My First Round NFL Playoff Quarterback Rankings

This is why we play. For the goal achieving portion of the season. The regular season means nothing at this point. Single elimination for the Lombardi Trophy.

My list is in my view the top eight quarterbacks still alive who coupled with their specific team have the best chances of winning the Super Bowl one thru eight.

Ryan Tannehill and Jimmy Garoppolo are on my list for two reasons…1 they both play on teams with strong defenses, and 2 they both play on teams who can run the ball in cold weather. Neither made my top eight in the regular season, but if both of these guys can stay away from throwing picks and managing the game like Peyton Manning did in leading the Denver Broncos to their most recent Super Bowl championship….it wouldn’t shock me to see the Titans and 49’ers make a run.

My stat of the week pertains to the San Franciso 49’ers…When Jimmy G doesn’t throw a pick… San Fran has not lost a game this season. I think the 49’ers at Dallas is the most intriguing game this week-end for that reason. If Jimmy G plays turnover free—it wouldn’t shock me to see the 49’ers get on a roll.

Derrick Henry for the Titans. He might be rusty, but what he’ll also be is rested. If Tennessee advances it would not shock me to see the Titans make a run and possibly win the AFC Championship.

And, of course, everything begins and ends with Tom Brady. I think the key for Tampa is for Mike Evans and Gronk to not get injured and add in that regard to an already depleted Bucs’ wide receiver corps. Tom is Tom. The end.

My list:

1 Tom Brady

2 Aaron Rodgers

3 Patrick Mahomes

4 Josh Allen

5 Ryan Tannehill

6 Matthew Stafford

7 Jimmy Garoppolo

8 Kyler Murray

Firefall Winter Music Festival

Absolutely no sports for me tonight. A brutal Canadian front is bearing down on Deer Creek as I post. Just got in wearing shorts walking the wooded creek-line with Pauli looking for the mountain lion at dusk. We needed to do this because there’s no way in hell… I’m walking her tomorrow with wind chill temps projected at zero.

Football and basketball galore tomorrow, but tonight it’s a winter music-fest with some red wine to get prepared for the massive temperature drop-off.

I still haven’t done my initial NFL Playoff Top Six quarterback ratings, but I’ll get to it tomorrow morning. No sports tonight though. Just music and wine.

Stay warm. Be safe. Be kind to others and bring your dogs inside.

I dread the cold tomorrow. As much as I love Toronto…I could never make it thru a Canadian winter. Who am I kidding there? Oklahoma is a challenge as it is. I wish I could just click my heels three times and wake up in Cozumel or Puerta Villarta and watch the NFL playoff games on the beach drinking cold Pacifico beer.

One of the best concerts I ever attended was Firefall playing backup for Marchall Tucker. To be young again.

Need to close this out and get my game face on for the NFL Playoffs. I love this song. Not a huge commercial success. But one of my favorite Firefall songs.

Thunder Bludgeon Exhausted Brooklyn Squad, 130-108

Even the Thunder couldn’t lose this one. The Nets without Kevin Durant and the still unvaccinated Kyrie Irving were on the last night of a four game in five days stretch…. this is one the Thunder couldn’t lose.

Plus…I think whenever Hinkie-Presti can beat Durant and Harden it’s cathartic balm for his provincial franchise to get all fired up. The Thunder rolled. In the process OKC won a game they’ll probably regret come mid-April.

This game marks the mid-way point for the Thunder in the eighty-two game NBA regular season. OKC now stands at 14-27…which means for me to hit my 22-60 bet on the Thunder’s win total this season…the tanking Thunder need to go 8-33 the second half of this season.

Chris Fisher actually used the word alacrity during the broadcast while I was watching my Thunder ten-minute quota. I was stunned. Where did that come from? I loved it, but I wonder how many Proud Boys and Oath Keepers even knew that word existed. I loved it though.

Alacrity….noun: brisk and cheerful readiness.

I love that he had the nerve to use that noun in Oklahoma. It must have been the former USC broadcaster in him. I’m giving Chris Fisher a helmet sticker. Not many Oklahoma dudes dropping alacrity in their daily conversations. Juanita Elijah, my high school English teacher from John Marshall would have kissed Chris Fisher for using alacrity during a Thunder game.

The LA Clippers may be tanking full fold pretty soon so maybe there’s hope for OKC that pick will actually turn into a player since Poku is back playing G League basketball again.

I watched maybe ten minutes of this game then started watching other things on Thursday night:

Texas Tech rolled Mike Boynton’s offensively punchless Cowboys in Lubbock like I thought they would.

Memphis won their 11th straight game.

Milwaukee rolled the Golden State Warriors at home.

The streaking Boston Bruins, 10-3-2 in their last fifteen games, beat the Philadelphia Flyers 3-2 in Boston behind a David Pasternak hat trick. It was the second night in a row the Bruins were featured on either TNT or ESPN …so for me it was a nice hockey week.

With the Thunder now down to 7th place in my current Oklahoma sports relevancy poll…this is where I’ll pick it up with my hockey coverage. Trust me…you won’t get this anywhere else in Oklahoma.

The Bruins can score goals and have a wonderful power play, but I just don’t know how far they can go with the emotionally volatile Tuuka Rask in net.

In hockey—you build your team from the net out if you aspire to hoist a Cup… and I fear while the Bruins are an exciting team to watch in the regular season—it could be tough for the Bruins come Stanley Cup Playoff time. Pray for Tuukka.

I need to get ready for the NFL Playoffs and the cold weather headed our way. Nothing better than a brief cold spell while watching NFL playoff football.

Mark Adams: Texas Tech Head Coach Big 12 Presser

In case you didn’t know…on Tuesday night in Waco,the Texas Tech Red Raiders ended defending champion Baylor’s 20 game winning streak with a hard fought wire to wire game.

Here’s Coach Adams at the pre-season Big 12 presser as he discusses the transition from being Chris Beard’s associate head coach for five years prior to landing the Texas Tech job.

This is a no frills interview of which only college basketball junkies might enjoy. Mark Adams looks more like a pastor than a college basketball coach, but don’t judge the cover…he can flat out coach.

Coach Adams at various college levels was a head coach for twenty-five years and won a junior college national championship along the way. He was also with Chris Beard in Little Rock before Beard made the move to Lubbock.

Coach Adams was the associate head coach at Texas Tech for the previous five years and was elevated to the head coach position when Chris Beard took the Texas job last spring.

Mark Adams is a Texas Tech alum and this is his dream job. He’s one of these guys who fly under the radar screen, but was a huge part of Texas Tech’s run to the national championship game three years ago.

Coach Adams is also known as a coach who has transformed the Big 12 into this basketball monster conference which boasts tough man to man switching defense. Coach Adams has been known as a guy who’s tweaked it to perfection in the Big 12. Kind of like Ron Adams in the NBA as far as being a defensive guru.

Interestingly, O State former head coach Sean Sutton has been on the staff with Coach Adams for several years now and stayed in Lubbock after Chris Beard departed for his alma mater in Austin.

Tonight in Lubbock…the Red Raiders host Oklahoma State in what should be a defensive grind it out type of game.

One would think if Tech wins this game coupled with its upset of Baylor–the Red Raiders will be headed up into the Top 12 or so of next week’s poll. I’m circling Texas Tech as a March Madness Cinderella possibility.

Ja Morant Dazzles As Memphis Handles Golden State

There’s a lot of great stuff going on in the NBA currently, but at the head of the class even beyond Phoenix and Golden State are Ja Morant and the streaking Memphis Grizzlies.

On Tuesday night the Grizz handled the Warriors even with Klay Thompson scoring 14 points in just over nineteen minutes while recording a team high +17 rating.

It didn’t matter what Klay did because the Grizzlies are on fire even without one of their better players Dillion Brooks out for awhile. The Grizzlies won their 10th staight game and 20th out of their last 24 games.

The Grizzlies are on the cusp of being the next young NBA team in a small market city to become a league favorite kind of like the Thunder were almost a decade ago.

I was wrong earler this season when I wrote the Thunder are a year behind Memphis in their rebuild. That was overly optimistic. Even if Oklahoma City hits the lottery and lands say a Paulo Banchero….the Thunder after two years of shamelessly tanking like they have will take at the least another two years to then integrate a winning culture and learn how win in the last four minutes of games against good teams.

Sometimes you have to lose to be winner again, but in the NBA you have to learn how to close out against good teams. You have to not only be talented, but be menatlly and with a collection of players who ply smart with an edge to their game.

Memphis has a good young coach in Taylor Jenkins and a deep team which could maybe use another veteran piece to add even more wing scoring.

But what Memphis has most of all is the next star of the league in Ja Morant who on Tuesday night did the unthinkable when in the midst of Klay Thompson’s return made the Splash Brothers the seconf tier storyline of the night.

Thunder Be Happy Wednesday Thoughts

What a gorgeous mid-January winter day in Oklahoma. Caleb Williams didn’t need move to SoCal with January winter like this in Oklahoma. This is very San Diegoesque …albeit with climate change attached. But still.

The Thunder played last night and actually found a way to extract defeat from a win over the Wizards with Bradley Beal sitting and a fistfight breaking out in the Washington locker room at halftime between KCP and Montrell H. That has to be a first for the now 13-27 shamelessly tanking Thunder with only one game left till we reach the halfway point of this season.

And to make it even more gratifying…KCP hit the game winner for the self-brawling Wizards with a 25-foot accidental bank shot just right of the arc with a couple of seconds left.

Orlando at the midway mark is the leader in the clubhouse thru 36 holes with a 7-34. Bubba Watson is till out on the course at the 17th green at 7-33. Then OKC is holding the fourth spot at 13-27.

Hinkie=Presti needs to amp up the shameless tank death march another notch or two if he wants Paulo Banchero wearing one of those sleek new white Thunder jerseys on draft night. A white Thunder cap with that jersey would be sharp. Little Nick Gallo needs to start working on it…given he really doesn’t do anything else except embarrass sports jounalists everywhere. I think he went to Vandy…and that’s an exceptional school. He has no excuses at this point. But from I’ve read Rachel Nichols is headed to TNT…so that dream of mine is dead with her joining the Thunder.

Only forty-two games left. Get out and enjoy the weather thru Friday because then we get cold weather on Saturday to make the NFL Playoffs-Round I even better to watch.

Next up…my Top Four NFL QB Ratings heading into Round L.

Trump Addresses Georgia’s Fake National Championship Claim

Crimson Tide Nation which has given us Mo Brooks and the Love Judge to date is roiling a bit after Georgia’s fake national championship claim on Monday night from Indianapolis.

Lest it not escape any of our Trump domestic terrorists throughout the country this ‘fake’ win occurred in the state of which Mike Pence served before becoming Donald Trump’s primary Vice-Presidential target for hanging in front of our nation’s capitol.

This clearly was an act perpetrated by Mike Pence in conjunction with Stacey Abrams. According to a preliminary Sidney Powell affadavitt. Crazy Rudy Guiliani and Sidney Powell are confused as to where to file their first state appellate appeal as to nullify Georgia’s fake claim to the college football national championship. But more clarity is expected later today at a Stop the Steal presser from Tuscaloosa.

Sources say Tucker Carlson will be hitting on this story just now breaking at the crazier hard right wing news outlets.

The Stop the Steal campaign is already gaining steam in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oklahoma…clearly the four most ardent Trump domestic terrorists states in what formerly was known as the United States of America.

An unnamed congressman from Oklahoma was even quoted as saying 10th ranked Oklahoma should leap-frog all the way to No. 1 based on the Sooners’ 47-32 win over Oregon in the Alamo Bowl.

More details to follow as story continues to break.

And if you’re a Trump domestic terrorist Proud Boy type and you think I’m throwing a little shade your way this morning…well, then, so be it.

Georgia Wins First National Championship Since Vince Dooley

Just as a college football fan with no emotional ties to either team…I thought this game turned into a very interesting game in the second half.

I mean it was 26-18 with Alabama driving to tie the game and send it into overtime in the last two minutes. Considering what we got in last year’s playoff this game was the best game of the last six playoff games played in the last two years.

It had a little bit of everything. It had Stetson Bennett a preferred walk-on playing the part of of Rudy and winning a national championship over Nick Saban and his five star Heisman winner Bryce Young. Stetson Bennett still has eligibility left…it will be interesting to see what he does. I would think he has to come back and see if he can direct the Dawgs to a repeat.

A walk-on winning a national championship in the era of NIL and the transfer portal is analogous to Mitt Romney winning a GOP presidential primary over Trump in Alabama. One for the ages for Stetson Bennett.

And his offensive coordinator Todd Monken the former Oklahoma State coordinator in 2011 who himself had some redemption on Championship Monday. Monken after leaving Oklahoma State had less than stellar results at Southern Miss as a head coach. Then as the offensive coordinator with the Tampa Bay Bucs got let go when Dirk Koetter was let go. Then the same thing with the Cleveland Browns as he tried to mold Baker Mayfield as an NFL quarterback when the whole staff got let go again.

I love Todd Monken. If Coach Venables hadn’t hired Jeff Lebby…I’m that rare OU fan who would love to have Coach Monken at some point in his career running the OU offense. Stick that one in a drawer if Jeff Lebby isn’t at OU for more than two years.

Then Kirby Smart. He finally exorcised the Saban monkey off his back. Kirby Smart finally beat Nick Saban.

To Saban’s credit he’s still the best. He got his team to the national championship game missing significant pieces in his secondary. Then late in the first half he lost Jameson Williams to go along with the loss of John Metchie in the SEC Championship Game.

From that point forward the Georgia defense made the field shorter and narrower for Bryce Young. Space and time became harder for the Heisman winner on every offensive snap because in essence the Tide didn’t have a dependable long threat in the game to push the Georgia safeties back a few yards.

Williams wanted to come back in the game, but to Saban’s credit he wouldn’t allow Williams to return and possibly damage his NFL draft status for the upcoming draft.

So for me as an OU fan who’s been watching the transfer portal as if it were a religous ritual since Lincoln Riley’s departure…Stetson Bennett is a reminder there’s still a lot to love about college football even in the Wild West days of NIL and the transfer portal.

Look for the good in the’s still there. Even with bitterness the Oklahoma State fans harbor towards OU for heading off to the SEC…you know what finally happened in Stillwater this football season? O State football finally grew up along with their coach Mike Gundy. In a season which almost paralells what Stetson Bennett just did…Oklahoma State beat OU, Texas, and Notre Dame in the same football season.

Think about that…and they did it with a junior redshirt in Spencer Sanders who’s right there at the top of Mount Redemption along with Stetson Bennett.

There’s still a lot to love about college football if you just look in the right places.

Embrace the game and hope it finds its way through NIL and the transfer portal. Hope some reasonable adults institute a twelve team playoff and include some nuanaced changes to the NIL and the portal.

But don’t just blindly hate on the game…because there’s still quite a bit to love about college football.

Todd Monken… August, 2012 Joe C… stick this in your drawer for Coach Venabales. Put this in your El Prez file. Trust me on this.

Todd Monken…January 2013 Head coach at Southern Miss. The trails coaches travel in their careers are fascinating. What they learn or absorb at every stop….how they evolve.

National Championship Gameday

Depending on where you’re betting Georgia is either a 2.5 or 3 point neutral field favorite.

I find that odd for multiple reasons.

Alabama has the better coach. Alabama has the better quarterback. Alabama has the better wide receiver even with John Metchie out. Alabama has the better kicker. Alabama has a hot running back coming off a career game vs. Cincy. Alabama has the best defensive player in the country in my mind in No. 31 Anderson.

I’m not sure why Georgia is favored. Surely it can’t be because they easily beat an overhyped soft Big Ten team like Michican who’s coach was so demoralized by the defeat he might leave and take the Chicago Bears job. Kind of like soft Lincoln Riley after Bedlam heading to the PAC 12.

Georgia and Alabama both have people missing in their secondaries and I love Georgia’s tight end, but Alabama’s Billingsly is one of the most underrated tight ends in America, With Metchie out tonight …Bryce Young needs to utilize his tight end. Alabama’s ability to tun and ultilize the tight end are my two kyts circled in red tonight.

For sure if I can…I’ll take Alabama plus the three…I’m taking Alabama tonight.

Until Kirby Smart proves to me he can beat Nick Saban—I just don’t see enough from Georgia at the quarterback position to take Georgia and give points no less.

I’m pretty jacked. I love watching physical teams play. And we clearly have the two most talented, physical teams playing tonight for all the marbles.

I’m ready.

Roll, Tide.

USC’s Jaxon Dart Enters Transfer Portal

Caleb Williams attended the LA Rams vs. 49’ers game yesterday on his visit to California. Today USC’s projected starting quarterback Jaxson Dart entered the transfer portal. I don’t think you have to be be Columbo to connect those dots.

Hope I’m wrong, but at least OU won’t have to face Caleb in Norman in 2023 when the Georgia Bulldogs come to town.

It doesn’t shock me because his father basically sent Caleb to Norman to play for Lincoln Riley without a scholarship at one point. So this won’t be a shock if this is indeed the way it goes down later this evening during the national championship game telecast.

I’m disappointed Caleb is going to play in a league which was weaker than the American Athletic Conference this past season, but it’s his decision and his future. I wish him the best.

OU is fortunate to have Dillion Gabriel to replace Caleb and my hope is the attitude with OU fans moving forward is a positive one.

To Caleb’s credit, I thought he was pretty much transparent with his comments after the Alamo Bowl and to Caleb’s further credit, unlike Lincoln Riley, he didn’t leave the OU seniors hanging for their bowl game or the Big 12 Championship Game if OU had beaten Oklahoma State in Bedlam.

We’ll never know if he would have won a Heisman at Oklahoma, but if he indeed goes to USC you would think with the absolute lack of any defense by any team in that league Caleb could put up some staggering numbers.

Caleb never lied. He was a blast to watch this season and in my mind his one season OU legacy wise will go down somewhat like Marcus Dupree’s one fabulous freshman season in Norman….except Caleb is very much in charge of his life it would appear.

It will be interesting to see if his high school buddy Jahil enters the portal later today or tomorrow. Hope not. But we’ll have to sit back and see.

Otherwise…OU’s team is coming around fairly nicely, especially at the tight end and linebacker positions. The Sooners picked up several players last week and that’s the way moving forward for OU at this point in this crazy football season. Plus…they picked up a D lineman from Hawaii.

So it will end just like the final scene from On Any Given Sunday with Al Pacino taking his quarterback with him to head out West unless Georgia or Texas A&M make Caleb an offer he can’t monetarily refuse.

I wouldn’t at all compare this to Kevin Durant leaving to go play with Steph and Klay for two reasons..1 USC currently sucks, and 2 Caleb was basically up front about what he wanted to explore in regards to his college football future.

I’ll be back on here ASAP if he announces someone other than USC.

So when all is said and done so far…Caleb plus Mario Williams to date are the only OU players on the cusp of joining Lincoln Riley at USC.

Willie Beamon heading West. No real shock.