Sunday Thoughts

All is good. I’m reset after the grueling week of OU baseball and softball post season games. As a fan…I left nothing in the tank for either team. I watched the first game of the Stanley Cup Final last nights and it was actually relaxing for me as Boston and Colorado are my two favorite teams and neither made much of a splash in this year’s tournament.

I love the Florida Panthers’ grit…so I guess I’m for them moving forward.

My June will consists of multiple fishing trips in Oklahoma to spots I have never fished before. This is a short list given I was taught the art of fishing by the greatest angler in Oklahoma history…that being, Joe Carter Sr. who was buried with his fishing gear and was one of my dad’s cleints.

The Stage 4 cancer journey continues. I do not plan on wasting a single day. My wife will be in Florida for two weeks while I fish…then we hit Crested Debutte for the 4th of July, then Seattle in the second week of August, and back to Denver the last week of August. I might try to sneal in a four day fishing trip to New Mexico as well. I’ll have to see how I hold up during the dog days of summer.

I literally have no idea what my life expectancy over/under is at this point. I don’t want to ask Dr. Showalter for that specific juncture. I just want to embrace every day like it could my last. If Trump wins…in all candor, it might be God’s sign on how much he loves me and is going to reward for my genuinely good heart if I suddenly depart like Jonathon Livingston Seagull.

It is what is, baby.

This life has been more than good to me and I have no grievances or regrets. It’s all been good. I’ve been blessed.

I have some tree limbs to burn out here on the Deer Creek mini-ranch today as the winds have finally relented. I’m such an Oklahoma country boy.

Have a beautiful Sunday and never forget to live hard while you can.

Eternal peace, MJ.

Sooners Win 4th Straight National Championship

I am absolutely whipped. I have nothing left in the tank.

After watching the Sooners baseball team this week-end just fall short in the regional championship game at L. Dale Mitchell Park and this Sooners’ iconic softball group of seniors somehow win their fourth straight national championship without Jordy Bahl and Grace Lyon….my competitive soul is whipped.

I’ll need a rest. A reset of sorts before I even comment on a pathetic Game 1 in the NBA Finals. I think we now understand Porzingas is healthy.

I cried last night just like Kensie and Nichol May. This was special. This was a moment I’ll take with me on my journey moving forward. My soul needed this.

As a Sooner fan I’m so proud of this group. The way they never relented in the semis versus Florida. When Jada Coleman hit that walkoff homer in the 8th inning I went berserk.

What a group of seniors and what THEY accomplished at OU. Maybe even more impressive than UConn womens’ basketball or Tennessee womens’ basketball under Pat Summit because this took place during the NIL and transfer portal era in college sports.

And Kelly Maxwell…wow. Girl, just like Kevin Durant, you did the right thing. And I want to write about this previous sentence sometime this week-end after I’ve decompressed some more.

Jada Coleman, Tiara Jennings, Kenzie Hansen, Riley Boone, Alyssa Brito, and Nicole May you have this old guy’s heart forever. You guys aren’t normal compared to your age contemporaries of today’s world.

You remind me of my Packers back in the 60’s. Each one of you in your post game interviews talked about God. You talked about family. You talked about your coach and your teammates. You talked about doing things the right way every single day and not getting down during the rough spots in this season.

I am so completely impressed how this group believed in themselves and never backed down even after the departure of Jordy Bahl.

Life is good.

There’s Only One Oklahoma, Baby!!!!


Sooner Men Win, Survive, and Advance to Regional Finals Tonight in Norman

What a week of Sooner softball and baseball!

So great in fact…I passed on the National Cancer Survivors celebration at Sizzortail Park yesterday. Yeah, I mean, I’m so busy livin’…maybe next June I might attend if I hit the 28 month mark of my journey. Right now…I’m just focused on livin’ and to continue livin’ hard every single day to the fullest.

Win every day is my motto. Like at L Dale Mitchell Park where these gritty Sooners of Skip Johnson had to sweep a doubleheader against Duke and UConn in a seven hour span to advance to tonight’s regional final in Norman.

It’s tough working your way back from the loser’s bracket in a double elimination tournament. Very tough. I played on two state AAU baseball teams which won back to back titles when I was thirteen and fourteen and we had to fight back from the loser’s bracket on the first championship. Your pitching staff is basically running on empty, but finding a way to get it done on competitive adrenalin. It’s an awesome feeling to fight back all the way through the loser’s bracket. Very sweet.

Last night I found myself sitting behind home plate with the Piedmont baseball team. Holy shit!!!!. These kids were awesome! Truly awesome. They were like the Hansen Brothers in Slapshot. A couple of times I thought a UConn batter was going come into the stands. After the game they were shirtless on top of the OU dugout getting the crowd even more amped up for tonight.

They said they’ll be back tonight. We’ll see. Last I saw of them were shirtless running through the parking lot with Sooner fans honking their horns at them with love.

We did a group photo with them which I had texted to my son in Denver. I told him I wore my good luck Jamal Murray jersey last night along with my lucky OU Sooner baseball cap for extra positive karma. He was somewhat speechless. Kind of like when I suggested I might wear an Austin Reaves OU jersey to Game 2 in the Laker series in Denver. I think we’ve at this point kind of switched roles where he’s the father and I’m the youthful college kid.

Need to go work out and get myself totally prepared for tonight’s regional championship game in Norman.

In closing five words… THERE’S ONLY ONE OKLAHOMA, BABY!

Livin’ hard, MJ.

Donald Trump Is Now a Convicted Felon

Granted these thirty four convictions are on a par with Bill Clinton’s perjury in relation to the Monica blow jobs, but perjury and failure to dislose the truth in court are pretty much the same thing.

The fact of the matter is…Donald Trump should already have been in federal prison for the rest of his life based on the premeditated insurrection on Jan. 6 which resulted in the death of five human beings and serious injuries to an additional 140 law enforcement officers.

I’m about 90% certain he will be convicted of those crimes in the Washington D.C. jurisdiction if that case ever goes to the court. The evidence in that case is so overwhelming an underacheiving fourth grader could figure it out in fifteen minutes of deliberation.

Kudos to the jury in Manhattan. They did their job. You follow the law. The law was broken. Just like Bill Clinton did when he lost his law license for lying about a blow job.

I need to hit the road and get down to Norman for the OU regional baseball doubleheader today starting at noon.

This song is for all the Oklahoma Donald Trump human rabble.

Just to let you know Mikey feels your pain today.

Eternal peace, MJ.

Josh Giddey’s Impressive Exit Interview

As young Josh Giddey worked his way through this interview I was incredibly impressed by both his honesty and humility. It was a tough, tough year for Josh Giddey… what with the off the court issue plus the booing at road venues.

Plus the benching in the Dallas series.

Color me a Josh Giddey fan after this exit interview. He was honest, direct, but mostly human. The Thunder could use humans like Josh given it seems most in the organization appear to be Sam Presti fanboy androids from outer space.

If I were the Thunder… I’d keep Josh as my Sixth Man and then focus on finding a second center to help on the defensive boards and defensive rim protection facets of the Thunder game.

This doesn’t have to happen right now. In fact, it could wait until the trade deadline next February. Just find the right human who will mesh with this group of guys.

No more Gordon Hayward or Byombo trades. Again…that was malpractice by Sam Presti and anyone who knows anything about the NBA knows that was total bullshit.

So…. I guess ulimately what Josh needs to decide is if he wants to be a key piece on a team which should be very good the next seven years or so…or if he just wants to the ‘the guy’ on a real shitty team like both Cade Cunningham and Jordan Poole are in Detroit and Washington respectively.

Based on what I witnessed in this interview I would guess Josh will choose the former.

Nice interview, Josh. So completely refreshing to see a human being answer tough questions in the manner in which you did… young man.

That’s it for me tonight. A much needed night off from the NBA to reset myself for Game 5 in Minnesota.

I told you people on Mikey’s blog that Anthony Edwards was a Bad Little Dude. Just sayin’.

Have a wonderful Thursday.


Dallas Mavs Take 3-0 Lead vs. Minnesota TWolves

Happy Memorial Day… and a thanks to all of those who are or have bravely served our country. Freedom of speech and just basically freedom in general is precious. Thank you.

I’ve been lazy on the blog this week. Too many distractions for me with OU womens’ softball team advancing to another College World Series and the OU men winning the Big 12 regular season baseball championship. The Sooner men will be hosting a regional this week and I very much plan to attend. BOOMER!

I could care less about golf right now minus the Masters…so consequently-I don’t give a shit about the Scottie Scheffler deal.

I did watch the Josh Giddey exit interview…and to be frank, I was genuinely moved by the manner in which he addressed his issues this season. I’d keep him just as long as he and his agent fully understand he’s the Sixth Man like Ginobli was in San Antonio.

I’m in rock music heaven currently as 94.7FM in Oke City is doing their Memorial Day Top 500 countdown. Truly awesome to have this annual event and not have to listen to the country bullshit in Oklahoma non-stop 24/7.

The Indy 500 was cool. I’ve never attended that event. I need to.

Derby winner Mystic Dan didn’t win the Preakness, but did come in second. So a shout out from me to Mystic Dan. Nice job, buddy. You can’t win them all. It’s the effort that matters. would appear the Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks are headed to the NBA Finals. This would be cool for me because Jrue Holiday is my third favorite player in the NBA behind Klay and Jamal. I obviously have a thing for gritty, smart, two way guards who can both defend and and score. Great play by Jrue at the end in Game 3 versus the Pacers.

Don’t sleep on these Dallas Mavericks. They have hit a championship gear and have melded beautifully since the trade deadline when their GM did what good GMs are supposed to do. Namely…give their team the best chance possible to win a championship.

Too bad this trade deadline doctrine isn’t embraced by Sam Presti in Okae City.

Have a great Memorial Day!

One of my readers sent this country music Youtube video to me in my mailbox here at the blog and I love it. Thanks to Tara in New Zealand for the song.

Peace, MJ.

Minnesota TWolves Ends Denver Nuggets Repeat Hopes in Game 7

I knew this was going to be tough for Denver and I wrote as much just as this series was about to begin. These aren’t the same Nuggets from a year ago in that they never replaced departed Sixth Man of the Year Bruce Brown.

Reggie Jackson…bless his heart. I would take any of the Thunder’s young second unit over Reggie.

Denver basically got nothing from their bench these last two games of the series and I think basically Nicola and Jamal wore out in the second half. Michael Porter, Aaron Gordon, and KCP were not what they needed to be.

I also wrote on my blog the Nuggets didn’t have to deal with Naz Reid and Jaden McDaniels in last season’s playoffs. In my mind McDaniels was the Wolves MVP along with Mike Conley in games 6 & 7.

Total congrats to the Wolves. Anyone who thinks this was a fluke wasn’t watching the NBA very carefully this season. They are legit, they’re deep, and they’re well coached. And they have some hubris and gravitas…which I love.

I still love Jamal. The sun still shone this morning at the Deer Creek mini-ranch after the tornados fortunately steered south last night. Several relatives called me and told me to get in a safe room and ignore the fourth quarter since my wife was in Seminole.

I…. of course said I would and then completely ignored their suggestion. I’ve seen Mike Morgan’s act before….I later told my son…” Calm down, I knew I had this right. A drunken blind fool could out forcast Mike Morgan.”

Anyway, moving forward…in the East Finals my heart will be with the Celtics because of Jrue Holiday. In the West…. I’ll be rooting for the Wolves because of Anthony Edwards who almost won my regular season MVP vote.

Denver GM Calvin Booth has some work in front of him this off season. His team needs a bench of some sort if they want to hang with the Wolves and Thunder moving forward.

As far as Ant dropping a ‘M—erf–ker’ at the end of his Game 6 postgame presser…I loved the hubris. Too bad Little Nick Gallo never brings any of this out with the Thunder players in their preschool level postgame pressers.

Be well.


Dallas Mavs End Thunder’s Season in Game 6

Truly a great game!

One of the most dramatic last two minutes of any post-season game I’ve seen so far this season.

My full and complete respect to Shai not just for his incredible season, but the fact he went into that post game presser and took it like a man admitting he fouled PJ Washington on the shot attempt with 2.5 seconds remaining.

Total class. I’m glad I changed my vote to Shai for the regular season MVP.

I thought Lu, Chet, JDub, Cason, and in spots Isaiah Joe were excellent.

Shout out to Chet in that he played in all 82 regular season games, plus the ten post-season games.

The only negative I see is the fact Sam Presti didn’t do his job at the trade deadline and acquire another big to help Chet with defensive rebounding and rim protection. Plus, the Josh Giddey situation should have neen settled in early March at the latest.

The acquisition of Gordon Hayard and Bismack Biyombo is general manager malpractice and Sam Presti should be called out for it. But of course that won’t happen with the Oklahoma City sports media because the writers in this market simply aren’t equipped to objectively cover a big league team like the Thunder whose future burns bright.

Anthony Slater by far is the best beat reporter who has ever covered the Thunder beat, but of course he now covers the Golden State Warriors beat.

If you think I’m being too harsh simply listen to ESPN’s Richard Jefferson’s commentx at the conclusion of this video I posted this morning.

Close your eyes for just a bit and imagine that Derek Lively and Ousmane Deng were on opposite teams this series. Imagine OKC had a scrappy second big like Lively at their their disposal.

Sam Presti…c’mon, dude. You’re one the who said, “Scared money don’t make money.”

Sam Presti…these guys deserve better from their general manager.

I’m going to go fishing and then get settled in for Game 7 tonight in Denver.

Have a blesssed day.


Denver Nuggets Prep for Game 7 After Game 6 Road Blowout Loss.

I’m not making any excuses here, but Denver as a collective group played extremely poor last night. The live ball turnovers cannot happen against this Minnesota group. Period.

It happens. The Nuggets played under a great deal of emotional duress after the two home losses, then used a great deal of energy to win three straight under the scrutiny of Perk and Steven A.


My breathing coach at the Wellness Center, 76 year-old Earl asked,” MJ, where’s the Jamal jersey today…you throwing in the towel?’

I gave Earl a dismissive glare and responded, ” No, Earl….cancer survivors don’t ever throw in the towel. When you first saw me a year ago…I was a 36.5 road underdog to make it to Halloween. Now look at me….I could be starting for Coach Venables as the Cheetah-back.”

Nothing changes for me. The Nuggets just need to rest today. Have a light walk through tomorrow and just basically eliminate the bad turnovers which have plagued them in their three losses in this series. Especially the live ball turnovers.

Let’s not overthink things here here at the internationally acclaimed Denver has Nicola at home.

Just bear down mentally and BE THE BALL. Shut out all the outside noise and be the ball. This is not complex. I’m seriously disappointed with Earl. I may have to replace him with Dorthy on Monday.

Eternal love, MJ.

Coach Michael Malone’s Presser After Game 2 Blowout Loss at Home

Lombardi once said, ” Guys who can draw up a play are a dime a dozen. Show me that unique coach who can undertstand how to motivate each different personality on his team for the duration of a season…and I’ll show you a championship coach.”

Yeah…that’s Michael Malone. I have no idea if the Nuggets will win Game 6 tonight at Minnesota, but just to get to Game 6 considering where his team was after Game 2 is somewhat remarkable.

This isn’t about manhood. It’s about doing your job. It’s about Nicola and Jamal leading and the others following. It’s about taking full responsibiliy for your play and being prideful in what your team is about.

This was a presser after practice the day after the Game 2 home blowout loss. This is a no excuses or let’s feel sorry for ourselves presser.

Lombardi also said, “The more you win, the harder it is to surrender.” Think about that. Winning championships is hard. Very hard at this level.

Since this practice…Nicola, Jamal, Aaron, KCP, Christian, and Justin Holiday have turned it on. Michael Porter, Reggie Jackson, and the benched Peyton Watson need to play better. Each player has a unique manner in which they address adversity and it’s the coaches job to understand on how to get the maximum out of his team.

Tell me how many people know the name of the current GM of the Denver Nuggets. It’s Calvin Booth. Not many people outside of Denver know his name because Coach Michael Malone is old school and coaches like his father used to coach.

Everybody knows who Sam Presti is. Isn’t that odd. Sam Presti has never hired a head coach in Oklahoma City with a personality which would in any way challenge his perceived control of the franchise all the way to the manner in which the basketballs are placed in the racks at the practice facility. I laughed my ass off when I read that in Sam Anderson’s book Boom Town. Perfect nuanced analogy.

Anyway…No 1 Rule of Coaching is Player Makes the Coach.

The end.

Big game tonight in Minnesota for the Nuggets.