Rory Wins Third Fedex Cup

Rory was my father’s favorite golfer and has become mine as well. I know Scottie won four times this golf season, but Rory would be my PGA Golfer of the Year for his entire body of work this season. ‘

Rory not only won the Fedex Cup yesterday, but finished in the top ten of all four majors while having a shot to win both at Augusta and the British Open.

Scotties was great, but he he didn’t make the cut at the PGA in Southerh Hills in Tulsa.

When Rory has his putter working he is truly special given his monstrous driving game off the tee.

The putter was clearly working on Sunday as he roared back from six shots down to catch and pass Scottie on the 70th hole of the tournament.

Due to my unusual health problems this golf season, this was the first time in my life I actually had the time to watch all four majors and the three legs of the Fedex Championship.

It was glourious with every tournamnet going down to the last shot of play.

I’s was very happy to see both Tiger and Rory bring the PGA golfers together this week and work out a new plan to answer the LIV/Saudi, Trump bullshit.

I will not miss Phil and Dustin. Odd isn’t along with Greg Norman those three combined probably have more blown last day opportunities in majors than any other threesome I can think of at this moment. Sergio Garcio in’t even worth mentioning.

I think the kid from O State should seriously reconsider his move to the LIV because he could be great if he embraces te challenge of beating the best.Same thing with Zalatoris…that young man is truly going to be great.

The PGA is great as far as I’m concerned. It’s an organization which truly promotes the game at every level for the enjoyment of the game to the fullest.

I was in the fourth grade when Bob Tway Sr. drove me to Lincoln Park for my first Junior Golf signup and clinic. Although my knee has kept me from playing of late, for me, golf is a game most fall in love with if they take the gtme to respect the multiples nuances of the game.

It’s a tough, tough game.

The 48 Hours Which Changed the GOP Into a White Nationalist Redneck Party

Nothing has really changed in the past six years pertaining this spoiled putulant grifter… the white male GOP senators still cower in the shadow of Donald Trump….aka the Pussy Grabber.

With places like Oklahoma City in the front of the line even though the state claims to be a faith-based city/state…. it is comical at best to observe pols like Markwayne Mullin still playing the Christianity card with Trump.

What a complete farcical joke befitting the state currently ranked as the second dumbest state in the Union.

The full frontal hypocrisy is stunning to observe. It would make me suggest all churches in Oklahoma should be stripped of their tax exempt status. These aren’t genuine places of worship. What has happned in Oklahoma is that ‘churches’ are mere fronts to espouse extreme right wing dogma and register voters for their pussy grabbing Messiah.

If I’m wrong then explain to me the 48 hours of Mike Pence’s deliberation back in 2016 to separate himself fom the very scumbag man who would urge the right idiots to hang the sitting vice-president on January 6th, 2020.

Connect those dots fo me with a straight face.

You can’t.

The end.

They wanted the tax cuts. Thet wanted Suprem Court justices and federal appellate judges. They wanted tort reform and curbed limits of tort liability. They wanted Roe vs. Wade. They wanted to win a religous culture war. That’s what they wanted and they’re almost there.

Trump Proud Boy/Oathkeeper Recruiting Video

Let them go. See if Putin will grant Trump and his group of white nationalists rabble their place in the Motherland. Take Bannon as well. Surely…this will enable Trump and his band of idiots the freedoms which they find to be lacking in the United States.

See how deep your new found freeedoms run the first time you attempt to wire assets in a Geneva or London bank.

Give it a roll.

Another Disgraceful Day For America

Holy shit. Another embarrassing day for the MAGA dipshits and yet I would guess they’re for the most part proud of their boy Donald Trump yet another time.

The video above is Pussy Grabber back in February of 2018 disgracing not only America, but every other democratic republic both past and present.

The majority of his base is so stupid from a history and political science’s pretty much an act of chronic futility for me to go any further on here.

It’s Oklahoma. These people think this is their version of lit and woke. Don’t spoil it for Markwayne Mullins.

Second dumbest state in America minus Mississippi. I’d go 1 Mississippii, 2 Oklahoma, 3 Louisiana, 4 Alabama, and 5 maybe a new darkhorse with Wyoming cracking my USA Today Five Dumbest States in the USA Poll. I think I’ll do two more of these as we careen towards the mid-terms.

Obviously…9/11 was the second darkest day in America. But Pussy Grabber with his penchant for connecting with our most Delorable whites can now claim himself as the genesis of No. 1, No. 3, and No. 4.

As a historian….I would go with these Trump disasters …No. 1 January 6th, 2020, No. 3 Helsinki Summit, 2018, and today for what appears to be a collection of offenses possibly involving the selling of highly classified U.S. intel to God who knows beyond his autocrat bro Vladamir.

The white people who STILL support Trump probably think this is cool.

No comment.

In closing, maybe a joke to lighten the mood.

Q: What do you get when you put two-hundred Trump MAGA Deplor ables into a big hole and fill it up to their necks with concrete?

A: A great beginning to Making America Great Again if you can just find three more feet of fill concrete.

That was really a lawyer joke but since I graduted from the Bob Jackson School of Street Law and Saul graduated from the University of American Samoa Law School…I’m taking it easy on lawyers on my blog.

Have a wonderful, relaxing week-end.

You dumb, poor, white people…stay away from Donald we don’t want anymore of you going to federal prison for this prick.

Back in the Blogging Saddle

Well…I think I’m finally somewhat healthy enough to resume my blogging duties at the award winning

What a summer! I was bed ridden for about five weeks starting in mid-May. First there was the back injury which put me on the shelf, then I finally succombed to Covid simultameously.

I literally didn’t leave the house or drive for almost six weeks. So this flash of genius thought occurred to me. “Mike…why not go on a self induced precision water fast and get rid of some more weight before your knee replacement surgery?’

So I did it. Nothing for five weeks but some light fruit and bottled water.

It was crazy, but since I wasn’t moving or expending much if any energy it worked. A perfect storm so to speak.

I weighed a lifetime high of 248 pounds back on January 2nd. When I sustained the injury I was somewhere around 218 pounds using conventional dieting methods. But in that span lasting until June 30th or so… I lost 35 pounds in around 40 days using Mike’s Precision Water Fasting Diet.

Kid you not.

So I’m coming in now at 182 pounds….my high school weight as a John Mrshall Bear my junior season.

You never know how much your good health means to you until you lose it for awhile. I’ve never been bed or house ridden like that in my life.

Anyway….Nebraska at Northwestern in Dublin to kick off the college football slate tomorrow on Big Fox. Plus, the Fed-Ex Championship is now down to its final thirty players.

I’ll be fine with the Golden State Warriors. Life marches on jst like it did before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the Thunder basketball group decided to steal the Seattle forsaken and force them to play in god forsaken redneck Oklahoma.

Life goes on.

I need to add a ‘My Way’ version to go with the new old me.

It’s tough to beat Frank, though. Even for Kim Wexler.

After Dark

I only had the Thunder winning 24.5 games so it’s not like Chet was going to be the end all. He was definitely going to sell some tickets though. The Zags couldn’t even beat Arkansas when it mattered. I worry about OKC Jim though. This was going to be his One Shining Moment.

I don’t even like the Thunder anymore so it’s not like this has any profound effect on my life. But I have to keep the blog to make sure the truth doesn’t get buried by people on Presti’s payroll.

At this point…I’m convinced the Little Nick Gallos and Daily Thunder owners would write anything to save face when this thing hits its final landing spot in Episode 12.


I’m good. My advice for you is to drink heavily till next April and keep up with the truth on my blog from time to time if you can handle the truth. If you can’t handle the truth …then don’t.

I love the Kim Wexler character. Saul never deserved her. No way. No how.

This scene for me is every bit as good as when Kim took on Lalo Salamaca and the drug cartels.

Sam Bowie Revisited…Again

Holy shit….why would Oklahoma City even take this chance with the most critical draft pick in the history of the Thunder?

I just don’t grasp it in any universe with Jabari Smith right there to be plucked.. Out for the season and didn’t even get his emaciated not ready for the NBA body to training camp.

Why not play this draftt as the hedge play draft and make sure your fanbase gets a real NBA player with the 2nd pick in the draft? Why not make sure SGA and his agent both see soemthing tangible in the Thunder’s future minus becoming the next version of the Sacramento Kings?

Why not make up for the PooPoo Poku debaucle?

Why not give your franchise the apppearance of some legitimate pro sports entity and couple it with a reason for average working folks to pay NBA money for tickets to see the Thunder play games in Oklahoma City instead of Las Vegas or Seattle?

Yikes. Double yikes. And triple John Steinbeck Grapes of Wrath yikes.

This injury is not a shock unless you’re an NBA novice who only reads the Sam Presti medicated Oklahoma City media as a source for your NBA news.

Bill Walton. Sam Bowie, Yao Ming… Gregg Oden… any of those names ring a bell?

If you’re really serious about the team staying in Oklahoma City beyond the new three year extension and Pay.Com Arena ….then why not show some reciprocal legal good faith by giving these Oklahoma people something viable to see the next three years and prove your legal good faith intentions?

I’m pretty certain the the average Thunder ticket buyer has never read Breaks of the Game by Davis Halbertsam. Do yourself a favor then and find a copy on Amazon and start teaching yourself something about the NBA breaks of the game because you’re for sure not going to get much objective hard hoops history from anyone covering the Thunder who reside in Oklahoma because of the gentle nature of press relations Sam Presti allows.

Start learning the history of the league so you ‘ll now when your team team just suffered a a very serious blow to their future.

Breaks of the Game by David Halberstam. As in the Thunder just got a historically bad break of the game this week with Chet Holmgren’s off season injury.

I ‘think’ people in Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and Lousiana can still read this book and not fear having your book confiscated.

Breaks of thr Game by David Halberstam. See if you can find it for cheap on Amazon. As I write it’s still legal to read a book in Oklahoma before Markwayne Mullin become a United States Senator. Better read it in the next two months just to play it safe though.

Make America Great Again….start burning all your books.

Sam Presti Passed on Jabari Smith


Operation Bongo reared its ugly Sam Bowie head in late August as it was reported on Wednesday that Chet ‘The Stickman’ Holgren might be done for his rookie season before the tanking Thunder even made it to training camp to train to lose sixty games this NBA regular season.

If the Thunder do indeed lose sixty-two games this NBA season it will put Clay Bennett’s ball club a combined 62-184 the past three seasons combined.

This is so Oklahoma. I feel even bad mentioning it on my blog because by nature I’m not a cruel human being.

This in my mind drops the Thunder from the 24.5 Vegas number I had them picked to win this season to somewhere around 20.5 games won by the frail feeble Thunder.

I’m not at all bent out of shape by this at all, except that I feel sorry for The Stickman and truly hope he’s not the next Sam Bowie or Greg Oden on the NBA horizon of physically frail big men doomed by bad feet.

I could honestly care less at this point because I’ll be watching Golden State, Boston, Milwaukee, and Denver.

I wish these Presti Warriors of Sustainability the best because I want to continue to be able to see real NBA teams which are run by real NBA people come to Oklahoma and allow us to to see some of the best athletes in the world in person.

I feel sick for the suckers who already paid tickt price for Thunder season tickets, but you know what Trump says and this is a Trump redneck city…”Never give suckers an even break and kick them when they’re down.”

Que sera,eh.

I hope this doesn’t cause OKC Jim over there on the Pulitizer Prize Award winning Daily Thunder message board to become despaired, but my guess is he’ll extract some sort of nonsensical, totally absurd Silver Lining out of The Stickman missing his entire rookie season.

This is a blessing for me in that in the past two weeks I’ve binge watched both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. I tell you what …that dude Vince Manning who wrote both of those screenplays flat out can write his ass off. That dude can write.

Everything in life happens for a reason. Hope you heal and get better, Stickman.

Respectfully, Don Hector Salamaca.

The scene with Kim Wexler standing up to Lalo Salamaca is iconic. Simply iconic. I had my .38 caliber Glock automatic revolver out on the coffee table by this point. What a great movie scene!!!

Liz Cheney Drubbed in Wyoming GOP Primary

I don’t think you had to be the Amazing Carnac to see this result coming in the tiny populace state of rogue red Trump, Wyoming. The Cowboy State has an overall state population of around 700,000 people and is in esssene a carbon coby of redneck Trump, Oklahoma which has a population in excess of four million people.

What we found out last night in Wyoming is the Reublican Party is no longer a major political party, just a remnant of Lincoln, TR, Eisenhower, Reagan, or even Richard Nixon. Nixon compared to Pussy Grabber is Mr. Rogers or Lassie.

Liz Cheney was the last reasonable pragmatic Republican standing in the House of Representatives and she was slaughtered by just under forty percenatge points versus the Usual Suspect Trump sychophant dregded up by the Trump Electoral Mafia.

On one hand, it was sad to see her go down like this to a person of Donald Trump’s utter disrepute. Yet, on the other hand it was somewhat inspirational to see any Repbulican stand up in public for the Rule of Law, our three branches of governernment, the FBI, The U.S. Supreme Court, and the our legal system which has made America rare in the world.

Evidently…mainstream Republicans don’t any longer believe in any of these institutions.

This is where we are…on the cusp of Civil War circa 2022.

I don’t think the previous sentence is hyperbole.

What Trump has done is unify a collective group of idiots, dimwits, Birthers, Tea Party knuckleheads, Alex Jones and Steve Bannon zzombies, the Nixon-Wallace Silent Majority types, the KKK’ers, the Neo-Nazis, the Proud Boy domestic terrorist types and turned them into a substantial voting block.

Trump’s Beautiful People….he loves them, they love him, they’re special….now go home for now and live under a rock. Save your energy for Fort Sumter.

Does Liz Cheny have a path to the preesidency? Not just no, but FUCK no. She has the same chance as Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, Sissy Boy LIndsey Graham, Ron DeSantis, Little Marco Rubio, Worthless Ted Cruz, or the annoying Rand Paul.

None of these people have a chance of beating Donald Trump.

Only one person has a reasonable chance of defeating Donald Trump and that person would be Merritt Garland.

Liz Cheney… you did the right thing and that will be your honorable historical legacy.

The fifty GOP senators will not have such honorable legacies.

Dub Nation Oklahoma

I refuse to write very much about a G League team in Oklahoma pretending to be an NBA team.Two seasons of tanking in a row should be some sort of NBA by-law, but hre we are entering the third season of tanking fo the Thunder.

If you count the Sonics last two seasons in Seattle before the move to rogue red Oklahoma this franchise will have tanked six out of their last seventeen seasons in two polar opposite culture and appearance.

That’s 35.2% of possible regular season games played where the Sonics/Thunder have pre-ordained intentional losing as the their mode of sustainable operation.

If Oklahoma City is viewed as this big of a redneck shithole oil town by NBA players who won’t ever come here as free agents or trade possibilities then the team should be moved to another city.

At some point you have to give your fanbase an entertainment product on the floor which is watchable.

It’s like watching the never ending depiction of Oklahom by John Steinbeck in Grapes of Wrath. It’s sad to witness.

At some point you have to go out and play legitimate games where the loss isn’t pre-determined by Sam Presti.

I’m not a season ticket holder, but I do usually buy enough games through a ticket broker to equal a mini-package of sorts.

When you lose a guy like me who’s been a passionate NBA fan through the mid-sixties it says something. To me…it says you don’t care about having smart, passionate NBA fans in your fanbase.

Colin Cowherd has it completely right on this video. The Golden State Warriors are the team every basketball coach at every level wants his/her team to play lke.

Do any of you Thunder fans honestly think Steph, Klay, Draymond, Andrew, and Kevon Looney would lose games intentionally?

The Warriors lost Otto Prter and Gary Payton this offseason. No sweat. THeir GM Bob Myers knows what he;s doing and has James Wisman, Johnny Kuminga, and Moses Moody to fill those minutes. If anything….the Warriors should be better this season.

And that’s precisely why since Game 6 in 2016 the Warriors have become an iconic dynasty and the Thunder became the fodder for a book by Sam Anderson from the NY Times Magazine titled Boom Town.