Chris Paul Traded to Houston Rockets !!!

Whoa. Not sure what to think of this, but make this clear–I feel certain Russell Westbrook would suck Kevin Durant’s dick before playing on the same team as Patrick Beverly. So-now that Beverly is a Clipper that destination isn’t doable for Russell. Come fly with Russ, Blake. Come fly with him.

I’m openly recruiting Blake at this point. Presti needs to pull one off after his feeble performance in the Hamptons last summer. Come fly with us, Blake. Come home.

Make Sure and Appreciate The Season of Russell Westbrook

Appreciate this season like a fine wine or a beautifully written novel. What Westbrook just did is beyond audacious. That young man has some alpha dog in him for sure. He never flinched even when Kevin Durant pretty much threw him under the bus for what happened in Game 6. Westbrook’s self belief and doggedness carried not only the Thunder, but the city of OKC.

He simply asked of Sam Presti, “What now?”

That’s what he did. He gave all of us something to hang our hats on and believe in as far as the Thunder.

Don’t take this season for granted. Savor it. Appreciate it. Know you just witnessed basketball history. Know you won’t see this happen very often if ever again. The world was aligned for the Season of Russell Westbrook … and it was magnificent.

Thanks for the season, buddy.

Russell Westbrook’s Lovely MVP Speech in New York

We’ll never know if OKC would have won the championship if Kevin Durant hadn’t left to join the Nike West Coast All-Stars. We’ll never know if Westbrook, Durant, Horford, Adams, Oladipo, and Roberson would have come back and toppled the Warriors. As an NBA fan, I’ll forever feel cheated that we didn’t get to see that scenario play itself out on a basketball court and not in a house in the Hamptons.

But life moves along and isn’t it ironic just one week removed from July 4th, 2016 — Russell Westbrook won the league’s MVP and followed it with a speech which left me in tears, albeit very good ones.

I’ve now watched Russell play and live in Oklahoma City for nine years. Each year and each season he has taken an incremental step forward as a player, and as a man as well. I used to call him Wild Thing and Bad Little Dude after some of his more exuberant moments along the journey. But as each layer has been peeled back off of Westbrook, I’ve come to admire and respect him. His parents did a great job.

Granted, he has had some moments which furrowed your brow, but when you’re a cross of Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson—you’re going to create some angst during the heated moments of high level competition.

The things Westbrook said about family truly had me crying. Your family and inner circle are everything in life. Things which transcend basketball. Things which transcend contracts and trophies.

So we’ll never know what would have happened had Durant not bailed. But you know what, as I sit here I’m starting to feel what I’ve watched the past year was actually better all things considered. I’m good. No regrets. Cup overrunneth.

Moving forward.

Russell Westbrook’s Magical MVP Season

One would think Russell Westbrook will be holding the MVP trophy tomorrow night in New York. For me it’s very simple, without Westbrook this Thunder team would have struggled to win 22 games. With him, they won 47 games, made the playoffs, and were competitive against every team in the league minus the Warriors. And those triple doubles weren’t just for show, OKC needed every single one of them to win as many games as they did. When he tripled doubled — OKC won eighty per cent of their games.

Great season by James Harden, but Russell Westbrook is my runaway MVP winner. As long as I’ve watched basketball I’ve never seen anything like it, and chances are I never will again.

Coming Home?

Both Blake Griffin and Chris Paul opted out of their Clipper contracts this week. They both now become unrestricted free agents and while they could still sign with the Clippers speculation is Chris Paul is headed to the Spurs and maybe Blake Griffin could be coming home to Oklahoma.

Griffin was the national POTY at OU in 2008 and the subsequent number one pick in the entire league after his sophomore season.

Would Blake Griffin be a great get for OKC? I would say yes. His career pro numbers are 21 pts, 8 rebounds and 5 assists per game. He runs the floor, has excellent court vision, is a surprisingly decent three point shooter at 34% and is a unique talent who along with Westbrook would make the Thunder the most exciting team to watch in the NBA.

Would it put them over the top against the Warriors, probably not, but it would give the Thunder a core three of Westbrook, Griffin, and Adams which would be pretty impressive.

In order for this to happen, you would think Andre Roberson, Taj Gibson, and Enes Kanter would be playing elsewhere. Presti could possibly move Oladipo to the sixth man role and move Abrines to a starting two guard role.

OKC’s bench would have Oladipo playing the Harden role, Sabonis, McDermott, Ferguson and someone else could round out the top ten players.

The Thunder’s top nine players would be Westbrook, Griffin, Adams, Oladipo, Sabonis, Abrines, McDermott, Ferguson and let’s say Jerami Grant.

That’s a nice top nine which should be able to score the ball and become a decent defensive team. It’s roster which would put the Thunder in as good as position as possible to contend for a title as any of the other 28 teams in the league excluding the Nike West Coast All-Stars and LeBron.

Is Blake Griffin coming home? I hope so. It would be great for the team, the city, and the league. Plus, it would be fun.

Thunder Draft Terrance Ferguson

Sam Presti selected Terrance Ferguson with the 21st pick of the first round on Thursday night in the NBA draft. He fits the mold of a two way wing player, but he has some substantial work in front of him to transition from project to dependable rotation player.

One would assume this probably means Andre Roberson probably won’t be matched when he enters restricted free agency in July. OKC will have a trio of wings in Ferguason, Abrines, and Doug McDermott trying to provide solid production on a nightly basis.

Ferguson was originally slated to play his college ball at Arizona, but instead played pro ball this past season in Australia.

I’m assuming Sam Presti has more players coming in the next few weeks to strengthen this basketball team in what right now is Russell Westbrook’s final contractual year in Oklahoma City.

Ferguson is a nice prospect, but OKC needs a couple of other proven vets to take this team up a tier. With Jimmy Butler now a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Northwest Division just became a much tougher division along with OKC’s schedule becoming more difficult. With Utah now a very solid team, the Thunder with Westbrook and Adams, and the Wolves now with Butler, Townes, and Wiggins—the Northwest Division becomes a tough division.

Caligula Admits He Lied About Comey Tapes

Just add this one to the Caligula’s Best Whoppers List. His trekkie groupies don’t want to admit this, but their boy is a savant at the art of pathological lying. I put him right up there with George Constanza as the Master of Lying.

He’s just the most pathological liar ever seen. Even Nixon in his hey day couldn’t hang with Caligula. Not even George. He has no conscious whatsoever and he knows these dumbasses who support him don’t even care when he lies brazenly.

So there’s no Comey tapes. Color me shocked.

Sam Presti, Please Get a Wing Who Can Make Threes

With a core of Westbrook-Adams the Thunder has a solid twosome to build a team around. OKC won forty-seven games this season and could have easily won fifty games.

I’m very interested to see what transpires tomorrow with the Thunder’s teambuilding. To me, a wing player who can consistently come into the game and provide offense is a must. Russell Westbrook needs a wing he can kick out to and see the ball drained.

I’m not sure how strong Presti still is on Oladipo, but again I’m very interested to see what happens tomorrow night. To contend in the West a team must somewhat be structured to score with Golden State, San Antonio, and Houston. You gotta score with them to be competitive.

I’ve enjoyed the down time away from the Thunder. Stanley Cup Playoffs were superb. Russiagate is always pulsating. Trump need to re-inject Billy Bush into the Russian yarn though. Plus, my son has turned me into an OKC Dodgers fan. If you don’t know who Willie Calhoun is you better go down to Bricktown and see him play before he heads off for the bigs. Kid has a beautiful swing. Kind of reminds me of Joe Morgan in that he plays second base and bats left. Doesn’t do the chicken wing though. My Pirates are awful, but my second favorite team the Houston Astros have been really good.

I’m kind of excited about tomorrow night as in what Sam Presti is going to do with this basketball team. Get a scorer, Sam Presti.

Russell Shares Baby Pics

There’s a new Westbrook in town. His name is Noah and he looks just like his dad. Kevin Durant, assisted by his mother, showered Russell’s son with baby gifts. Very nice gesture and maybe almost one year after Durant’s departure maybe these two will resume their friendship. Time usually heals and one would hope the booing of Durant never happens again in OKC.

In the year which passed, Kevin won a ring and a Finals’ MVP, while Russ broke Oscar’s triple double record and will probably win the regular season MVP on June 26th. All told, they both had incredible seasons.

As a basketball fan, I’m still hopeful Kevin doesn’t stay in Oakland and perhaps goes to a place like Boston to win another ring in a more legitimate setting. I just think it would be better for the league and the sport as a whole. Plus, I think it would be the final piece to Durant’s incredible legacy.

The NBA draft is tomorrow night. The Thunder have the 21st pick. I have no idea who the Thunder will select. A nice two-way wing would be nice.