Lindsey Graham-Donald Trump Love Songs Collection: Volume III

This is the next horizon at…actually creating our own eclectic Youtube ‘films’ to music. Since I don’t know how to do this just yet … I could use some help from Thunder Chick over at Daily Thunder to help me produce this first one.

Who knows…maybe after this even the ‘El Prez Podcast’?

TC…if you could help me with this I’d forever forgive you for banning me from my own messageboard over at Daily Thunder.

I’d like to use the video below to take cuts from for our Youtube ‘film’. I’d like a frozen wide angle freeze of the pic of Trump’s bulbous fat ass next to Lindsey on the golf course….that pic is the brand for our award winning Youtube ‘film’.

I know you can do this. Thanks, TC.

See Lindsey Graham’s stunning about-face on Trump and impeachment – YouTube

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