Mac Jones Goes To New England As 15th Pick

This will be interesting. Bill Belichick got his quarterback and didn’t have to give up one asset to move up to draft the QB he wanted.

Quite a deal for Mac Jones. He goes from playing for Nick Saban to playing for the guy who drafted Tom Brady in the seventh round back in the day.

How many games did Tom Brady start at Michigan? That would be a great trivia question.

Mac Jones started seventeen games during his career at Alabama and in my view was the best quarterback to draft for a ‘good’ team which just needs to fill the QB slot to be relevant. He processes his first three progressions faster than any other player in this draft class….including Trevor Lawrence. He’s an eyes, brain, and arm QB with enough pocket mobility. He’s no Lamar Jackson or Kyler Murray. But then again…Lamar Jackson is winless as a post season QB so far.

For me as a Green Bay fan–a day of reckoning with Aaron Rodgers perhaps… as I still remember his own coach took the ball out of his hands on the Packers last possesion in the NFC Championship Game. They kicked the field goal, didn’t get a stop against the greatest QB of all-time named Tom Brady, and Aaron never touched the ball again.

This after they traded up to draft Jordan Love without talking about it with the second greatest quarterback in this recent era of pro football.

It looks like maybe a replay of Peyton Manning going to Denver to me.

Do the Broncos have enough ‘liquid’ capital to pull this off for a QB with maybe two to three years left in his career? My son…Chris Jackson who lives in Denver and is ‘almost’ as fanatical about the Broncos as he is about the Sooners thinks so.

John Elway has never successfully drafted a QB as GM in Denver. Elway needs a championship QB to go with the rest of his roster and a healthy Von Miller. In watching the first round…both Denver and Green Bay picked cornerbacks with their first round round picks. I’m sure for starters the Packers would want the cornerback from Alabama the Broncos just drafted.

Denver sports fans are still pissed about the Rockies trading Nolan Arenado to the Cardinals. Bronco fans are weary of lackluster QB play. Drew Luck and Teddy Bridgewater to me at least don’t get you past Patrick Mahomes in the AFC West. Not even close.

So, in thinking this thru–I agree with Chris Jackson. Aaron Rodgers needs to become a Denver Bronco because Von Miller and that defense need a QB before their window closes in Denver. In pro sports it always about the ‘championship window’.

Just ask Sam Presti.

NFL Draft Begins

Big day for the quarterback parade in the NFL’s first round. Since we have an NBA team which has had to lose games on purpose this season…the NFL Drfat at least has suspense attached to it.

You would figure Trevor Lawrence to Jacksonville…then who knows.

I hope Sam Presti is watching so he can sharpen his draft day skills for what will be the biggest draft day in Thunder history this July. I still can’t believe we traded two first round oucks to trade up for Kid Poku. Sigh.

It will be interesting to see if Bill Bilichick can land Mac Jones to be his next quarterback.

Good luck to the OU and O State kids anticipated to be drafted in this draft.

Wife is in Mobil trying to get a beach week away from other humans in Florida who watch Tucker Carlson and such. Pauli giving me that look that says, ” Mike…before you leave for work please make sure you have me on the NFL Draft Day coverage.”

This diva lab Pauli was literally a gift from God to me. Funny how things work out like that. God always takes care of you.

Tim Scott–The Junior GOP Senator From South Carolina

July 2016…four months before Donald Trump was elected president running as a Republican Birther.

Tim Scott gave the GOP response to Joe Biden’s State of the Union on Wednesday night. I’m not putting either of those speeches on my blog this week.

Instead… I’m putting this very personal speech Senator Scott gave in 2016 on his his own experiences with being a professional black American.

Hope you take the time to watch the video. It’s from C-SPAN, not one of the cheerleading cable networks.

I don’t know about Senator Scott, but I could use a song.

Maybe one more. I hope my John Marshall blackness isn’t too much for the junior senator from South Carolina.

Getting Primed For The Stanley Cup Playoffs

It’s Wednesday National Hockey Night and I’m ready for the national mid-week doubleheader given it’s raining again in Deer Creek. Looks like the NHL is allowing some people inside of the arenas and that’s great because hockey inside of empty buildings isn’t right.

Tampa won the Cup last summer over Dallas in Game 6 with no fans in the bubble as the Cup was won by the Lightning in a pretty good Finals.
This Game 7 above on the road in 2019 was actually the last time the Cup was won with fans in the building.

It broke my heart the Bruins lost at home in Game 7, but that’s life. The St. Louis Blues were a glorious story as they turned their season around in January and became champions.

I hope we get at some point to have Washington play Boston in the East because these two teams genuinely hate one another and Tom Wilson better be ready to fight.

I don’t see a clear cut favorite in either the East or the West.

Just off the top of my head I’d go Washington vs. Tampa in the Eastern Conference Finals with Colorado vs. Vegas in the West.

I actually watch twice as many NHL playoff games than NBA playoff games.

It won’t be long now before the best tournament in team sports gets going with at least some fans in the building.

Fu Ryan Breakdown Of Thunder’s Miracle Win Over Celtics

The Thunder snapped their 14 game losing streak with a miraculous win over a team which did have Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown on the floor last night. Sure…Tatum was a DNP, but the Thunder were a team on the cusp of history last night if they’d lost the game….and besides that, they’re trying to lose games.

I mean…this is a Thunder team trying to LOSE games.

I don’t know what to say about Brad Stevens and his team.

Give the Thunder credit…they made some plays at the end while at the same time almost choking on a ten point lead with a minute left in the game on a sequence of bizarre Darius Bazely turnovers.

I don’t know what to say or write…so I’m going to play FuFu Ryan’s podcast on the game and that will be that.

Thunder host the Pelicans tomorrow night in Oklahoma City.

Be safe and at peace.


Porter Moser Roster Almost in Place For OU Hoops

New OU head basketball coach Porter Moser hit the ground running and has but one scholarship remaining to offer for the 2021-22 basketball season.

He has added the two brothers from Eastern Washington….Tanner and Jacob Groves. He signed the All-ACC defensive guard Jordan Goldwire from Duke and then signed forward Ethan Chargois from SMU.

Brady Manek hit the portal and will play at North Carolina next season while De’vion Harmon has transferred to Oregon to play for Lon Kruger’s friend Dana Altman. Kur Kuath who was originally going to give some level of pro ball a try instead has signed to play a season at Marquette with Shaka Smart.

If my math is correct the Sooners have one more scholarship to get to thirteen.

So as to the video above that is Gonzaga’s backup point guard from last season…Aaron Cook. Aaron entered the transfer portal today and like Jordan Goldwire and EJ Harkless is an athletic guard who plays excellent defense which is the Coach Moser trademark.

Just me thinking out loud, but it would seem to me Aaron Cook and Coach Moser should have a talk. Just a thought. What could it hurt?

Here’s some of Jordan’s highlights at Duke. This will be an athletic team which should be able to play defense and score the ball.

Thunder In Search Of 15th Straight Loss In Boston

Ten more games after tonight in Boston. Does Sam Presti have his mind made up as to who he wants to pick from this draft to build his team around?

Presti being in the ‘top five’ with a combined thirty-four first and second round draft picks plus whatever he gets for Al Horford if he trades him is certainly enough NBA currency for the Thunder to move up in the draft.

With me it’s still Cade because of his adaptability, versatility on both ends of the floor, and his personality in that I think Cade wants to win more than just feed his ego. He wants to win.

Cade isn’t Magic Johnson, he’s not Kevin Durant, he’s not Grant Hill. He’s Cade cunningham with an NBA ready body. I would guess by looking at Cade’s shoulders and arms he bench presses around 250 lbs. on ten rep sets.

Unlike Durant his body and his defense won’t be works in progress.

And like I wrote on here before with the likes of bad run franchises like Minnesota, Detroit, Orlando, and Cleveland in the mix…one would think Sam Presti could outflank these people for the rights to Cade if the Thunder don’t hit the No. 1 pick ball.

NFL draft gets going later this week. Instead of watching the Thunder lose at Boston tonight …I think I’ll do my annual watch of Draft Day with Kevin Costner.

Thunder Losing Streak Hits 14 in Philly, 121-90

I love these kids from the School of Rock in Seattle. The Thunder losing streak should hit fifteen tomorrow night in Boston. If the Celtics somehow lose to the Thunder …Brad Stevens should be fired on the floor.

The three games versus Sacramento will decide if Sam Presti’s squad of sustainability can close the season on a twenty five game losing streak.

Let’s go 25…bring on Cade, baby!!!

Be steadfast and be at peace within yourself as we finish the season.

As Jake Owen sings in The Journey of Life…’Sometimes you have to lose to become a winner.’ This is one of those times.

Smerconish-Jackson Compromise

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Smerconish question on my blog. Since the attempt by racist white domestic terrorists to overthrow our government on January 6th….I pretty much decided to be calm since I live in a Proud Boy state.

The question yesterday on Michael’s show was excellent. Should D.C. and the 700,000 people who live there be admitted as the 51st state so they can have senatorial representation?

By a 75% margin the vote was yes. However, I voted no, but with a caveat attached.

My rational to Michael was these 700,000 people can be be represented in the U.S. Senate very ably by the senators in either Virginia or Maryland. Neither of those states fall into the batfuck crazy category. So, in essence, these 700,000 people could be considered constituents of either of these states.

My primary caveat was in order to make the U.S. Senate functional again what we should be doing is reducing the number of senators from 100 to 90 by stripping the rights of five existing states to be represented in this once austere chamber.

The five states who would in essence be put on NCAA probation from being reprented in the U.S. Senate are Oklahoma, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Arkansas. We don’t need these five states states sending senators. These five have proven they’re never going to change and in no way are coachable. We could actually make it a trial probation of four years to be reviewed on say May 1st, 2025.

The. U.S. will keep military bases in operation in these five ‘state-territories’ and such programs as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will remain in place if these states so desire.

Instead of having two senators each of these five states will have one federal provost who is the conduit in matters of state and federal business.

This way nobody has to secede and hopefully the white domestic terrorists will have designated zones where they can still live in their 1866 bubble. College football and the SEC and the Big 12 will in no way be affected.

Carry on.

Have a pleasant Sunday.