Thunder In Search Of 15th Straight Loss In Boston

Ten more games after tonight in Boston. Does Sam Presti have his mind made up as to who he wants to pick from this draft to build his team around?

Presti being in the ‘top five’ with a combined thirty-four first and second round draft picks plus whatever he gets for Al Horford if he trades him is certainly enough NBA currency for the Thunder to move up in the draft.

With me it’s still Cade because of his adaptability, versatility on both ends of the floor, and his personality in that I think Cade wants to win more than just feed his ego. He wants to win.

Cade isn’t Magic Johnson, he’s not Kevin Durant, he’s not Grant Hill. He’s Cade cunningham with an NBA ready body. I would guess by looking at Cade’s shoulders and arms he bench presses around 250 lbs. on ten rep sets.

Unlike Durant his body and his defense won’t be works in progress.

And like I wrote on here before with the likes of bad run franchises like Minnesota, Detroit, Orlando, and Cleveland in the mix…one would think Sam Presti could outflank these people for the rights to Cade if the Thunder don’t hit the No. 1 pick ball.

NFL draft gets going later this week. Instead of watching the Thunder lose at Boston tonight …I think I’ll do my annual watch of Draft Day with Kevin Costner.

Thunder Losing Streak Hits 14 in Philly, 121-90

I love these kids from the School of Rock in Seattle. The Thunder losing streak should hit fifteen tomorrow night in Boston. If the Celtics somehow lose to the Thunder …Brad Stevens should be fired on the floor.

The three games versus Sacramento will decide if Sam Presti’s squad of sustainability can close the season on a twenty five game losing streak.

Let’s go 25…bring on Cade, baby!!!

Be steadfast and be at peace within yourself as we finish the season.

As Jake Owen sings in The Journey of Life…’Sometimes you have to lose to become a winner.’ This is one of those times.

Smerconish-Jackson Compromise

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Smerconish question on my blog. Since the attempt by racist white domestic terrorists to overthrow our government on January 6th….I pretty much decided to be calm since I live in a Proud Boy state.

The question yesterday on Michael’s show was excellent. Should D.C. and the 700,000 people who live there be admitted as the 51st state so they can have senatorial representation?

By a 75% margin the vote was yes. However, I voted no, but with a caveat attached.

My rational to Michael was these 700,000 people can be be represented in the U.S. Senate very ably by the senators in either Virginia or Maryland. Neither of those states fall into the batfuck crazy category. So, in essence, these 700,000 people could be considered constituents of either of these states.

My primary caveat was in order to make the U.S. Senate functional again what we should be doing is reducing the number of senators from 100 to 90 by stripping the rights of five existing states to be represented in this once austere chamber.

The five states who would in essence be put on NCAA probation from being reprented in the U.S. Senate are Oklahoma, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Arkansas. We don’t need these five states states sending senators. These five have proven they’re never going to change and in no way are coachable. We could actually make it a trial probation of four years to be reviewed on say May 1st, 2025.

The. U.S. will keep military bases in operation in these five ‘state-territories’ and such programs as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will remain in place if these states so desire.

Instead of having two senators each of these five states will have one federal provost who is the conduit in matters of state and federal business.

This way nobody has to secede and hopefully the white domestic terrorists will have designated zones where they can still live in their 1866 bubble. College football and the SEC and the Big 12 will in no way be affected.

Carry on.

Have a pleasant Sunday.

Russell Westbrook Week in OKC Ends With A Wizard Sweep

Russell and his Wizard teammates needed two easy wins this week to stay in the hunt for a spot in the NBA’s playin tournament and they got what they needed from the Thunder.

I thought Russell played well in both games. He and Bradley Beal seem to be playing with a nice symbiotic flow as the NBA’s highest scoring tandem in the league. The Wizards are in a dogfight to stay in the 10th seeding position, but as a fan of not only Russell, but the NBA as well…I hope we get to see the Wizards play Jimmy Butler, Bam, and Tyler Herro.

It’s been such an odd week for me watching Russell this week and the result of the Chauvin verdict and seeing the reation from others. As an honors graduate of the Bob Jackson School of Law I predicted there would be a murder conviction and the jury did the right thing. The law is the law and there was an abundance of evidence. CNN should have given me some run…just saying.

There is a part of Russell Westbrook of which I love. Granted, I wanted to strangle him about a half a dozen times, but there is a core there I love. If he never wins an NBA ring that’s okay with me because on every other front Russell checks the boxes for me.

Russell is the same age as my son Chris and there are some similarities.

I know Russell as a father is going to put everything of himself into Noah as Chris is going to do with Little Robert. I feel good about the souls of those two young men and their sons.

Being the father of a son in these times in which we live is a very serious business. It requires you put everything of your soul and heart into the job. Literally everything. But I can ensure you at the end of the road it’s a very gratifying feeling.

The clip from above is from the 1967 film Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. In reality… since this film was released some things have changed, but a great deal hasn’t changed at all as evidenced by the past four years.

Seeing Russell this week made me think of this epic scene which is probably my favorite movie scene of all-time.

Russell, Bad Little Dude…the invitation for you and the family is always an open-ended one to get the kids together for a cook-out.

Take care, buddy.

And I need to to do this for the tanking Thunder now losers of thirteen straight and headed to Philly and Boston for two more losses. It’s going to get better. This will be over in three weeks. Basketball is the easiest sport to rebuild because if you have two really good players you can fit other pieces around them and be relevant pretty quick. And the Thunder are going to have two pretty good players next season to lead all this youth.

Keep your heads up.

Russell Westbrook With Son Noah At The Podium 2020 All-Star Presser

This is awesome. Russ is my son’s favorite player even though his family now lives in Denver.

I wish there was some way Little Robert could hook up with Noah and play some time. We could play Baby Shark, High Hopes and feed the wild turkeys with the diva lab Pauli and everything. Maybe go fishing.

C’mon, Russ. Ray Jr. knows me. He signed in here on the blog once and everything. It would be fun. We could sit and talk about the Michelle Obama book…which btw was a great book.

We all just wonder if Tramel had been at this presser and asked a stupid question if Noah would have rolled his eyes looked at him and said, “Next question.”

What a great looking kid.

Russell Westbrook, you are blessed Bad Little Dude. Family is everything.

After Dark

This After Dark selection is dedicated to my seventeen month-old grandson Little Robert. Don’t get me wrong….I love Baby Shark as much as any two year-old, but I’m hoping to broaden LR’s music playlist next time we see them.

Life seems reasonable right now.

I have to admit…I love Baby Shark. Some day I’ll explain to Little Robert the whole Howie Kendrick thing.

I could listen to Diana Krall and leave this earth. This seems appropriate given the cold April weather in Oklahoma. If they played Diana Krall at church…I’d start going to church. Just saying.

Sleep well. Peace.

Russell Westbrook To Return As a Wizard On Friday Night

This will be a game I watch from wire to wire. It means something for the Wizards because they’re holding on to the last spot for a playin game in the playoffs.

There were high moments with Russell in Oklahoma City, and some tough moments, but the good so far outweighs any of the bad there will always be a part of my basketball heart attached to him.

I love his committemnt to his family, his inner circle, and his beliefs.

Russell is the only other male I know of besides me who will admit to reading Michelle Obama’s book…so there’s that as well.

I hope his son Noah is at the game tomorrow night…I’d love to see him now that I’m a grandfather myself. I’d like to see if Noah runs like Little Robert who runs like Forest Gump.

I thought of Russell on Wednesday as I was waiting for the verdict. I thought of his night in Utah with the two fans. I thought back on what Russell was trying to convey to his family and to the rest of us.

Anyway, I know I speak for most Thunder fans when I say our hearts will always be with you.

After Dark

I can’t even watch the Thunder this week. It’s too much. There comes a point a human can only watch so much of whatever it is Sam Presti is doing right now.

Maybe I can watch Friday when Russell comes back to town. Russell Westbrook…the calm one. Who would have ever thought?

It’s too much what with all the other things going on in the world.

‘This songs always relaxes me. A great karaoke song.

Enjoy the song. Be at peace if you can.

I’ve always loved Russell. Even if he did drive off Kevin. There’s just something about him I still love. He’s his own man. How can you not love that in a player?

There’s a real chance Washington could hookup with Tyler Herro and the Miami Heat in one of the playin games in the East. Trustme…I’ve been charting it.

At this point…that would be something I could cling to this NBA season.

Let’s go, Russell.

This is the famous Rachel Nichols-Tyler Herro interview before Game 4 of the Finals last summer. The only thing which could hve made this better for me would have been Doris Burke and Rachel interviewing Tyler simultaneously.

How can you not love this kid?

Derek Chauvin Historical Epilogue

So what will be the lasting historical legacy of Derek Chauvin murdering George Floyd?

We don’t for sure know given that within our hour of the conviction a sixteen year old black girl in Ohio called the police reporting a public disturbance and was shot to death in her own front yard by the police.

Not even a single day passed without another black person in America being killed by the police.

I just hope and pray our country can at some point come to terms with systemic racism.

That we treat people of color with at least the same humanity and compassion in which we treat our dogs.

Can anyone envision Derek Chauvin choking a dog to death on a street in broad daylight and no one intervening?

As Will Smith the actor said, “Nothing has really changed. He was just caught on film this time.”

I don’t really know that the government can legislate decency and empathy. We did this in the 60’s when LBJ passed the civil rights legislation and in hindsight all that has done was turn the Solid South from blue to red to this day still minus Georgia in this past election.

Barack Obama won the Whie House twice and if anything it seems to have fueled even more hate from certain white sectors of America.

What made Donald Trump unique from the other GOP candidates in the 2016 primaries? The race card. He played the birther race card and was the first U.S Senator to step on a stage endorsing Trump was Jeff Sessions from Alabama. You think that was a chance accident?

The insurrection of the White House was fueled by people like Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Mo Brooks. This was white domestic terrorists in essence ready to hang white Mike Pence because he wouldn’t go along with their plans to overthrow the government.

So I don’t really look at yesterday as an inflection or permanent turning point, but maybe a baby step of sorts that if you catch a white policeman executing a black person on the the streets of America and you have it on film you might haave a chance of winning in court if the jurisdicction is in a blue state.

I hope I’m wrong.