San Diego State Advances to Championship Monday

Very cool is all I can say at this point. Nobody is giving SDS much of a chance tonight, but if Jimmy Valvano’s Wolfpack could best Akeem the Dream and Clyde Drexler then I have to think the Aztecs at the least have a chance of pulling this miracle off tonight.

You can’t let UConn go wild in transition and the Aztecs gotta keep on pounding those offensive boards like they did in the second hald versus FAU.

I know the Aztecs only have a 20% chance or so in Vegas of winning this game, but this ia why the NCAA Tournament is such a unique animal.

Go Aztecs!!!!

Trump Indicted in New York

For God’s sake….finally. Someone with a set of balls has indicted this dog shit piece of grifting pond scum.

I in no way am going to put the Michael Flynn ‘Lock Her Up video’ on display just yet because I think the three other cases outstanding against ‘Little Hands’ are stronger than this case in New Yourk…but at least it’s refreshing to see in some parts of the country the Rule of Law hasn’t been swept away like it has in the intellectual abyss known as Oklahoma Oklahoma.

Oklahoma’s new state motto pending this legislature…. ‘Land of the free, home of the brave, and the hopelessly stupid.

Let’s see if Alvin Bragg in New York can get a conviction of this pahetic creep who has snowed every dipshit in this country who has never bought a book….let alone taken the time to read a book.

But unlike Hillary….and like Dave Chappelle I won’t call these unread simpletons by the name of Deplorables. I feel sorry for them …actually.

I’m enjoying the NCAA Tournament. Since I was born in San Diego …I’m pretty much rooting for San Diego State at this point.

Isn’t it interesting to see all this parity when the other schools are able to buy players thru the advent of NIL just like Duke, North Carolina, and Kansas have done in the past thru the shoe companies.

It just takes two dudes to turn around a basketball program.

Anyway….Go Aztecs, make me proud.

Please don’t call them Deplorables. Hillary sorely misplayed that one. Instead…maybe start buying books written above the average 6th grader’s comprehensive level. Mentor you your Trump relatives if possible with a new book every month.

Be kind to these people. They need our kindness.


Survive and Advance

Eventually… I want to do my 2022 Black History winner which is Hakem Jeffries. But I’m moving at a ponderously slow pace still with the health issue.

OU didn’t make either the NCAA or NIT fields which is a blessing. O State really isn’t all that much better and Oral Roberts has the dubious task of playing the hottest team in the NCAA field in the first round in the surging Duke Blue Devils

I always start my March Masness by watchin the ESPN 30/30 classic…Survive and Advance.

I love Jimmy Valvano… he once said These Three Things a Person Should Do Every Day of Their Life’…1 Laugh, 2 Learn Something New, and 3 Cry.

Never take a day for granted and fight to the end.

So who am I pulling for given OU’s abysmal second season under Porter Moser?

I would say…Duke. So much parity. Fifteen or so teams could win this thing this season.

Let the Madness begin.

Jewel Performs National Anthem at NBA-Star Game

I never watch the game because its contrived nonsense, but then again I don’t watch any of the All-Star games from the NFL, MLB, or NHL either.

I like the home run derby in baseball, the three point shooting contest and sometimes the dunk contest in the NBA..

Damian Lillard beat Buddy Hield in the three point shooting contest, Mac McClung from Philly’s G League team won the dunk contest (good for him), and Jewel stunned with her rendition of our national anthem.

I guess Team Giannis won the game from what I read the next day.

That’s about as good as it gets for me with the NBA All-Star Game.

Harry Truman Cracks My Seven Greatest POTUS List

Being that I was a history major… I love President’s Day. I always try to reflect on who were our greatest presidents and give out a shout to our two worst presidents of all-time.

The two worst are easy. MAGA’s own doo-doo head Donald Trump is the worst ever and Andrew Johnson falls in next to worst on my list.

Top five is tougher….so this year I’m going seven deep on my Top Seven.

1 Abraham Lincoln


3 Teddy Roosevelt

4 Harry Truman

5 George Washington

6 Dwight D Eisenhower

7 Thomas Jefferson

On the bubble… my favorite darkhorse POTUS of all-tme, James Polk. A one termer. Did exactly what he said he would do in his one term and then said, “See ya.” Imagine that in 2023.

Truman…though lacking a collge degree because he had to stay home and save his father’s farm in Grandview, MIssouri, then serve in WWI in which he became a war hero… Truman was a prodgious reader. Not quite on a sacle with Lincoln, FDR and Teddy, but still a great mind which belied the exterior facade.

Our greatest reading POTUS of all-time was Teddy who clicked off at a book a day pace.

Harry Truman almost served eight yeays in the White House and actually tried to get Dwight D Eisenhower to succeed as a Democrat. But alas…Eisenhower smewhat diminished his own presidential legacy when he ran as a Republican and shamed himself by allowin Richrd Nixon to be his Vice-President.

For a great read on Truman…I would suggest Truman by David McCullough.

Next up this week on my modest blog will be my Black History Person of the Year circa 2023.

Serena Williams….My Best Super Bowl Commercial Award

By far the best ad of the night for me. Not better that Al Pacino’s iconic speech from On Any Given Sunday where Pacino is staring into his future quarterback’s eyes before taking the job with the new NFL expansion team.

Serena should have asked to have Jamie Foxx in the commercial with her. That would have truly been lit. But still, this was the ad I enjoyed the most.

Great game to watch as an NFL fan. Both QB’s were excellent. I think it ended like we all thought it would. Last team with the ball with more that forty seconds would win the game.

Mr. Pacino….bravo!

LeBron is the GOAT

What a great night in LA for our Greatest of All-Time. Just a beatiful night as LeBron got the thirty-six points he needed in three quarters of play aginst the Thunder.

The Thunder put on a nice show for the ESPN audience.

Russell… bless his heart. Some of those passes were clasic which missed LeBron by twenty yards, but, nah… Bad Little Dude is Sam Presti’s till the very end.

Bless both of their hearts.

From the moment Russ was traded to the Lakers its been a Greek tragedy of sorts. It just goes to show Sam Presti could have brought LeBron and Anthony Davis on board in 2016 and the Thunder still would have been a first round exit.

I haaven’t done my NBA Pantheon Top Ten for two years…so I think now is the time for LeBron to dudge past Michael as my official GOAT.

MIke’s Pantheon Top Fifteen

1 LeBron

2 Michael

3 Kareem

4 Bill Russell

5 Hakeem

6 Wilt

7 Kobe

8 Shaq

9 Timmy

10 Magic

11 Isiah

12 Bird

13 Steph (need to show me more)

14 DWade

15 Dirk

KD….you’re No. 17 on my list.

Have a great Super Bowl!

After Dark

Very dank and dark out here at the Deer Creek Ranch. Cold drizzle almost trrning to snow. This where I really miss Pauli. I jst went out and fed the wild turkeys and deer along the forest-line peremiter.

This is where Pauli would have the unwound energy of White Fang looking for ‘our’ mountain lion.

I mean….Big Moe/Big Mona is doing his/her best to fill the void. But there’s only one Pauli.

I gotta go. I’m not supposed to be the forest-line just yet.


State of the Union Point… Counterpoint

Mike’s pleasant thought of the day.

Q: What do you have when you dress up a fat stupid ugly pig with a fur coat and lipstick?

A: You have a fat stupid ugly pig wearing lipstick and a fur coat of some type drawing attention to herself as the new version of Rush Limbaugh in drag.

That’s it for me today. Hugs and kisses. I’m feeling sttronger everyday.


Klayster Torches Thunder for 42 Points in Easy Warrior Win, 141-114

Steph didn’t even play. Andrew Wiggins was still off, but none of that even remotely mattered as the home version of the Warriors easily put away the over-hyped uber-soft Thunder by a 141-114 count n San Fran on Tuesday night.

Klay is my favorite player in the NBA. Steph is a pretty boy, but Klay is my guy. A true five skill, two-way basketball player like there used to be in the old days of the NBA.

I guess Thunder make believe head coach Markey M. felt like taking the Mr. Rodgers approach to defending Klay was actually better than you know putting a man in Klay’s grill….and, somewhat defend the NBA’s premier clutch shooter for the past decade.


Kenrich was the lone bright spot for the soon to be tanking Thunder and their clueless fanbase. Proud Boy is, Proud Boys do. I’ not sure about the syntax there, but Ithink you get the drift of wht I’m writing.

The tank will begin to commence soon, maybe tonight in front of the free world on the same night as Joe Biden’s 2nd State of the Union address.

I didn’t die this past week and I’m feeling stronger every day and getting back into blogging shape.

The hapless Thunder visit LeBron tonight as the Goat should break Kareem’s career scoring mark.

So for the second night in a row I’ll be watching the Thunder’s opponent because I’m a serious NBA fan who’s pretty much made his feelings clear in regards to Sam Presti.

Big Moe/Big Mona forever.

Let’s Go, LeBron!