Caligula Should Go Home and Let Melania & Ivanka Run the Country

I will not put another video of Donald Trump on my blog. He is not worthy. He is nothing more than a spoiled, petulant brat who should have had his ass kicked maybe back in the 6th grade or so. Maybe he would have turned out a better man.

A complete total loser.

Too bad none of those sixteen gutless GOP pussies didn’t between them have the balls to say as much…and I do include John Kasich in this group.

It is what it is.

This is what America has become.


Go home, Caligula. Let your wife and daughter run the country. They’re smarter than you….by an enormous margin.

I need a sing with alcohol somehow weaved into the lyrics.

Who could have possibly thought immigration reform like health care could be this this complicated?

LeBron, Kawhi, Paul George…. Snore

So tomorrow is the NBA draft and we should begin to get a clearer picture of what the NBA might look like next season.

Here’s what it looks like. Golden State will once again be a prohibitive favorite to win the championship. If Houston resigns Chris Paul they will be the favorite to have the second best squad in the league.

Boston is interesting though. They have the pieces to make themselves as good as Houston and maybe possibly better as the team with the best chance to derail Wanda and Tony Durant’s dream of a threepeat for Cupcake.

All this other window dressing by all these motherfuckers at ESPN like say Brian Windhorst and Royce Young is just that…window dressing.

Because as long as Golden State doesn’t lose its mind and they keep Durant, Curry, Klay, Draymond and Andre together they’re a solid favorite to win the O’Brien Trophy.

I lost a lot of respect for Jim Traber yesterday listening to his crybaby bullshit about Greg Popovich. Traber hates Pop primarily for the things Pop has said about Trump and politics in general. I found it very small of Traber to demean perhaps the greatest coach in the era of collective bargaining in all of pro sports just because like me he thinks Donald Trump is a con artist piece of shit douchebag.

But I will write this though…Pop lived a blessed coaching life with one Timmy Duncan, but you know what…Pop himself has said that many, many times and deflected the credit to Timmy.

So…with the probable departure of Kawhi the end of the Spurs era will somewhat end tomorrow night much like the era ended in Oklahoma City on July 4th, 2016.

I’m very disappointed in Jim Traber.

Hopefully..Paul George somehow stays in OKC and Carmelo’s delusional ass is on some other roster of a basketball team which needs an over the hill overpaid player who hasn’t done anything team wise since he was at Syracuse.

Sam Presti has some serious work to be done.

We’ll see.

A Wonderful Father’s Day

I had a very peaceful Father’s Day. I am at peace…and apparently that puts me in somewhat select company. I wanted Brooks Koepka to win the U.S. Open and for Patrick Reed to play well. Both things happened today..

NBA basketball and Donald Trump are the furthest things from my mind.

This is the time of the year I listen to country music. My three favorite country singers are probably Blake Shelton, Jake Owen, and Alan Jackson.

So…I’m going to cap off my Father’s Day with a Blake Shelton song and then watch Bourdain on CNN.

You make your own inner peace is what I would say.

I Will Miss My Friend–Anthony Bourdain

I feel like I’ve lost a family member or a very close friend. Other than sports and occasionally some political bullshit–Anthony Bourdain is all I watch on television.

This caught me completely off-guard in that from the outside it would have appeared Anthony Bourdain had the perfect life.

He changed the way I view the world. He opened new vistas and places I will never see in person. He made me believe Waffle House is a pristine venue to eat great food.

We lost a lot with the moving along of Anthony Bourdain. We lost a national treasure.

I will miss him dearly. I may even go to the Waffle House tonight after his special to give him a special toast.

Be at peace…Anthony. Be at peace.

Alex Ovechkin Hoists the Stanley Cup

My heart is obviously broken over Anthony Bourdain. But for the moment or at least a day or two my hockey heart will be warmed by Alex Ovechkin and his teammates.

This championship team was not a Super Team. Not even remotely close. In fact, on paper, this team was not as good on paper as last season when they were ousted by Sid Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

But this Washington club will go down in history as a special team.

They trailed in all four series on their journey to the Cup. They won more games on the road than at home in these Stanley Cup Playoffs. And they clinched all four series on the road.

This was a team which jelled at just the right time and never gave an inch. Never gave up and found a way to win with great team skating, beautiful passing, relentless checking, and a deadly power play fueled by Ovechkin and his 18 goals in post season play.

After thirteen seasons of being one of the league’s best players–Alex Ovechkin has finally reached the summit of hockey. His name is now etched on the Stanley Cup.

My heart has been touched by the Washington Caps and their magical journey. This is why we play, coach, or watch sports.

What a lovely Stanley Cup Tournament.

Warriors Set to Win Perfunctory Championship Again

Not much drama or excitement for these NBA Finals. You expect this Warrior team which is loaded beyond loaded to win and they will do so again as they now have a 3-0 grip on beating LeBron again in a situation where he really doesn’t have a competitive chance.

The league has become boring. There is no competitive legitimacy to the league when Durant, Curry, Thompson, Green, and Iguodala are all healthy. Houston actually surprised me by pushing them to seven games. But that was with Iguodala missing most of the series.

Consider the other three major league sports. The Eagles just won a Super Bowl. The Houston Astros won last year’s fall classic. The Washington Caps are on the cusp of winning the Stanley Cup.

Excitement and fun everywhere except in the NBA where the league champion is another assumed Warrior walk thru.

The Warriors will once again be prohibitive Vegas favorites to three peat next season once they either beat Lebron in four or five games.

If you hook LeBron up with the next three best players available in the league even at that I’m not sure that changes the dynamic of where the NBA is right now.

Some will say this is what the Celtics did during their glory days with Bill Russell and Company. These aren’t those days. These are the days of a collective bargaining era which was supposed to spawn competitive parity. But in the end didn’t because of Steph Curry’s ankles and a contractual hole in the system.

The league is boring and the season is way too long for a post season tournament which presents little in the way of competitive drama.

Just think how much fun the NBA Finals would be if Durant had gone to the Celtics instead of taking the free pass to league championships.

And with me this has nothing has nothing to do with Durant leaving Oklahoma City, but more to do with the fact the champion of the league is a foregone conclusion.

Sad for the sport.

But give the Warriors credit in that they pulled it off.


Here’s the difference. Alex Ovechkin never hooked up with Sid Crosby and the Penguins to win a ring.

He beat them and is now one game away from a legitimate championship.