Caligula Can’t Help Himself During Texas Visit

He just can’t help himself. It’s always about size with this guy and sometimes it’s even about Little Marco Rubio’s perceived lack of size. He’s just such a hopeless, wretched narcissist–he can’t ever get beyond size.

What can you say? People are dying in Texas. Some are losing every possession they ever had…and Caligula is holding a pep rally in Corpus like he’s in West Virginia.

I guess we should just be glad he didn’t blow his nose on the flag or drop a few Nazi or KKK praises to the Corpusites. That’s where the bar is with this guy. The quintessential Rodney Dangerfield character from Caddy Shack ostensibly running the United States of America. That’s how low the bar is with Caligula.


The Caligula-Russia story unraveled even more yesterday, but I’m not in a mood to write about those people right now. It’s hard to watch what’s happening in Texas currently and focus on the impeachment of a sitting U.S. president not even eight months into his first term.

Instead, a nice dog story. Amongst all the tragedy in Texas, there are heart warming and inspirational stories which give hope that the decency of people in America still exists. It’s always existed and always will. There was no need for a con artist huckster with red ball caps — America was already great, but in need of a serious reflective look in the mirror.

Victoria, Texas

As the world watches Hurricane Harvey in relation to Houston, I can’t help but think of Victoria. I spent a Sunday morning there last October on my way back home from a fishing trip in Port O’Connor. The guys who took me on the trip have a ritual to stop at a certain café in downtown Victoria and enjoy a truly great breakfast before getting on with the long haul back to Edmond.

I loved the place. It’s a charming town. It’s a place where the people’s natural friendliness does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

The café is the hub of the community. I hope it wasn’t totaled in the storm and they can get back to some sense of normalcy even though from what I’m seeing it’s very tough with more heavy rain headed their way and rivers beginning to crest.

Praying for Victoria and all the people in south Texas. This is stunning to watch.

Caligula Pardons Fellow Deplorable Sherriff Joe as Killer Storm Slams Texas

It just never ends. The sheer deplorability of Little Caligula and his merry band of Deplorables never ceases to amaze. This group of humanity makes Lee Atwater seem cuddly. The thing is Trump knows Hillary Clinton was right. Half of these people are genuinely devoid of any human empathy whatsoever. These are the thirty million people we should be deporting and building a wall to keep out. The other thirty million either wanted the tax break, Merritt Garland’s place on the bench, or just have so little going on in their lives they quit caring long ago. But these Deplorables, do they have no shame whatsoever. Does anything their boy Caligula ever does embarrass them to any degree of minimal human guilt?

With the largest hurricane to hit the U.S. in fifty years, the Grand Dolly Deplorable pardoned fellow racist profiler Sherriff Joe. Hillary Clinton was right, she shouldn’t have said it from a political standpoint, but she was absolutely right. It’s worse than Rome burning. Clearly worse than Rome burning because his vapid running mate calls him the new Teddy Roosevelt. Caligula and Nero. Teddy Roosevelt would be on the Texas beaches as I write supporting the cause and aiding the Weather Channel.

Conversely, Caligula will probably be playing golf tomorrow and trying to grope the refreshment cart girl. It just never ends. There is no end to Caligula’s deplorability. None.

Who are these people?

Clayton Kershaw to Pitch in OKC Tomorrow Night

Big night tomorrow night as three time Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw is scheduled to pitch four innings for the OKC Dodgers versus Omaha on a physical rehab assignment. The game is a sellout and further proof Oklahoma City sports fans enjoy the whole Bricktown sports experience.

My son and I have been attending Dodger games this summer and have enjoyed it quite a bit. The affiliation as the top Dodger farm team is a good fit for OKC. Older baseball fans like myself got to see some of the best Houston Astro players come through their system back in the 70’s. Players like Caesar Cedeno, Bob Watson, Larry Dierker, and Don Wilson just to name a few.

The Thunder’s success has given Oklahoma sports fans a real taste for major league sports. If OKC were ever to become a city with two major league sport teams—baseball would be the second sport. The NFL wouldn’t work because of the OU-OSU culture. The NHL wouldn’t work because there’s not enough diehard hockey fans in the city who understand the nuance of the game. But baseball could work here. The stadium could be expanded. Ownership could follow the template of the recent World Series champion Kansas City Royals. The NBA and MLB would be a perfect one-two combination for the city to keep Bricktown vibrant as far as traffic and excitement.

OKC will be rocking in Bricktown tomorrow night and it won’t be for an OU football game or a Thunder basketball game. Instead, it will be standing room only to see Clayton Kershaw pitch in person. Who knows, maybe a spark ignites from this and Oklahoma City, like Kansas City, could become a major league two sport town.

We’ve been sitting behind home plate in games we attended earlier this season. But tomorrow night, the only seats we could get were in the grass sections in the outfield. It’s a tough ticket, but that makes me happy, or more to the point, happy for Oklahoma City.

Kyrie to Boston—Does It Mean All That Much

Since this is a basketball site ‘somewhat’, maybe I should write something on this since there’s nothing else NBA related to write about in late August which compares with Caligula and the Russians.

Kyrie got his wish and was traded away from LeBron on Tuesday. Kyrie will now be a Boston Celtic. In return, Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder will now be with LeBron in Cleveland. Additionally, the Cavs get the 2018 New Jersey draft pick which very well could turn out to be the No. 1 pick in the draft.

Is this a game changer for either team? I don’t think so. Cleveland will still be the team to beat in the East this season. Boston will be the second best team in the East. But more importantly, neither team has done anything which will make them good enough to beat the Golden State Warriors.

This isn’t complicated. Golden State’s four best players are Durant, Curry, Thompson, and Green. Cleveland’s best four players are LeBron, Thomas, Kevin Love, and Tristan Thompson. Boston’s four best players are Kyrie, Gordon Hayward, Al Horford, and someone else. Oklahoma City’s four best players are Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Steven Adams, and someone else.

My point being, Cleveland, OKC, and Boston are three of the better teams in the league minus Golden State, but unless one of these three teams adds another difference maker I see Kevin Durant for the second year in row being able to win a ring and subsequently tell Donald Trump to go to hell.

OKC needs another scorer. Boston needs a stud hoss on the boards. Cleveland needs more consistent outside scoring. Maybe if you took the best ten players from Cleveland, OKC, and Boston and put them together you could hang with these Warriors in a best four of seven. Maybe. The best four from that team would be LeBron, Westbrook, Paul George, and I guess Kyrie. You’d fill out the top ten with Horford, Hayward, Sixth man Isaiah Thomas, Westbrook’s UCLA bud Kevin Love, Steven Adams, Tristan Thompson, and I’ll go Jae Crowder because you’d need him against the Warriors. Kawhi Leonard would be nice to have as well. Give me those eleven guys and I’ll go play the Warriors. Give me a best four of LeBron, Westbrook, Leonard, and Paul George and we’d have something worth watching next June.

So in the end, did all that much happen on Tuesday in the NBA?

I don’t think so.

Is Our POTUS Unhinged?

I would say yes. He does seem unhinged and unable to discern reality from self perceived fantasy. He’s clearly a pathological liar. He’s a consummate self absorbed narcissist. Yeah, I would say Caligula is unhinged.

But here’s the thing, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan knew this way, way back when and basically shoveled it under the door because they wanted this dupe to sign laws beyond just getting Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. Now they can’t use him because the motherfucker is somewhat crazy. And…it is somewhat hilarious because there appears to be the real possibility Trump is becoming an Independent Party POTUS right before our eyes as each day passes.

Crazy Unhinged Bull Moose Party prez, Mike Pence?

This is Mitch McConnell’s problem. He told everyone Caligula would come around and be able to do the job. All of this is right in his lap. All of it — because he never did the right thing.

So what do you do with an unqualified, unhinged president when the majority party doesn’t have the integrity to remove the unhinged party? I guess what you do is calibrate what kind of damage being honest could ultimately do to your own political existence and hide in the shadows as long as possible.

Little Caligula Amps Up the Core in Phoenix

When you can’t govern and your future is in the hands of Bob Mueller, what else is there to do except have a road trip like the one in Animal House. And that’s exactly what we have here, an Animal House presidency.

As Bluto asks in the movie, “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”

Details and facts—who needs them?

Trump does know one thing. He knows his base and he knows exactly what makes them tick. Again, I don’t pay any attention to these Trump approval rating polls. They meant nothing in the election and they mean nothing now because what we’re seeing is not only a revolution for the soul of the Republican Party, but a revolution campaign to win the Electoral College again in 2020 if Bob Mueller can’t put this guy away. The only poll I pay any attention to whatsoever is Trump’s approval rating amongst Republicans and it’s still in the 70% range. John Kasich, Marco Rubio, and Nikki Haley have no chance whatsoever against Caligula in 2020. None. They’re not even viewed as Republicans by the people who see Trump as the savior of the GOP and the country.

More importantly, is there one single Democrat to date in the midst of all this national carnage who has even remotely galvanized his or her own party?

As we knew he would, he was nothing like the performer we saw the night before when discussing Afghan policy. He put on his Bluto garb and just flat out performed for the core in Phoenix. It’s like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. They know when to chant. They know when gyrate. They know the show. They love him, but more importantly—they hate the status quo in American politics.

So was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? No and it won’t be over until Bob Mueller has enough evidence to put this to a merciful end. But even then, revolutions aren’t easy things to put away sometimes.

They know Gorsuch was confirmed, right?