Why America Isn’t the Greatest Country Anymore

It’s not just because of Donald Trump being elected POTUS, but more that Trump being able to get elected is an indicator of how far we’ve fallen culturally the past twenty years or so. How far we’ve devolved. John McCain voted no the other night on the GOP healthcare, but eight years ago he selected Sarah Palin as his running mate. See what I mean.

We lost our edge. We’ve become collectively lazy and somewhat dumb. We aren’t exceptional anymore and it’s not because of Donald Trump, it’s because of the collective us. Trump is just the symptom.

Can General Kelly House Train Caligula?

He’s not house trainable. So—they should give up with that. He’s a rogue, a hustler, a con artist, and grifter. He’s the only POTUS in history who lectured the Boy Scouts of America on oral clitoral stimulation. He is what he is.

I don’t think you discipline a grifter/furniture store sport fucker. You just try to insulate him between a human wall of Kelly, McMaster, and Mattis and pray America gets through this.

His core crazies don’t want him to change. He’s the anti Jeb Bush. If he and Scaramucci want to pierce their dicks during a White House briefing—then turn them loose. It’s what the Deplorables breathe for 24/7.

Caligula’s purge continues as Reince Preibus was fired as White House Chief of Staff and replaced by General John Kelly. Historically–it is the shortest tenure ever of a White House Chief of Staff. Preibus tried to house train him and failed miserably. He’s not Bush 41, he’s not even Bush 43, he’s a strip bar owner and Billy Bush’s favorite sport fucking hero. It is what he is. Period.

The theme with Caligula is very consistent. These people who work for him are diminished, denigrated, and eventually humiliated. But I don’t feel sorry for any of them. They know the score going in. They in essence are selling their souls to the devil and when his checks bounce…what can you really say? You sell your soul to a grifter con artist and this is how it usually ends.

We’re prayaing for you, General Kelly.

C’mon, he moved on her heavily and tried to fuck her. He took her furniture shopping and moved on her like a bitch. What more do you want from your president?

McCain Votes No, Puts GOP Out of Its Own Healthcare Misery

Did anyone really ever think the GOP had any real plan for healthcare reform for the American people? After eight years of tough talk and a complete unwillingness to repair Obamacare—the yarn came to a merciful end on Friday as John McCain saved his party and his country from embarrassing itself any further. Who knows, maybe even Mitch McConnell was in on it and knew he had John McCain’s no vote in hand to abdicate the GOP from any allegations whatsoever that they can actually govern beyond giving tax breaks to our wealthiest citizens.

Of course, tough talkers Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz all voted yes as we knew they would. In retrospect, can you really blame Caligula for routinely disparaging these three losers throughout the GOP primaries process. If you put these three in an iron cage you’d have to wonder if it would be a fight to the death or a threesome. I never would have written such a thought a week ago, but now that we live in the Golden Age of Antonio Scaramucci, apparently we need to write things about GOP men doing intimate things to one another.

We would assume McConnell and Ryan, being the ever paid for Koch Brother foot soldiers they truly are, will march forward to tax reform and the sacred holy grail known as the alternative minimum tax.

So we’ll never know. Did John McCain do the right thing for Americans or did he just do the right thing for the GOP by saving his party from itself and the messy prospect of actually doing something beyond just giving out tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans.

Nick Collison on Staying in Oklahoma City

I need a break from the Purger and the Mucher. Nick always calms me. I love listening to him talk Thunder basketball. I do kind of like Scaramucci though in that if I read his recent comments correctly—he pretty much said Bannon sucks Trump’s cock whenever his brand needs a boost. Can’t disagree with that. Enough of that though.

For Rex Tillerson and the Boy Scouts of America

Caligula Dangles Sessions

Lessons in Ruthlessness by Frank Underwood

I must admit… I genuinely despise both of these individuals, and in a sick twisted way it almost seems right they are at odds with each other a mere six months into Caligula’s reign of terror.

One, a New York grifter con artist, the other a southern racist redneck who in essence was picked because he was the one senator who most closely connected the dots from Caligula to the idiots who followed the Birther Movement. So–I must admit there does seem to be a poetic beauty to all of this for me.

Is it evil of me to smile?

Caligula’s Purge

The boy scouts will love this. A purger and a furniture store sport fucker all wrapped into one. Ironic, the biggest boy scout, Rex Tillerson, is apparently getting ready to resign as Sec of State. He should punch his wife right in the fucking mouth for ever getting him involved in this. Let the purges begin.

With or Without Him

Still no word on Carmelo Anthony as to whether he’s going to be a Rocket or a Thunderer. It would be nice to have Carmelo, but either way — OKC has a very nice team in place. So we’ll see. I’ve seen both Westbrook and Harden, and from my perspective, Russell has a more competitive soul. He still has much to prove, and no one in the world wants to beat Golden State more than Russell Westbrook. Just sayin’.


Why We Study History

Hitler speaking to Nazi youth in Thurengia, Germany 1933. Be careful, West Virginia.

Donald Trump, July 24th, 2017 —speaking to 40,000 Boy Scouts at the Jamboree. While Trump has an historically low approval rating of 36-38% nationally–his approval rating in West Virginia is near 70% which is the highest of the fifty states. Yikes. Seriously…yikes. I’m sure Rex Tillerson has never been prouder as a scout. A great moment for Rick Perry as well.

Could Carmelo End Up in OKC?

I don’t know, but it’s an intriguing thought because as we all know in OKC the future is now. Maybe what Sam Presti learned from the Hamptons debaucle is that conventional team building per se doesn’t come into play this summer. Russell Westbrook needs to see Presti and Clay Bennett are willing to put a championship team around him.

You’d obviously need to unload Kanter’s salary and another player would have to be traded as well. I’m not sure how it would go down, but if you have Westbrook, Paul, and Carmelo as OKC’s top three players that’s very formidable.

Thunder’s starting five would be Russ at the point, Roberson at the two, Paul George at small forward, Carmelo at power forward, and Steven at center. This would move Patterson to the second unit to team along with Jerami Grant, Abrines, McDermott, and Raymond Felton. But again, not sure who else besides Kanter would have to be packaged to bring Carmelo to OKC.

I’ve seen a lot of Carmelo over the years both at Syracuse and the Denver Nuggets. His ‘Cuse national championship team beat Kelvin Sampson’s OU team in the NCAA Tournament in the Elite 8. OU couldn’t guard him. Period. If you combine Westbrook, George, and Carmelo you suddenly have your top three core averaging around 75-77 points a game. And you know what that does—if starts to make the Golden State math not quite as daunting as you put a team together which can consistently score around 122 points a game and play some defense.

Another twist is OKC’s assistant GM, Troy Weaver, recruited Carmelo to Syracuse.

Note to Sam Presti—the future is now.

One Shining Moment, 2003. I love these. I truly do.

This is Why You Don’t See Jared Kushner Giving Public Statements

Yikes. The only thing missing here was an accompanying video of Caligula having sex with Ivanka with Jared handcuffed to the bed. The notion that this young man along with Donald Jr. and Eric should have any positions of any influence whatsoever in running this country is even more frightening than colluding with the Russians. It’s just stunning. Simply stunning.

In reality, Chris Christie sitting with a 15% approval rating would look pretty good right now. But of course that would have caused internal angst in the Trump Family since Christie as a federal prosecutor put Kushner’s father in prison. But still… Chris Christie—your country needs you, buddy. Get on the plane and come back.

Even Frank Underwood doesn’t do this.

Who in their right mind would waste their time watching House of Cards anymore?