Dub Nation Oklahoma

I refuse to write very much about a G League team in Oklahoma pretending to be an NBA team.Two seasons of tanking in a row should be some sort of NBA by-law, but hre we are entering the third season of tanking fo the Thunder.

If you count the Sonics last two seasons in Seattle before the move to rogue red Oklahoma this franchise will have tanked six out of their last seventeen seasons in two polar opposite culture and appearance.

That’s 35.2% of possible regular season games played where the Sonics/Thunder have pre-ordained intentional losing as the their mode of sustainable operation.

If Oklahoma City is viewed as this big of a redneck shithole oil town by NBA players who won’t ever come here as free agents or trade possibilities then the team should be moved to another city.

At some point you have to give your fanbase an entertainment product on the floor which is watchable.

It’s like watching the never ending depiction of Oklahom by John Steinbeck in Grapes of Wrath. It’s sad to witness.

At some point you have to go out and play legitimate games where the loss isn’t pre-determined by Sam Presti.

I’m not a season ticket holder, but I do usually buy enough games through a ticket broker to equal a mini-package of sorts.

When you lose a guy like me who’s been a passionate NBA fan through the mid-sixties it says something. To me…it says you don’t care about having smart, passionate NBA fans in your fanbase.

Colin Cowherd has it completely right on this video. The Golden State Warriors are the team every basketball coach at every level wants his/her team to play lke.

Do any of you Thunder fans honestly think Steph, Klay, Draymond, Andrew, and Kevon Looney would lose games intentionally?

The Warriors lost Otto Prter and Gary Payton this offseason. No sweat. THeir GM Bob Myers knows what he;s doing and has James Wisman, Johnny Kuminga, and Moses Moody to fill those minutes. If anything….the Warriors should be better this season.

And that’s precisely why since Game 6 in 2016 the Warriors have become an iconic dynasty and the Thunder became the fodder for a book by Sam Anderson from the NY Times Magazine titled Boom Town.

Top Ten Mar-A-Largo Search Warrant Discoveries

From the Dave Letterman Late Night regional studio in Deer Creek, Oklahoma


10 Most recent suggestive photos sent from Clarence and Ginny Thomas on exclusive POTUS 45 adult GOP site

9 Copy of expunged record of sons’ Donald Jr. and Eric’s ACT scores.

8 Submissive/passive photo exchange with Senaror Lindsey Graham with POTUS 45 on private White House on the GOP adult porno account.

7 FLOTUS 45’s photos of POTUS 45 with Marjorie Taylor-Green at a Proud Boy Xmas mixer following insurrection coup

6 Most current revision by POTUS 45 in relation to pre-nup agreement with FLOTUS 45

5 Recent Secret Service email acknowledging erasure of all January 5th and 6th texts from special Trump Agents

4 Special Cayman account info POTUS 45 has used to pay various bimbos escorts and Stormy Daniels wannabees

3 Names, addresses and Social Securtity numbers of every Black American who voted for POTUS 45 in 2016

2 Letter from Putin assuring POTUS 45 he would be proud to serve as Trump’s vice-president for a second term

And the No. 1 file is……drum roll please… Special private Sean Hannity phone numbers in the event anything remotely presidential needs to cleaned up by someone resembling an adult.

Cale Gundy Will Have No Redemption at OU

an Opinion by Mike Jackson

Despite what Joe Mixon thinks or what Jeff Ebby left behind him at Baylor…there will be no redemption or forgiveness for Cale Gundy at OU.

As in none.

It doesn’t matter if black people call each other this name or write it in song lyrics to the point of inducing vomit.

White people cannot use the word nigger in front of a black person circa 2020 in America.

Cale Gundy said the word…maybe even three times.

In pragmatic retrospect…first year head coach Brent Venables had no choice. He made the right decision even as tough as it is for Cale Gundy’s career at the relatively young age of fifty.

With the way we in America forget the 48 hour news cycle in America…two weeks from now when the college football season begins Cale Gundy will be a foonote in University of Oklahoma football.

In this country… half of the people think it’s okay to hang a sitting vice-president–so I’m guessing somewhere out there in this football crazed country…Cale Gundy will find a landing spot in a year or so.

Do I think Cale Gundy is a malicious racist?

No way.

Racism in America is generationally systemic. Some fathers use the word and some sons listen to the context in which the word is used and copy their fathers.

My father thankfully didn’t use the word around me or my brother. We’ve never used the word. Funny how that works.

I’m guessing both Cale and Mike Gundy heard the word growing up. That’s just a gut guess on my part. I’m guessig they both heard the word used by a male relative in an ignorant manner and out of context. Nobody sat them down and corrected them until two years ago when Mike Gundy was almost fired at O State as well.

It really is sad when you sit down and think about it.

It’s sad to think half of America thinks this word is repugnant, while the other half thinks it’s okay.

I guess the moral of the story for Cale Gundy is he shouldn’t ever use the word again even if he’s residing in a state which Trump will probably carry by a 72% plurality in 2024 if he isn’t in federal prison on election day.

I’d circle Southern Miss as a possible landing spot for Cale Gundy.

FBI Executes Seach Warrant Signed by GOP Federal Judge

I’m going to come back to this later. I have no idea why the DOJ did this, Namely because they already have enough econdemning evidence from depostions and filmed testimony to put this piece of dog shit grifter in federal prison for the rest of his life.

It’s become apparent to me even if they find a smoking gun in the execution of this search warrant you have arond fifty to sixty million Americans who will deny any wrongdoing by Donald Trump no matter how overwhelming the evidence.

I don’t understand these people, nor will I ever understand these people. Some of these are closet racists who have beenn enabled by Donald Trump. Some of them are just our dumbest variations of uneducated white trash who aren’t even smart enough to vote in their own economic self-interest. Or some of them are just the most hypocritical faux Cheistian to ever walk the face of the earth.

I don’t know. I don’t claim to know.

But I do know this… the faux Christions need to spend more time reading the New Testament than the Effective Marginal Tax Tables. That’s how deep theri Christianity actually runs…that and tort reform limitations. That’s the working Bible for these phonies.

So I have no idea what the DOJ thinks was in hiding at the palace of Trump known as Mar-A-Largo.

This guy makes Nixon look like Mr. Rodgers. No hyperbole intended.

I mean…I’m about the furthest thing from liberal, woke, or lit… but this is pathetic. Good God…when yu don’t even follow the Rule of Law you have nothing as a democracy. As in nothing

Cale Gundy Fired at OU

Yikes. So much for Brent Venables’ honeymoon period as OU’s new head football coach.

Cale Gundy after thirty-two years at OU as either a player, graduate assistant, or football coach was fired for using the noun ‘nigger,.

There… I said it. All these white guys in the uber soft Oklahoma sports media can’t say the word apparently. So I just said it for them.

Nigger…that’s the noun. A reprehensible noun, but a noun all the same.

Both brother Mike Gundy and Cale back in their days as members of the MIdwwest City bombers could have gotten away with wearing a Trump shirt and a saying ‘nigger’ three times in a position meeting of probably around twelve humans at OU.

But let me clue in the Gundy Brothers….this isn’t Midwest City forty years ago and Ray Gundy isn’t calling the shots at state funded universities like OU an O State.

Politically correct administarors are calling the shots. We live in an era of acute political corretness…almost to the point of nausea.

What a sad story this is on every level.

I think Cale Gundy should serve a one year suspension like Joe Mixon. He should be given the benefit of the doubt much like Jeff Lebby was given a reprieve for his years at Baylor and like Joe Mixon was given when he waylaid that drunk piece of white trash on hss seventeenth birthday inside a Norman bar.

Cale Gundy made a mistake. A human error in judgement. It should not be a life altering sentence. I’ve yet to read one thing from any past black OU player who doesn’t love Cale Gundy.

I’m a redmption guy all the way through. My father was a criminal defense attorney and my mom was a social worker. Redemption was a huge part of my upbringing. It’s in my DNA.

Joe C and Joe Harroz…do me a favor, guys. Give Cale Gundy the same mulligan you gave both Joe Mixon and Jeff Lebby.

That’s how this would be handled in Judge Jackson’s court.

Lincoln Riley, Good Luck in the Big Ten, Buddy

OU gets started with fall practice on Friday and it’s all turned out prettty square for the Sooners.

I wish LR the best. I think if he’s stayed he would be on the hot seat right now because of OU’s incredible under acheivement last season.

I repeat when you can’t score a point in a full half of football versus the Kansas Jayhawks something is seriously amiss.

I still find all this amusing to a crtain point that a coach from, Bumblefuck, Texas now finds himself as the head guy in La La Land. But I wish the best for him.

OU is set at the QB position this season with transfer Dillion Gabriel and next season when five star recruit Jackson Arnold from Denton, Texas comes on board to join the Sooners.

It all worked out beautifully for the Sooners who are in the midst of back to back recruiting classes under Coach V which are both stocked with defensive players who who can run and tackle in space like in the old days when OU actually played defense.

All my fellow OU fans need to let go of the angst. It turned out beautifully. Joe C didn’t have to play the villain by firing Lincoln before the move to the SEC. Everybody should be happy.


Bill Russell Obit

Maybe the greatest basketball player who has ever lived. He’s always been No. 2 on my Pantheon List of the Greatest Basketball Players Ever. But the truth of the matter is Bill Rusell off the court was a more impactful role model than Michael Jordan ever thought of being. Not a put down of Michael, just an observation.

Bill Russell came from Louisiana so as as a kid growing up he always understood the hypocrisy of racism in America.

He attended the University of San Fransico where his teams won back to back national championships. Needless to say San Francisco never made another national champ[ionship game again beyond the Bill Russell Era.

He was drafted by Red Auerbach and the hated Boston Celtics where his teams won eleven out of thirteen NBA champaionships during Bill Russell’s illustrious career.

He was not a pretty boy scrorer like Kareem, nor anything like Wilt basketball-wise on offense. Bill Russell was a warrrior on the defensive end who started the Celtics’ vaunted transition game with his shot blocking, outlet passes, and finishing ability on the break.

Bill Russell was clearly the most dominant center the game has ever known from a standpoint of making his teams better around him.

In 1966, Bill Russell was made the player/coach of the Boston Celtics. To put this in proper historical perspective, it was not until Frank Robinson in 1975 was the named the first black manager in Major League Baseball or in 1990 when the Oakland Raiders named Art Shell the first NFL head coach that a black man coached in one of America’s premier pro sports leagues.

Think about the above paragraph. Bill Russell by a margin of nine years became the first black man in America to become the head coach in either the NBA, NFL, or MLB. That is greatness and speaks to the respect which Bill Russell garnered among his peers.

Bill Russell even wrote an iconic autibiography titled Second Wind which should be a must for any serious fan/student of the NBA.

However, my favorite Bill Russell book is The Last Pass which details the strained relationship between Bill Russell and Bob Cousy up until the very end of their respective lives. Another must read for serious NBA fans and Americans for that matter on the issue of race in our country.

This past weekend the NBA lost perhaps its most influential player of all-time, while America lost one of its shining beacons.

The world is a pretty simple matter when you follow the lead of someone like Bill Russell.

Paul Newman-Joanne Woodward Movie Touches All the Bases

This was Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward’s song. It is the background music at the finish of Ethan Hawke and Martin Scorcese’s wonderful six hour long movie about the lives of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodard.

Five stars from me. Home run.

You just have to see it yourself…The Last Movie Stars on HBO+.

Something to watch during the refurn from the heat next Monday. Wife was in Denver so Pauli watched it with me this time. We’ll all three watch it again next week when the heat returns.

You.ll cry in a good way.

There’s so much to take in from this movie …I need to watch it twice.

Ethan has always been a favorite of mine because of the ending scene of White Fang. Pauli immediately starting howling at the screen once Ethan was shown in the Newman-Woodward movie. It was uncanny.

New Thunder Arena Thoughts

I’m not really that much of a Thunder fan anymore what with the never ending tanking, but to me this a no brainer for Oklahoma City.

Build an NBA quality arena if you want to be an NBA city.

I was looking at the numbers for the recent Sacramento Kings new arena and that construction price went over $600 million dollars.

The city’s contribution rate was capped at $255 million dollars with the the team picking up all the extras they kept adding to the final design.

Team still sucks and is still on a sixteen straight season losing streak without making the playoffs. But they have a beautiful arena to lose in with never ending consistency.

Despite a reasonably decent roster, loaded with eight high end first round picks, the Thunder will once suck themselves and are projected by Vegas to win a total of 22.5 games which will again make them one of the worst teams in the NBA record-wise.

The Thunder will again be a G-League team on steroids depending on how many games Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is allowed to play.

I don’t think he makes it to the fifty-five game plateau. They would win too many game in Presti World if that happened. Presti World needs another high first round pick so they add add another physically emaciated white player to the mix who will be five years away from being an NBA player.

So my question to myself is this… who has been Presti’s best white Euro player in Oklahoma City?

Would it be Nenad or Alex Abrines? Serge obviously is the Thunder’s greatest foreign player, but of course, he’s black and never looked like he was entering the NBA as a Holocaust survivor.

I’ll go Nenad since I think Sabonis is considered an American kid.

The Thunder ranked 28th in league attendance last season but should provide an entertaining night of Harlem Globetrotter-like basketball where we all know they’re going to lose around sixty of their games by design.

This isn’t real basketball, but if you can build a new arena and keep a fan base of some sort down the road…what harm are the Thunder doing?

No harm at all. They’ll be helping downtown Oklahoma City remain a vibrant part of the state’s economic engine.

I’ll go 24-58 on the Thunder, while the Kings win thirty-two games this season.