Karma Can Be a Bitch

I never taken much time writng how the Thunder group with he aid of David Stern basically stole Seattle’s NBA team.

And I don’t plan on starting now.

In a capitalistic society you have predatory occurences like this from time to time.

Shit happens.

If OKC can’t put a $400 million dollar or so arena deal together…my guess is the Thunder end up in Las Vegas.

I don’t want to one single Donald Trump dumbass in Oklahoma bitch about the new arena.

Either build it and show the country is a major league city or basicallly shut the fuck up. I would think you could build it on the land immdiatelty east of the currently arena.

In the end… the reaping and sowing pretty much always even out.

I’ve got to go get my Dub Nation Oklahoma summer league report up.

Have a nice day.

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