OU – Iowa State Pregame Focus Song

I watched every play of the OU win over Kansas. I just opted not to write about the game. Tomorrow is the game I ad circled in my mind. This is the game OU needs to win to get their season back on track.

Let’s go boys. This is the game we need to win to start pulling ourselves out of the darkness as a team.

My favorite Marshall Tucker Band song….bar none.

Golden State Warriors Banner Presentation

Warriors looked fine to me last night with a home win over the Miami Heat. A couple of guys struggled….Jordan Poole and Moses Moody made too many bad ball decisions, but a win is a win.

I’m so happy former Thunder player Ty Jerome will be with ‘us’ this season. I’ve always liked Ty’s heady game dating back to the national championship team in 2019 with Virginia. He should make for a nice extra point guard for Steve Kerr once we get into the grind of trying to repeat.

The Thunder and their absurd fans. What can you say? They traded James Harden trying to be cheap after the 2012 Finals’ team. Presti then refused to put some shooters around Kevin in the 2016 free agency season…then signed Russell Westbrook to arguably one of the worst contracts in NBA history. I know even my old friend Justin from the Daily Blunder has to agree with me on this paragraph.


Shai is a nice player. He’d be gold in Golden State. A perfect fit. He and his agent shouldn’t waste too much more of their time playing in a market which is going to elect an idiot like Markwayne Mullin to the United States Senate.

It’s an ageless addage….’You can dress up a pig to walk down a model’s walkway, but at the end of the day….you know what you still have?”

A pig is what you still have. A pig walking down a walkway with too much lipstick on her face.

Shai….Ty and I will be waiting for you. Surely, Draymond will be in touch with your agent soon.


Dub Nation Oklahoma

As per the norm…..the Warriors are on TNT later tonight. What a night it will be for me on the blog…first I’ll be covering the Markwayne Mullin-Kendra Horn senatorial debate in the cultural abyss a.k.a as Oklahoma. Then the the struggling Warriors versus the Miami Heat in the nightcap.

Little Markwayne Mullin the Quanon blodd drinkingTrump loyalist has been trying to avoid this debate forever, but alas he has to actually debate someone who’s already been endorsed by the Oklahoman and the Tulsa World. I would aqnticipate a lively debate given Kendra Horn can actuallly read and speak as a law school graduate level.

But enough of that…..the 2-2 Warriors play the Heat tonight with the hope of pulling themselves out of their early season fog.

It’s been a surreal beginning to the season given the creepy feel of Draymond slugging teammate Jordan Poole in a practice near the end of pre-season.

The team just has an awkward look about them. I mean, if you haven’t seen the blow….it was a f–king haymaker. It laid Jordan down against a wall on his ass. It was an impressive punch. My guess is…Jordan won’t be talking shit to Draymonad at practice ever again.

I have no idea what Jordan precisely said to Draymond, but I’m certain JP won’t challenge Draymond’s team leadership role again. Steph may be the pretty boy on the Warriors, but lest any of us forget, it was when Draymond finally brought his big boy game to the Finals against the Celtics that we witnessed separation between the two teams.

It’s so rewarding being off the Thunder beat. It truly is.


  • I was incorrect. There is no debate. He opted not to debate Kendra Horn. My bad. Probably a smart decision since he has the debate skills of a dirt clod.

Will Colorado Repeat as Stanley Cup Champions?

It’s Hockey Time…even in Oklahoma as a delightful two-inch rain coupled with a much needed northern breeze has overtaken the Deer Creek Ranch.

Much needed balm for my overworked little hemoglobins.

For me…the Avalanche are the team to beat unless they become decimated by injury as the season wears along.

For this part of the country we seem truly blessed with Colorado, Dallas, and St. Louis all looking to have plyoff caliber team who could advance beyond the first round.

Of course…I love Jon Cooper with the Rays, so I’ll be keeping and eye on both Tampa and Boston as well.

I gotta go. It’s a NHL National Doubleheader Night on ESPN.

Thunder Look Back–Aubrey Archives

I haven’t been on my blog for over a week because I was taking various pre-surgery tests last week for my first knee replacement surgery.

Good news in ….I did indeed come in seventy pounds lighter at 178 pounds for my first surgery. Bad news is …my iron and hemoglobin were a touch low so I have to wait a few weeks for those to stabilize. I learned a lot about hemoglobin this past week as per probably Mike’s Precision Water Fasting shouldn’t be done again.

But still…like I told my surgeon….seventy pounds in seven and a half months is impressive. He didn’t exactly endorse the comment.

As far as the pathetic 0-3 Thunder…I haven’t watched a single minute of any of their three premeditated losses. I did try and watch a few in one game, but caught a glimpse of the Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman wearing black leather and chains which caused me to get up and go puke in the nearest bathroom. I’m conniced this has some correlation to my low iron rating on the blood tests.

As far as the pathetic, unwatchable Thunder….what this is ….is commercial fraud being billed as real NBA games.

Presti…I guess figures he can get away with it because he plays in the dumbest city in the NBA currently and the local media is bascially subservient as to what gets written or said about the team.

I think about Aubrey Mac and Boone here and again. He and Boone were right about natural gas and LNGs. They were just probably twenty years ahead of their time. Go figure.

I wonder how long Boone and Aubrey would tank?

Que sera.

Dub Nation Oklahoma

It’s been a great week of sports. The MLB Playoffs have heated up with Pliladelphia Phillies-Atalanta Braves series showing some great promise. The cheating Houston Astros look to be headed to another ALCS and the St. Louis Cardinals went wimpering into the night by losing two games to the Phillies without scoring a run.

The NHL began regular season play with the defending Colorado Avalanches pegged as the team to beat from my perspective with the NY Rangers and the Tampa Bay Lightning in my view the two teams to watch in the East. The Toronto Maple Leafs I’m sure will win something like 56 regular season games then lose to somebody in the first round.

As far as the NBA… the Warriors play their last exhibition game tonight, then get started with regulasr season games.

The Thunder as the premier tanking team in the NBA will shamelessly tank for the third straight season and lose somewhere around their obligatory ‘sustainable’ goal of sixty games so they can draft another tall thin player who can shoot and break bones in his feet with equal frequency the first time someone like LeBron rocks him in the paint.

I’m too old to wait on Sam Presti.I’ll be dead by the time that nerdy little Sam Presti puts a team on the floor which is trying to win games.

So…the Warriors are it for me because they’re not only good, but fun to watch because of the way they move the ball and play team defense. Plus…of course Steph, Klay, Wig and of course Draymond.

I would hope Draymond can pull his act together on this most recent nonsense with Jordan Poole and realize how important he is to this team… and how fortunate he has been to play with this group of guys over the years.

I love players with an edge though. That same kind of edge Dennis Rodman brought to those championship teams in Detroit and Chicago. Hopefully…this latest ‘Draymond edge’ pulls the t eam even closer as they embark their journey to win a fifth NBA ttitle in the Steph Curry era on the Bay.

Is Tommy Tuberville Our Dumbest U.S. Senator?


Tommy Tuberville the former Auburn and Texas Tech head football coach is our current dumbest United States Senator.

But let’s attach a caveat to this proclamation. Come the nearing midterms he won’t be the dumbest U.S. Senator if Hershel Walker from Georgia and Markwayne Mullin from the dumbest state in the Union…Oklahoma, both become U.S. Senators in the mid-terms.

You won’t get this on fake news CNN or the Fox-Sean Hannity outlet which pretends to be a news outlet.

So take out your 2024 Mid-Term pocketbook notebook and copy this down.

If both Hershel Walker and Markwayne Mullin are elected to the Senate…then my Top Three Dumbest Senators poll will look like this the day after the election:

1 Markwayne Mullin

2 Hershel Walker

3 Tommy Tuberville

We’ll come back to this at a later time.

This has nothing to do with race as far as I’m concerned. This is a precision empirical poll as to who could be the three dumbest senators the day after the midterm election.

Sooners Quit in Cotton Bowl, 49-0

No mas.

Just before the distasrous ending of the first half in the venerable Cotton Bowl, the OU Sooners rolled over and collectively whispered,” No mas.”

I’ve now thought about this for two days before posting on the Red River Rivalry on my blog. But this is what I’m left with. Brent Venables and Jeff Lebby gave their players a death knell game plan with Davis Bevelle taking almost all of the quarterback snaps and the breaking point came after OU foolishly used a timeout in the last ninety seconds of the first half to aid the Lohnghorns’ in expanding their lead to 28-0 heading into intermission.

Who in thier right mind thought these Sooners, even if they could have stopped Texas on third and thirteen, could have possibly scored points with Davis Bevelle running the show with less than a minute left in the half?

No mas. The Sooners quit…even Braden Willis, Farooq, Eric Gray, Marvin Mims, and Drake Stoops.

What OU basically did in this game was play 10 on 11 football with the Horns on the power play for most of the game.

This was nothing more than capitulation from the open kick-off to the miserable end of the game.

No mas.

“If our coaches don’t give a flying f–k…then why should we?” “Why should the players?”

Can anyone really blame them or us?

They quit. The second half was a formality and Texas could have scored 70 points if they so desired.

Here’s some math for you on this listless, heartless OU defense…in the last three games this group has given up close to 1,800 yards of total offense and 156 points against the collective group of K-State, TCU, and Texas.

The score when Dillion Gabriel left the field in the TCU game was 34-10…Horned Frogs.

While clearly Davis Bevelle should not be playing anything but a down here and there at most….the OU issues on this team are much deeper on the defensesive side of the football.

When you can’t read or react or tachle that’s a defensive problem which got worse for the third straight game.

This morning on WWLS…Pat Jones said the OU defense is terrible. I would say that’s a generous assessement.

I don’t know what to write at this point. Did Sam Presti take over the reigns at OU for Joe C? Is this a new variation of tanking at the college fotball level?

And yet…OU is still favored in Vegas to beat a pesky Kansas team which came close to beating the Sooners in Lawrence last season.

Let’s circle that game in red from last season. Perhaps, it was there and then in Lawrence both Lincoln Riley and Caleb Williams starting planning their escape from rogue red Oklahoma to USC because they better than anyone else knew what the Sooners would be on the defensive side of the football this season.

The end…for now.

Coach Venables Needs a Willie Beamen Tomorrow in Dallas

Oh, boy. Quinn Ewers was named as the healthy starter for tomorrow’s Red River Rivalry game in the Cotton Bowl.

OU is in John Blake hell right now. As a team they appear to be lost and their season is on the brink.

John Blake of Taco Bell fame per Berry Tramel actually won his first Red River Rivalry game in ’96. Nobody saw it coming.

Tramel wrote two years later upon John Blake’s firing that ‘Just because you once worked a a Taco Bell doesn’t necessrily mean you should manage a Taco Bell.’

I have no idea who gets the start tomorrow for the Sooners at QB. It could be Dillion Gabriel, could freshman Nick Evers, or it could even be juco transfer General Booty.

But I would think it’s one of those three because of the obvious need for a mobile quarterback to keep the Sooners within sight of the Longhorns in this one.

As this game goes…usually OU’s remainder of the season goes.

Seems pretty simple. Either pull your shit together as a group or or play out the string to a 7-5 or 6-6 season …or worse.

At some point as a team you have to hate the way you’ve been playing and respond.

Aaron Judge Hits No. 62!

This was cool. I’ll be watching pretty much all the MLB Playoffs since the Thunder aren’t worth more than say the occasional five-minute capsule of play here and there. I’d rather watch Big 12 or high school hoops given the non-stop tanking. I mean…it’s somewhat conceivable I could die before the Presti Death March comes to an end in Oklahoma City.

Given my tough year…I’d say Vegas has my life expectancy down at 71.5 on the lif scale over/under.

Aaron Judge passing the Roger Maris threshold was good fo the game. Hopefully this wil somewhat cleanse the game of Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Mark McGuire….and of course the cheating Houston Astros.

The problem I have with Houston is that I really like Altuve and Bregman as players. So…I’m somewhat torn there.

Since the St. Louis baseball Cardinals acquired my favorite player….Nolan Arenado—the Cards have become my favorite team. I’ve always respected the Cardinals, but Nolan put me in the Cardinals’ camp.

I fell in love with Nolan when he was playing fore the Colorado Rockies. For my money…e’s the best combo glove-bat third baseman in baseball. Nolan needs a ring though.

College football, Big 12 hoops, the Golden State Warriors, the NFL, the Avalanche and Lightning, and MLB. I shouldn’t be bitching…my sports cup runneth over.

I just don’t spend my time watching G League basketball.

When you get older..you clearly understad the need to maximize your time and cut out the fluff.