Thunder Find A Way To Lose At The End Versus Kings

The regret of losing the Miracle on Wood game in Boston will historically haunt Coach D and his tanking Thunder. If not for that blip of about two minutes when Darius Bazely and Isiah Roby made mutiple clutch baskets…this Thunder squad would be losers of nineteen games in a row with six games left on the slate.

The Thunder though are friml;y back on track as they’ve lost all four games since the setback win in Boston.

It’s eerily of microsm of sorts as the basketball team and the Daily Thunder blog seem to be in a battle of sorts to prove ultimate inferiorty in their genre of competition.

Six games left…we’re almost there.

Thunder Continue Tank Tonight vs. Kings

There’s ‘our’ Chris Paul above from last season. Of course…he’ll probably be the league MVP this season as the Phoenix Suns at 46-18 along with the Utah Jazz are two of the NBA feel good stories.

In retrospect…I think Shai and Lu are every bit as good at the guard slots as Devin Booker and the rest of the Suns backcourt players. Shai can score the ball and Lu can defend…so I might even say the Thunder had more to offer. So in retrospect…what Sam Presti could have done was use the draft capital of Steven and Dennis to acquire a functional big to go along with Mike Muscala and Isiah Roby and the Thunder would be an interesting basketball team this season.

Presti would have freed himself of Galinari, Steven, and Schoeder’s salaries and not even taken on the salary of the sitting Big Al Horford who’s been getting more quality time with his new baby than most American fathers ever get.

I know it’s hindsight, but my goodness. Chris Paul if he wins the MVP will become the fourth former Thunder player now on another team. I don’t know if this is what Clay and the ownership group envisioned when they took Seattle’s team and moved it to Trump Country USA.

Namely—the Thunder are pretty much like our AAA baseball LA Dodgers. A really good developmental franchise which develops players and then disperses them throughout the NBA to other cities.

Kind of sad when you really think it through. So what if the Thunder somehow land Cade? Will it just be Presti’s job to develope Cade to the point where he can become the fifth former Thunder player to win the MVP?

The Thunder play the Kings tonight. OKC is a collective 1-17 in their last eighteen games. The lone win was the Miracle on Wood in Boston where despite Darius Bazely trying to throw the game in the last ninety seconds with some dubious laydown turnovers…the Thunder held on to win.

Seven games left. I honestly don’t know what to write except Sam Presti has a lot of draft picks to develop players for other cities in the NBA.

After Dark

Haven’t felt like blogging for a a couple of days. The Thunder’s season is almost over. James Carville says the Dems are too woke. The GOP is about to try and get rid of Liz Cheney because she actually is a conservative. It never ends with these two parties. It’s exhausting.

I thought about writing about some of this, but instead decided to celebrate the fact Ronnie Perkins and Rhamondre Stevenson were both drafted by Bill Belichick and the Patriots…which I think is cool.

Patriots could be fun to follow this upcoming NFL season.

Sometimes even the alpha bloggers have to take a break and recharge the battery. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Be good and be kind to others.

Ronnie Perkins Drafted By Patriots In The 3rd Round

I’m excited to see how Ronnie Perkins does in New England playing for Bill Belichick. New England will be a team to keep an eye on this season as their roster is being tweaked.

Ronnie Perkins was OU’s best defensive player last season and a constant threat behind the line of scrimmage to opposing quarterbacks. His motor never stops and he’s always in the other teaam’s backfield.

Hated to see him declare for the draft, but when a kid needs to go pro he should go to the next level and start making money.

Creed Humprhey was taken in the second round by the Kansas City Chiefs and I would think that’s a great place for his versatile offensive line skills.

Rhamondre should be the next Sooner drafted as the fourth round gets going later today.

Congrats to Tulsa’s Zaven Collons for being drafted by the Arizona Cardinals as the 17th player taken in the draft. Great story.