Donald Trump’s ‘Source’ on His Voting Fraud Conspiracy

Man, oh, man….I’m not an even a Liberal for crying out loud, John Kasich was my candidate of choice, but I’m to the point I can’t take watching half of this shit without feeling the urge to slam my head into my computer screen.

Before I go further, there are approximately 330 million people in this country. Somewhere around 60 million completely ignored anything factual and voted for Caligula Lite. I can’t even get through this paragraph without a furtive pause/sigh to compose myself.

If one believes approval rating polls, Trump is hovering at a 40% approval rating. Which means around 24 million people or so out of 330 million Americans actually believe this horseshit coming out of his mouth on a daily basis. I have no idea how many out of these 24 million are Trump Trekkies to the core and are all on board with Birtherism, Ted Cruz’s father murdering JFK, Lock Her Up, Build the Wall, etc. So–I’m not throwing any numbers out there on that…. much like Gregg Phillips.

So…here’s the empirical guru of Trump’s claim that 3-5 million people voted illegally in this presidential election. His name is Gregg Phillips, he’s from Texas, and of course, he himself is registered to vote in three southern states.

Trump’s Monday Night Massacre Ten Days In

I’m going to hold off writing too much on this just yet, because this is fluid and will remain so as long as this idiot fuck remains POTUS. He and Steven Bannon simply don’t feel compelled to adhere to the U.S. Constitution and at some point even Republican U.S. Senators ostensibly have to reach a point when they ‘have’ no choice but to pick country over party. Keep in mind, we’re only TEN DAYS in and all of this was completely premeditated and self inflicted. TEN DAYS IN.

Nixon lasted ten months into his second term before he was forced to resign, but here we are TEN DAYS in with a constitutional crisis and more to peel off every day Donald Trump and Steven Bannon are allowed to stain this country with their presence in the White House.

Let me catch my breath and start with this tonight. In all candor, if you voted for Donald Trump you should have your voting rights suspended for eight years and not reinstated until you can prove through an assortment of educational classes that you should actually be allowed to vote. You can pay your taxes and stay here. I’m not saying you should be deported for your act of treason, but you shouldn’t be allowed to vote again for at least eight years. We’ll horde you into sanctuary cities of which drones won’t be allowed to fly over. Yoy won’t be allowed to watch Fox. You’ll never hear toady little Sean Hannity’s voice again. You’ll read. You’ll study the universe. You’ll grow. You’ll never be called a deplorable again. I promise. History, civics, political science, economics, art, literature, the languages, geography, science, math, the law… these aren’t bad things. Maybe even an elective like square dancing. Embrace the sciences and flourish. Knowledge is good.

Trump’s Muslim Ban Process Begins

Putting aside semantics and legalese this clearly is a Muslim ban, but it’s layered somewhat to disguise what Bannon and Trump have done so far. Both sides are already lawyered up and it will be interesting to observe the ruling in federal court. I mean, when the Prince of Darkness Dick Cheney finds something constitutionally objectionable then you know something dark has just transpired. I hate to jump to a conclusion not even two weeks into American Hitler’s presidency…but it looks like we’re headed for another GOP puppet presidency with Bannon holding his dummy puppet Trump in his lap and dictating the terms. Cheney should know, he did this for the first six years of W’s presidency. Anyone still watching House of Cards? Note sarcasm dripping.

Cavs Too Good for Thunder

The game went about the way I thought it would with Cleveland finally creating separation at the end and overwhelming the Thunder by a score of 107-91. Even with Enes Kanter, this would have been an extremely challenging road game, but without his 15 points a game it was a virtual uphill climb. OKC doesn’t have enough scoring depth to shed 15 points a game from their offensive production and moving forward this will be interesting to see where points come from against lesser opponents other than Golden State, Cleveland, and San Antonio. I mean, let’s be candid here–the NBA is currently a two or three team league with the rest just being filler.

In all candor heading into this game there’s no way I would have taken OKC and ten points on the road minus Kanter. So–I expected this and am relatively calm about the game.

Russell Westbrook triple doubled for the 24th time this season. It read 20 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists. But it took twenty-six shots to get the twenty points. In defense of Westbrook, there’s just not enough punch on this team if the Thunder have to spread Oladipo and Adams around to compensate for the loss of Kanter’s production. Oladipo had 17 points, Adams had 7 points- combine that with Westbrook’s points and it simply means OKC’s top three players scored 44 points combined. That simply won’t get it done.

OKC drops to 28-20 overall and 7-7 in January. The January mark doesn’t concern me all that much, OKC’s offensive bench production without Kanter does. Billy Donovan is going to have to figure some things out–namely how to get as much offense possible out of Sabonis, Lauvergne, Payne, Abrines, and Roberson. But again, I wouldn’t knee jerk because we already knew even with Kanter this Thunder team as presently constructed is not a championship contender.

Frustrating to see OKC go through this additional hurdle because one of the top four players on the team basically fractured his own arm in a gesture of immaturity and stupidity. If I’m Russell Westbrook and now twenty-nine years of age with only one more year of contractual obligation to Oklahoma City left before his option out year, I’m not all impressed with the fact Adams, Oladipo, and now Kanter have all missed significant games this season.

Russell Westbrook needs some help and it’s even worse with 17.5 million of payroll sitting with a self inflicted broken arm. Ironic, that the team which could use Westbrook the most to enter the immediate elite realm of the Warriors and Cavs is the Thunder’s next opponent on Tuesday night in San Antonio.

Roger Federer Wins 18th Major in Epic Aussie Open Final

In case you slept through it, Roger Federer outlasted Raffy Nadal in an instant classic five set match to win the Australian Open. Just an incredible match between the two greatest players in the history of the game.

Federer hadn’t won a major since 2012 and hadn’t played in a tennis tournament in six months. He now stands alone among all the tennis greats with eighteen major wins. Nadal has fourteen.

Amidst all the ugliness which is going on in our country currently, I found Federer’s acceptance speech to be uplifting, graceful, and eloquent. And even though Nadal is my favorite tennis player because of his grinding never say never style, I wanted to share Federer’s speech on my blog because in essence it’s what competition should be about at the end of the day.

Federer hadn’t beaten Nadal in a while in a major. However, he didn’t move on to become a member of the Golden State Warriors to remedy this shortcoming, can’t do that in singles tennis. It’s just you and what’s inside your heart. Rather, at the age of thirty-five, he trained his ass off for six months and came back and beat Nadal after trailing 2-0 in the fifth set.

Congrats, Roger Federer. Job well done.

It just got removed by the user, but here’s the link if you can find it later somewhere. It’s beautiful because if I heard it right… Federer is gently saying goodbye because he might want to exit playing the best fifth set of his career.

Little Donald

For the time being, I think what I’m going to do is cover both the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Trump ‘presidency’ moving forward. Ostensibly, I started this blog to cover the Thunder, but Durant and Draymond Green are expecting their first child, and America is trending towards going from the greatest democracy ever to a quasi dictatorship. So as an American, I have to admit in all candor, I’m spending much more time following Caligula Lite than I am the Thunder. But still I’ll do my recaps and maybe a little more here and there on the Thunder, but I think keeping an eye on our country right now has my primary focus.

Before I go any further, there’s two books I have to recommend to all Americans , especially if you’re one of the sixty million who said WTF and voted for our Village Idiot President. The first is Losers by Michael Lewis. Lewis of course is famous for writing Liar’s Poker, Moneyball, The Blind Side, and The Big Short. But this little unknown book called Losers is a must read if you really want to know how America’s two party system devolved to the point where a reality television star con artist could actually become POTUS.

Lewis covered the 1996 presidential race from beginning to end, but with an emphasis on covering the GOP field. In case you’ve forgotten, Bill Clinton defeated Bob Dole and won the White House for a second term. Of course, not long after, the impeachment of Bill Clinton began despite the fact America was going through a period of seven straight budget surpluses and the greatest peacetime economic expansion in the history of the world. But as we all know, there was a blow job and from that point forward American politics devolved into two nations within one border and has remained that way since.

The second book is Insane Clown President: Dispatches from the 2016 Election by Matt Taibbi. I just finished the book and historically it reads as if its the sequel to Losers. Taibbi’s narrative describes both parties as virtually lost and devolving even further into the abyss. Like Lewis did in ’96, Taibbi covered this election as a beat writer with a leaning on covering the massive GOP field of seventeen candidates, but taking the story to its conclusion on November 8th. Absolutely a page turning read. Taibbi can write his ass off and if you’re a history junkie like I am you’ll read it in two days.

Okay, now back to American Hitler. You’ll notice, I’ve pretty much narrowed my nicknames of Trump to three at this point…Caligula Lite, Village Idiot President, and American Hitler. Little Donald isn’t really mine, it’s Lawrence O’Donnell’s, so ignore this entry heading in that regard. I was just doing it for Lawrence and how much he’s made me laugh this week even though in reality I’ve been crying from what I’ve witnessed.

What a week. The TPP trade agreement is done, which in essence now allows China to do as it pleases in the geographical region of the world where economies are growing fastest. Who needs any of that because as you know—we’re building a wall, and paying for it ourselves. Trump is also wanting to shut down Obamacare even though all other GOP’ers admit they don’t have a replacement plan even though they’ve had since in essence the election of W in 2001 to get one in place. Always remember this about the GOP, it’s primarily the party of the Koch Brothers and Grover Norquist.

The mantra of the GOP is to make sure the highest marginal rate payers pay the lowest effective rate possible. The lowest marginal rate for U.S. wage earners is 15%, but consider when Mitt Romney ran for president his effective tax rate was 7% and Donald Trump’s was 0%. I just hope of the sixty million or so who voted for Trump they have effective tax rates somewhere between 0% to 7% or else they really appear pretty fucking stupid at this point with all that chanting and such. The cheer at those Trump rallies shouldn’t have ‘Build the Wall’ but rather ‘Zero to Seven’!

It’s a big week-end for Little Donald with his telephone chat with fellow dictator Vladimir Putin on tap. Hope he does better on this one than he did with Enrique Pena Nieto and Theresa May earlier this week. The whole Mexico thing is very sad, but the Theresa May meeting was horrible as well as she basically had to school Trump on NATO, European history post WW II, and how the Russian sanctions should be handled.

How much you want to bet Putin comes out of this week-end with the sanctions being not that really all that important to Little Donald.

Kudos to this young blogger, podcaster–he nailed it.

Week One in the Books

Sigh. Probably the most ‘interesting’ week in U.S history in quite some time as President Obama morphed into Fuhrer Trump. It was stunning. In fact describing it as chilling I don’t think is hyperbole.

I mean, what do you even attempt to say at this point and we’re only one week in? Okay…from 2000 thru 2008, George W Bush deported 2 million people back to Mexico, and as I hope Trump Trekkies remember–Bush is a Texan and has his own ranch in Crawford and you know was kinda the governor of Texas before he became president. Now—from 2009 thru 2016, Barack Obama deported 2.5 million people back to Mexico which gives him the No. 1 rank in that category as a U.S. president…ever. More to the point, illegal immigration from Mexico into the U.S. is at a forty year low.

More to the point, Mexico is the second leading importer of U.S goods and one of our staunchest allies and I would hope even the staunchest Trump Trekkie would look at a map and realize it might be somewhat important that the U.S. and Mexico have a symbiotic partnership of sorts. Quid pro quo per se.

Lawrence O’Donnell is loving all this in a sadistic sort of way. I won’t watch Rachael Maddow—she’s too shrill for me. But I have to say, I do enjoy watching O’Donnell because he’s presenting the case of the U.S Constitution vs. Donald Trump–and doing it like any good trial lawyer would. My father, the trial lawyer, would have been beside himself by now and broken at least one flat screen by hurling something at our Village Idiot President.

I might be putting quite a bit of Lawrence on here moving forward until the Unites States selects the ghost of Vince Bugliosi to special prosecute the impeachment of Donald Trump. Make no make mistake about this, where we’re headed as a nation currently will most likely make the Nixon ending seem tame in comparison. Not even close. There’s a reason we have a Constitution, and if you’re even remotely paying attention Donald Trump could care less. But of course who cares about all that when we have to get to the bottom of birtherism, voter fraud, and crowd size or even if Ted Cruz’s father really killed JFK.

In closing, for the 60 million or so who voted for this pathetic caricature of how far America has fallen, I have no empathy for you, none. You should have known better and were told so by both parties or just reasonable people in your everyday lives. But for the other 270 million Americans who didn’t vote for this clown at least we can take solace that at the very least we didn’t completely turn our backs and succumb to this endless stream of stupidity, vulgarity, and self flagulation. At least we have that even if it feels shallow right now, but you know what—that’s why people have to vote, educate themselves about civics, history, and the world. So if nothing else comes out of this, I hope Americans who didn’t vote come to realize what a precious commodity freedom truly is. Please get smarter and vote.

Thunder Subdues Dallas Subs, Kanter Fractures Own Arm

Just when it appeared the Oklahoma City Thunder finally got Steven Adams, Victor Oladipo, and Cameron Payne all back and healthy–Enes Kanter did pretty much the most stupid thing to date I’ve witnessed during the Thunder era when he fractured his own right arm on his bench seat in an act of frustration as to how bad he was playing on Thursday night. The arm is fractured and Kanter will now miss 6-8 weeks just when you were getting the impression they could improve and make a run at No. 4 seed in the West.

Kanter’s numbers for the season before his self inflicted fractured arm were…14.4 ppg, 6.7 rpg, and a PER of 24.6. But right now he’s getting a -2 on my TSN scale for appearing to be even dumber than the average Oklahoman who voted for Caligula Lite in November. Kanter is OKC’s fourth best player and makes around 17.5 million and in essence is OKC’s bench scoring per se.. Now all of that is gone until the last week of March.

To be honest, depending on what Presti could get for Kanter–it wouldn’t kill me if Presti could trade Kanter for a wing who could score 16 points a game and then maybe find an affordable vet big banger for the stretch run. If you think Enes Kanter is the future for OKC becoming a serious contender then you wouldn’t make a trade, but in the West the name of the game minus Karl-Anthony Townes is going to be who can create the most adaptable small ball or even medium size lineups.

As far as this game against the wretched Dallas Mavs…OKC finally beat them by a score of 109-98. The Mavs pretty much left their starting lineup back in Dallas and the game shouldn’t have been as close as it was.

Russell Westbrook didn’t triple double but did score 45 points on a 16-29 shooting night. Victor Oladipo scored 17 points while Steven Adams added 15 points.

As far as this game goes it wasn’t much to watch as both teams were on the second night of a back to back and OKC was playing its third game in four nights. The Thunder improve to 28-19, but lose their best bench player and any lineups which would have featured Adams and Kanter playing together. One would think this means Sabonis and Lauvernge will get heavier minutes and the always smart Nick Collison could play a valuable role. And then of course, Donovan will have to be very smart using multiple small and medium sized lineups while Enes Kanter and his 17.5 million dollar salary sit as the Thunder hit the most important stretch of the season heading into February and March.