Domas Sabonis and Jerami Grant Should Both Make the All-Star Team


Both Jerami and Domas are having career seasons in Detroit and Indiana respectively. Other than every fan who saw them play in Oklahoma City—who could have seen this coming?

Jerami’s numbers so far this season are: 23.8 ppg, 5.3 rb, 2.9 ast, 1.2 blk, 0.5 stl, PER 18.81, 44.3% fg, 38.7 3pt, 90.7 ft. If his overall fg% were a little higher you could even maintain Jerami was in that rarified air of possibly having a 50-40-90 season shooting the ball.

But who really in the Oklahoma City basketball operation puts a value on scoring the ball with these numbers and being one one of the most versatile defenders in the NBA?

Who would want Jerami as a building block after losing or trading away Kevin Durant, James Harden, or Russell Westbrook minus the two Thunder drones Royce Young and Little Nick Gallo?

And then of course—there’s Domas Sabonis. Who could have seen this coming with Domas as well?

Look at this video of Domas as a rookie and then flash over to Poku’s 0-4 night with four turnovers in his last G League game? I won’t put it on my blog simply because I have a heart. There’s no Trump in el prez. Berry Tramel speaks of GM fiduciary malpractice from time to time…if this isn’t GM fiduciary malpractice there is no such thing.

Domas’s numbers so far this season: 21.5 ppg, 11.6 rb, 5.7 ast, 1.6 blk, 0.7 stl, 20.75 PER, 52.8% fg, 35.8% 3pt, 71%ft. Incredible stats…he’s averaging a double double and his team is going to make the playoffs most likely.

Throw in the Thunder 5 in Brooklyn who make up the nucleus of the team most are picking to win the East if Durant stays healthy and it’s pretty clear to me who the Eastern Conference Executive of the Year is…namely, Sam Presti. Slam dunk.

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