Maledon would be a nice fourth guard coming off the bench with Poku. I actually like what Ty Jerome brings to the table as a fifth guard.

Both Cade and Jalen are guys who I think would fit chemistry wise with the other young players on the team.

I’m assuming Big Al Horford will be traded this summer…. but we’ll have to see. I would definitely keep both Mikey Muscala and Kenrich as my two intangible veterans. They both fill much needed gaps for these young guys.

I’m not sure what I think of Brown, Roby and Bradley at this point. I know the Thunder would need to be better with their bigs if they want to be more than just an entertaining young team. I’m not sure what I would do with Darius Bazely beyond keeping him as a 9th or 10th guy who injects some offensive energy when needed.

But to me…the Thunder with the addition of either Cade or Jalen would be a young team with some real potential in search of the right big to make Oklahoma City relevant heading into the future.

I also think the addition of either Cade or Jalen would inject some ticket sales viability into the city given what we’ve just witnessed this season in Oklahoma City.

So just get thru this last month of the season with no one getting seriously injured is my take right now.

Cade or Jalen is a winner for Oklahoma City either way.

As far as Coach D…. he’s fine at this point. A very tough situation for a young coach head coach, but to his credit he hasn’t lost his mind.

Up Close With Cade Cunningham

If the submerging Thunder can just keep losing….it isn’t a stretch to visualize Cade wearing Thunder blue next season.

Presti has a combined thirty-four first and second round draft picks thru 2027. This isn’t the time to be shy. It’s time to monetize some of those picks into making the Thunder relevant again.

For me…it’s Cade 1, Evan Mobley 2, and then Jalen Suggs 3.

But Cade has it all with size, body shape, BBIQ smarts, adaptability, maturity, skill set….. the whole nine yards.

He does everything well and could conceivably play every position 1-5 on any given night depending on the opponent. He reminds me a litle bit of Magic in this regard.

The major gripe I had with Cade this season was that he wasn’t assertive enough at times when he should have had the ball in his hands.

I think he would fit beautifully with Shai and Lu in a three headed guard lineup of sorts.

The question I’m asking myself is whether I would give up either Shai or Lu in a package to get Cade if OKC could get Jalen Suggs without trading either of these players?

Anotherwords…with Suggs being the third guard is the Thunder as intriguing as they would be with Cade, Shai and Lu together?

Anyway….here’s a day in the life this past basketball season with Cade Cunningham.

Surely…with all these picks at his disposal—Presti can outwit the clueless simpletons who run the TWolves, Pistons, and Orlando Magic. Best trade Presti ever made was that Serge deal to Orlando. I would think the little troll Justin from Daily Thunder could outflank those three pathetic organizations.

I know some compare Cade to Grant Hill, but I don’t buy into that all so much.

He’s Cade Cunningham is who he is—the best prospect in the country.

Hopefully…Lu D comes up sore tomorrow and can’t go against the Raptors who have a modest two game win streak in play heading into Sunday evening’s game.

Detroit Pistons Extend Thunder Losing Streak To Nine Games, 110-104

Jerami Grant, Hamidou Diallo, Mason Plumlee and Corey Joseph didn’t play for the (16-39) Detroit Pistons.

Likewise….Shai, Big Al Horford, Mikey Muscala and Kid Poku didn’t suit up for the (20-35) Oklahoma City Thunder.

None of this mattered though as Lu Dort, Josh Jackson, Frank Jackson, and Michael Cage took centerstage and if you like watching the best the G League has to offer with a sprinkle of a few NBA level players this game checked every box for a hoops enthusiast.

The final score read 110-104 in favor of the Pistons.

The much maligned Josh Jackson who was a top five pick several years ago by Phoenix before being given up on by the Suns somewhat found his game on this April night in Detroit. On this night he consistently shredded the Thunder’s rim protection to score at the rim in the second half. He would probably have to be the Piston’s MVP in this 17th win of theirs.

On the game’s biggest play he just barely on a review reversal drew a block from Lu Dort to get to the line with three minutes left in the game. Michael Cage of course being the homer he is proclimed it was easily a charge. In pro wrestling we all have our roles… and Michael Cage certainly has his. We’ll leave it at that.

If the name Frank Jackson sounds familiar it should—because Sam Presti cut him from the Thunder at camp this pre-season. Frank Jackson to his credit has somewhat stuck for the time being in Detroit and was key in this game scoring nine straight points in the third period when the Pistons took a double digit lead.

Lu Dort did play for the Thunder and was fabulous. He was the game’s MVP even on a night the Thunder were clearly playing to lose. Lu Dort month by month these past eighteen months has turned himself into a solid two way NBA player. If he hadn’t played in this game the Thunder would have lost by at least twenty points to these lowly Pistons.

Lu Dort was pretty much it for the Thunder with the exception of a few flashes here and there from the mercurial Darius Bazely.

But with the loss Thunder Nation can at least salve the wound from this latest loss with the imagery of Cade, Jalen, or Evan Mobley wearing a Thunder jersey next season.

Glass half full take is the Thunder only has sixteen game left to be fulfilled by NBA contractual stipulations. This will be over in about three weeks and Thunder Nation will have this behind them….kind of like having your wisdom teeth removed.

The Thunder host struggling Toronto tomorrow and have two games remaining against the awful Washington Wizards so I don’t think they’ll end the season on a twenty-five game losing streak. So there’s that blue sky as well.

You can either struggle through these last three weeks or have a sense of humor.

I’m going to have fun.

Have a nice Saturday. The sun is shining.

Thunder At Detroit Tonight In Pivotal Tankathon Seeding Game

This is a Thunder game I’m actually going to watch tonight as the feeble Thunder (20-35) travel to Detroit to play the wretched Pistons (16-39) in a 6:00pm CST tip.

I think we’re going to cater at home with some Peruvian food from 1492 and make a special Thunder night of it on another cold dank evening in Deer Creek.

For Thunder fans…..these last seventeen games are the playoffs. Embrace the moment.

This game will have my full attention. This will be like a divisional round playoff game to see if the Thunder are worthy of becoming a Final Four tanker in the quest to secure either Cade, Evan Mobley, or Jalen Suggs in this summer’s NBA draft.

I’m guessing right now Michael Cage in his hotel room is going over all his notes in anticipation of this game tonight in Detroit.

I know I’m a little amped myself. Since the Daily Thunder, the blog I used to run back when it was relevant, announced earlier this week it’s not even going to attempt to write recaps or content any longer… someone has to step in and write some Thunder content in this market. I tried to tell them…but instead they banned me and seemed determined to travel this road.

There is a moral to this story, boys. If you don’t have a Hemingway or a storyteller on staff….just do the plaguaristic Bolts and the provincial messageboard. It’s always wise to know who’s your Jimmy Chitwood and who are your role players…..if you know what I mean.

Let’s glance at the Super Tanker Standings heading into tonight’s game versus Detroit in the race to acquire Cade Cunningham:

1 Minnesota 14-42

2 Houston 14-41

3 Detroit 16-39

4 Orlando 18-37

5 Oklahoma City 20-35

6 Cleveland 20-35

So…the Thunder enter this game as losers of their last eight in quest of running the table and ending the regular season on a twenty-five game losing streak.

Will Lu Dort be allowed to play? Will Kid Poku be able to shake off the mid-arm soreness and play tonight like it’s a Greek B League championship game? Will Jerami Grant and Diallo get carried away and win this game despite the fact Cade would be a perfect fit with the two former Thunder players?

None of us know in the world of NBA tanking.

This is when the proverbial shit hits the fan in the quest to be worst and we see which of the last standing GMs has their heart set on landing Cade, Evan, or Jalen.

I personally think one of those Baylor guards will still be around when OKC has Minnesota’s second round pick to use as well.

I really am kind of jacked tonight for the first time this NBA season as far as the Oklahoma City Thunder.

If I were Presti …I’d have Dort enter the arena tonight walking on crutches with a cast on his right arm…just to let Detroit know they’re winning this game tonight.


So…. this is Game 56 of this Thunder season and for the first time all season I sit here feeling as if the Thunder can acheive something tangible and positive tonight by losing to the pitiful Pistons in Detroit.

That being… better positioning to get better odds to land Cade, Evan, or Jalen.

I wrote before the season that it would be fiduciary malpractice if the Thunder didn’t tank…and low and behold after ignoring everything I’ve suggested to Sam Presti—he’s following me on this one.

I’m making a whole fantasy Thunder night of it hitting a pregame piano bar here at the ranch two hours before tip. The whole smear. A pregame bourbon and a cigar.

Peruvian food from 1492 hasn’t arrived yet …so let’s get to some pregame fun at a Thunder game.

Hope you like the first song.

Song 2—Pregame. Peruvian food still not here. But no big deal. It’s like I have an entire NBA arena to myself. The Peruvian food will get here. I usually save this one for big games only. This is a game we need to lose.

TNT Thursday Night: Atlanta vs. Milwaukee

I think I’ll watch this game tonight as it’s been before the NCAA Tournament since I’ve watched the TNT group do an NBA game. This could possibly be a first round matchup in the East….so why not?

It was a cold, dank day in Deer Creek for it being April 15th. So for me this is literally some warmup music before some more cold rain hits our place later tonight. This is what I would describe as a great night to drink coffee, watch a game to unwind, then follow the Chauvin verdict deliberations talk a bit as we head for what should be a guilty verdict.

The jury now has the Derek Chauvin verdict in their hands. I think I’ll write my thoughts on that after the game. I’ve tried to remain calm and balanced in regards to the murder of George Floyd in broad daylight. But I’d like to share my thoughts on my blog in regards to this case.

Bob Jackson took some very tough gut wrenching cases, but I know he wouldn’t have taken in Derek Chauvin as a client. No way.

We simply cannot allow white police officers to murder black people under the guise of law enforcement.

I love this version of Gimme Shelter.

Thunder Lose 8th Straight With Blowout Home Loss To Warriors, 147-109

Kid Poku didn’t play still nursing a sore arm from throwing too many sliders. Lu Dort was benched because he might have been able to guard Steph Curry. These were the Thunder storylines in a season which can’t end fast enough for anyone with a half a brain.

Long story short—the Thunder are in hyper Tank mode and with this eighth straight loss have now put themselves in the No. 5 slot for the chance to land a top three pick this summer in the NBA draft.

Steph Curry without fellow Splash Brother Klay Thompson shredded the feeble Thunder defense with a 42 point night in but only three quarters of play with no one even remotely guarding him. In a super nimble ninja tankster move… Sam Presti banished Lu Dort to street clothes the night after Dort himself went off for 42 points against the mighty Utah Jazz.

I watched about three minutes of this bullshit before clicking onto the NBC Cable Sports Network and watched an excellent hockey game in which the Colorado Avalanche beat the St. Louis Blues in a 4-3 thriller.

Chris Fisher on the Thunder telecasts must be thrilled with his career right now. He left his job doing play by play for USC to become the Thunder television announcer. He could have done the calls for the Mobley Brothers this season, but instead finds himself covering the dumpster fire Thunder with Michael Cage still not understanding the Thunder are tanking.

First year head coach Mark D must be equally thrilled having all this on his coaching resume. It’s a sad story.

I would assume Sam Anderson from Boom Town fame is still out there lurking in the Daily Thunder shadows watching all of this with a smile on his face.

Me? I’m okay. I’ve adopted the Portland Trailblazers and Miami Heat. The OU Spring Game is just around the corner and the glorious Stanley Cup Playoffs are just around the bend.

Can the Thunder lose seventeen more games in a row to close out the season on a twenty-five game losing swoon?

I don’t think it probable, but I wouldn’t rule it out either.

Lu Dort Joins Elite Club With 42 Point Game vs Utah Jazz

Of course the Thunder lost their seventh game in a row with a 106-96 loss to the Utah Jazz on Tuesday night in Salt Lake City. No surprise there as the tanking Thunder fell to 20-34 and into the seventh slot for the upcoming NBA draft this summer.

As I’ve written on here before—I don’t cover tanking teams on my sports-life blog. I only cover people who are trying to win championships. That’s why I don’t cover professional wrestling, Oklahoma State football, or the Dallas Cowboys either.

Life is short and I don’t know how much time I have left on this sphere of being. The Cupcakes at the Daily Thunder cover the Thunder ad nauseum as if the reader is four years old…so that market niche has already been filled.

But last night while I didn’t watch the game per se…I did keep track of Lu Dort’s 42 point night against the team in the West with the best regular season record….the Utah Jazz.

As I’ve written on here earlier both Lu and Kenrich Williams are my two favorite players the Thunder still have left on their roster who still play in games. SGA, Big Al Horford, and Mikey Muscala don’t play in Thunder games any longer…but the Daily Thunder have per Sam Presti’s permission let it be known these three may actually appear in a game sometime in 2023.

Lu Dort’s 42 point game puts him in an elite club per Thunder Era trivia. He becomes the sixth player in the Thunder Era to score 40 or more points in a game.

Lu joins Kevin Durant, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and SGA in this regard.

Super rookie phenom Kid Poku didn’t play against the Jazz because of some arm soreness….sigh. My seventeen month-old grandson Little Robert has more toughness than Kid Poku. Good lord.

Glass half full approach is the Thunder only have eighteen more games they have to fulfill per the NBA bylaws to bring this season to a close in Oklahoma City.

If you’re going to lose then lose big is what I say. Lose the last eighteen to close on a 25-game losing streak and see if you can land Cade, Evan Mobley, or Jalen Suggs with your own pick. Maybe see if you can steal Jared Butler or Devion Mitchell with a late first round pick via the Heat as well.

I’m now going to adopt my two teams I’ll be rooting for the rest of the NBA season since we don’t have legit NBA hoops in Oklahoma City this season.

I’ll take Portland with Terry Stotts because I love Coach Stotts. I’ll also take Tyler Herro with that smirk of his as the Miami Heat try to get back to the NBA Finals.

Lu Dort…I love you, kid. Keep playing hard on both ends, buddy. Same with you, Kenrich. Don’t become NBA pretty boys.

Sam Presti, dude…I know you tried to acquire Tyler last season, but you need a white boy with a smirk to go along with Lu, SGA, Kenrich, Mikey Muscala and whoever else you draft or acquire this summer. First time I saw Tyler I knew he was John Marshall all the way in a previous life. Just saying.